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It’s only June, we are still voting
on the which players will make the All Star teams
and yet I am already
tired of hearing the word ‘funk’, so for me this is one buzzword that can
not go soon enough and find it’s way into the pile of so many other buzzwords
that have been annoyingly popular for short periods, I have been told however
that for this word to be banished then it can no longer apply to your team or
players, so I am officially declaring the end of the Phillies
relapse from winning…..

….from here on out the Phillies
team will hit and score runs, they will no longer be connected to this buzzword.
So Phillies players, coaches and management,
take note it’s over, now go out and play baseball like you mean it.

Look out Marlins you will
feel the brunt of the Phillies without the…



What nationality are you ?

Does it really matter what nationality
anyone is, in normal day to day events, probably not, or it shouldn’t
anyway. So why do I ask this all non important question.

St Patrick’s Day will soon be on us,
and this means everyone who even has a glimmer of what they may think is
Irish blood in their veins, professes to be Irish. This may be a
tradition in America, but in reality it’s just dumb. I don’t care if one
or both of your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents or
some distant relative of a dog you once knew was somehow at sometime
distantly connected via blood or telephone to an Irish born person, if
you were born in the United States of America, you are NOT Irish.

I’ll agree you may be of Irish decent, but your not Irish and you
probably have no clue other than you can paint yourself green and get
drunk who St. Patrick was and why they have a St
Patrick’s Day

Some little known facts:

St. Patrick was most likely
British  – Americans have St
Patrick’s Day
as public holiday – in Britain it is not
Americans celebrate St Patrick’s Day
with much more vigor than the majority of Brits

St. Patrick, was born Maewyn Succat
to an Anglo-Roman family living in Wales – but he could have been born
in Brittany, England, Wales or Rome – In his teens he was kidnapped by
an Irish Pagan warlord, Niall of the Nine Hostag and forced into slavery
– After six years being held captive in Ireland, legend has it he had a
religious dream/vision and then he escaped to France.

He returned to Ireland to preach Christianity and convert the Pagans –
He used the Shamrock as part of his
religious teaching – the reason why the Shamrock is
the national emblem today – the original color associated with St
was blue NOT green
St. Patrick is believed to have
been born in 415 AD an died on March 17th 493 AD.

The hype today around St. Patrick is
nothing more than the effects of the nationalism of the 18th century
when St. Patrick was a symbol used
by the Irish to differentiate themselves from the British, it was not
who he was, but more his legacy that was the element used.

It was around 1737 in Boston that many of the Irish settlers held the
first big
Patrick’s Day
which has developed into street parties etc, in a number of major cities
in countries around the world.

If your going to go out and celebrate this St.
Paddy’s Day
remember, Guinness, is not for everyone, green
comes in many varied brands, paint
yourself green
if you wish, but there are 4 key DON’TS
you should note….

1 – DON’T drink and drive – it’s
illegal everywhere and costs lives

2 – DON’T pretend to be half Irish,
if you meet a real Irish man or woman,  and then tell them it was
on your great great grandmothers side, pretending to be any nationality
other than what you are can be an insult not a compliment to the people
that are truly from that country and could cause adverse side effects,
or even hospitalization.

3 – DON’T eat the green snow or
drink from a glass you didn’t see get filled.

4 – DON’T
tell anyone you saw a
even if you think you did.


 any sarcasm is not meant to
offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during
the season.


The Great Debate…

HTML clipboardThe debate as to if this really is the beginning of
a new decade seems to go on and on, some endured the sights of Ryan Seacrest
and Dick Clark telling us we were seeing the end of a decade and the
start of a new one. A good number of my fellow bloggers have posted their
personal choices for players and teams of the last decade, in addition to receiving
primarily good comments some have been told the decade is not yet over.

question is who’s right?


Is it a decade or NOT a decade…?


Those who believe it is NOT a decade do so
on the understanding that there was no year ‘0’ so the first decade was from
year 1 through year 10, thus giving us another year before the decade ends. If
this is how we determine decades then governments around the world spent millions on celebrating the
millennium a year early, although this is no
guide, since governments are known for jumping the gun on things and spending
money for no apparent reason.

Those who believe the decade is truly over do so
on the premise that a decade starts with ‘0’ and ends with ‘9’, thus giving us
2010 as the start of a new
decade. So do those same people denounce the NO year ‘0’
theory or do they just not care.

This is how I see it…

A decade is the span of any 10 year
period, and although in reality the believers of the NO year ‘0’ are
factual in their beliefs, the decades of years do not go by the simplistic rule
of every 10 years from year ‘1’, the
term decade depicting years is exactly as
the majority see it, i.e. “60’s”, “70’s”, “80’s”
etc are what they are

In summary if you comment on someone’s post and
tell them the decade isn’t truly over, due to no year ‘0’, your incorrect to do

I am sure many will disagree with my conclusion,
but if you really want to get specific and technical every year ends a decade of
some kind or another, however the use of the term decade is referring to the
“10’s” periods of a century and a century references the
“100’s” period of a millennium.

Spring Training

Spring training is under way and the Phillies players are enjoying themselves, it’s a time for blowing out the cobwebs, getting the baseball feeling back and loosening up the arms and legs. Then again for some of us it’s a time that says spring is upon us, the weather is turning the days into sun rather than snow, temperatures are heating up, away go the winter coats it’s almost sweatshirts and light coats and soon just good old t-shirts. Can’t wait for April… bring it on