‘GIBBY’s’ and a future ‘Rookie of the Year’ ….

The GIBBY’s were handed out, I am sure like other award’s you
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of them, but that’s just the way it goes at least it seems the voting was evenly

For the Phillies, almost all the winners were no brainers, the
one that did surprise me was the Roy Oswalt for Oddity of the Year, after he
came in to play left field following Howards ejection. Obviously Halladay is
Halladay and there should be no surprises when he or something he is apart of
wins an award. Carlos Ruiz voted ‘X-Factor of the Year’ finally got some
recognition for his excellent performance during the 2010 season.

As we draw closer to the year end, we tend to look back at what
the year held for us, that’s when the anticipation of the 2011 season begins to
build, knowing its only 8 or 9 weeks before team members start arriving at
spring training gives us plenty of time to shuffle and re-shuffle the starting
lineup only to be surprised come opening day again.2032, phillies, mason, rookie of the year

In a perfect world the Red Sox would go broke and Liverpool
FC would be the owners main interest, in my brothers warped and sadistic mind maybe. A real perfect world would be in 20 some years, the Phillies would be debuting that years ‘Rookie of the Year’. My son however probably has
designs on him being a premier league football player, only time will tell how
much influence Grandpa can wield…


7 Comments on “‘GIBBY’s’ and a future ‘Rookie of the Year’ ….”

  1. russelw says:

    I love seeing babies wearing team colors. I have three daughters and I put each of them in Cubs jerseys as soon as I could, although I don’t see ROY in their future.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Grandpa must be very proud and excited. That’s one adorable baby.


  3. raysrenegade says:

    The grand prize for winning a Gibby is that ruiz get the honor of catching the four aces this year.
    Bet he gets another one as best supporting actor, I mean player for the way he handles the staff in 2011.
    Seriously, that would be a cushy job to handle the catching duties of that foursome considering their control and placement around the plate. All you have to do is frame the pitch and wait for it.
    But that is a good thing.
    Ruiz has done everything asked of him, and now he will get the honor of possible having another entry as the battery mate of a guy who threw a No-No, or a Perfecto…..Life is good for Ruiz.

    Rays Renegade


  4. redstatebluestate says:

    Like Russel, I get a kick out of dressing kids up in my favorite sports apparel. Two of my nephews are unfortunate enough to have a Cubs fan for a father (my sister must’ve been drunk, there’s no other excuse) but that doesn’t stop me from buying them Cardinals gear… and since my sister is the one who dresses them… well, you can imagine their daddy ain’t too happy.

  5. devilabrit says:

    Russel – your future must look full of stress with 3
    Daughters lol

    Jane – definitely proud

    RR – I’m sure Ruiz wishes it was just as easy as sitting back there and catching

    Jeff – I’m sure your brother-in-law is really impressed his kids at least have an uncle with an element of common sense, not much but some


  6. crzblue2 says:

    Beautiful baby picture! I want to reach over and touch those baby cheeks!
    Hope Santa steps in to do a good deed
    in your blog time of need

    Merry christmas.
    http://crz blue.mlblogs.com

  7. raysrenegade says:

    Wanted to pop on real fast before getting the Yule log started and drinking a few adult inspited concoctions before trying to assemble a neighbor’s daughters bike in the dark.
    Alcohol, darkness and a bike with Chinese instructions…..A match made in heaven.

    Hope you and yours have a glorious Holiday season, and wish you the Merriest Christmas my Phillie Phan.

    Rays Renegade


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