The Great Debate…

HTML clipboardThe debate as to if this really is the beginning of
a new decade seems to go on and on, some endured the sights of Ryan Seacrest
and Dick Clark telling us we were seeing the end of a decade and the
start of a new one. A good number of my fellow bloggers have posted their
personal choices for players and teams of the last decade, in addition to receiving
primarily good comments some have been told the decade is not yet over.

question is who’s right?


Is it a decade or NOT a decade…?


Those who believe it is NOT a decade do so
on the understanding that there was no year ‘0’ so the first decade was from
year 1 through year 10, thus giving us another year before the decade ends. If
this is how we determine decades then governments around the world spent millions on celebrating the
millennium a year early, although this is no
guide, since governments are known for jumping the gun on things and spending
money for no apparent reason.

Those who believe the decade is truly over do so
on the premise that a decade starts with ‘0’ and ends with ‘9’, thus giving us
2010 as the start of a new
decade. So do those same people denounce the NO year ‘0’
theory or do they just not care.

This is how I see it…

A decade is the span of any 10 year
period, and although in reality the believers of the NO year ‘0’ are
factual in their beliefs, the decades of years do not go by the simplistic rule
of every 10 years from year ‘1’, the
term decade depicting years is exactly as
the majority see it, i.e. “60’s”, “70’s”, “80’s”
etc are what they are

In summary if you comment on someone’s post and
tell them the decade isn’t truly over, due to no year ‘0’, your incorrect to do

I am sure many will disagree with my conclusion,
but if you really want to get specific and technical every year ends a decade of
some kind or another, however the use of the term decade is referring to the
“10’s” periods of a century and a century references the
“100’s” period of a millennium.



Happy New Year to all, yes even
Yankee fans… It’s a new year and spring training is just around the
corner, which means everyone is back to even, well for the first day of
baseball anyway, after that it’s anyone’s guess as to who ends up where.
It’s to early for predictions, for me anyway, but I have already had a
glimpse into the future as this picture was taken at 12:48am January 1st
2010 and I actually received it at 7:48pm December 31st 2009, so here is
my son, Dave and daughter-in-law , Lucy as I saw them in the future, as
you can see a small amount of motion blur from traveling through time,
that or the celebratory New Years beverages had gotten the best of

 …it’s a little soon
for me to look further into the future and come up with predictions for
the coming season, but it’s not to late to have a glimpse of how I saw
2009, a few images I used in my blog during 2009
in no particular order)