Yankees Take Game 2…

As much as it pains me to write the fact that the Yankees won 3-1, it happened therefore I must…

Game 2 however did manage to show the shortcomings of the umpires, a bad call going against the Yankees and then one against the Phillies. Does this balance it out, NO, because you never know how many runs, if any, would have been scored had the umpires got it right.

The only other officiating that was less than perfect was the balls and strikes, it seemed that on occasion the strike zone had a tendency to be elastic, as a Phillie fan this obviously appeared to favor the Yankees more than the Phillies.

As this post season has been filled with more errors by umpires than players, I have grown to accept the fact that games are going to be decided by the call of an umpire, good or bad.

This wasn’t the biggest problem for me during game 2, it was the Fox commentators, who seemed to become instant Yankee fans as soon as they scored the first run to tie the game, after this they just became very irritating, especially when making references and then getting players names wrong, but I guess I still have some control, which is why they made the mute button.

Problems aside, I am sure some think the pre-game showing of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was terrific….


I would love to know what Jeter was thinking here while he watched the performance, just maybe he was thinking the same thing I was…


the hooker boots were not very becoming and just maybe she has a little too much junk in her trunk

but this still wasn’t what caught my attention during the first 2 games, it was non other than A-ROD…



during the first 2 series of the Yankees post season he gave everyone hope that his post season inefficiencies where behind him and was A-ROID in their offence, the strength and power…. but since the World Series began he has become nothing more than A-VOID in their offence, an empty space, he has gone 0-8 with 6 strike outs.


So now we have to sit back and wait for game 3 to start tomorrow (Saturday) night at CBP, who will be the winner is on everyone’s mind….

‘it will be, who it will be’


Phillies take Game 1 at Yankee Stadium

This World Series has been given a few diferent names, as in every year the media look for catchy phrases to brand the series.

The Liberty Series – in reference to the Statue and the Bell

The Amtrak Series – in reference to the short train ride

I even heard it called the I-95 Shoot Out due to the quick Interstate drive

Whatever you want to call it, tonight it was the domination of Cliff Lee and the power of Chase Utley.

lee1-vs-cubs.jpgAs excited as I am at the victory, I am still well aware that it is only game 1 and there is lots of baseball left to play, but it is a win on the road which in reality removes the homefield advantge of the Yankees.

With Pedro Martinez scheduled to pitch game 2 against AJ Burnett, you can be sure the fun is just begining.

Just in case any Yankee fans actually decide to read this a little reminder the score was Phillies 6 Yankees 1

Chase Utley reached base in his 26th consecutive post season game producing a new MLB record and he also joined Babe Ruth as the only 2 left handed hitters to hit 2 home runs off of left handed pitching in a World Series Game.

and tomorrow…

‘it will be who it will be’

Yankees – Who are they really?

So there is a couple of days before the Yankees and the Phillies go at it to find out who is the best of the best.

-There are people out there saying the Yankees have this already, simply because the have already paid for it.-

Actually they paid a lot of money for (alledged) talented players and a new ballpark, if anyone can show me the receipt for the 2009 WorldSeries then I will gladly accept that this years World Searies is not worth playing, until then I am going to cheer for the Phillies in the hope that they can repeat last years magic.

– There are also those that would believe that since the Yankees have the best record they will make the Phillies look like ‘Little Leaguers’ –

I could probably come up with a long list of reasons why this is ‘BS’, but I thought why not borrow some interns and investigate. Some people weren’t in the lending mood since there teams either didn’t make the post season or got knocked out, so I had to make a quick trip to New York and find some strangers to do my investigating.

Criteria for the investigators was, 1 Yankee fan and 1 not a Yankee fan, I am sure you can guess which is which…


…for some unknown reason the Yankee fan wasn’t very forthcoming with information about the team itself, all she would say was she’s not allowed to talk about them, but she did explain that Yankee fans do love all other fans regardless of who they support…


…word of warning when in Philadelphia don’t do this!

The Yankee fan also explained that Yankee fans believe the NY logo to be sacred and have been known to kiss it at odd moments…


I probably know a few Phillie fans that would kiss that NY logo too.

The non-Yankee fan, was very surprised by the amount of money to be had from Yankee fans and advised the only bad thing that she found out actually was from a Red Sox fan or was it a Yankee fan in a Red Sox shirt…


could be either I guess.

I was a little dissapointed that I didn’t get any really information about the real Yankees, but I guess what was I to expect being in New York, I did however find that those smiling were Yankee fans, those crying were Mets fans.

Okay, so I didn’t really go to New York today, but I needed something to fill the gap between now and Wednesday…


There was no intent to mame or harm any Yankee fan in the making of this post, if I did mame or harm a Yankee fan, I got to know what the hell were you doing while reading this? This is not to say that maybe I insulted or offended a Yankee fan, I am sure none of this is anywhere near as offensive or insulting as the price that World Series tickets will sell for at either stadium.


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The ‘Waiting Game’…

… gets harder and harder as the post
season progresses.

That feeling of anticipation as each game
progresses as you get closer to the final out of each game, becomes a
drug, an addiction, when the game is finally over, if your team wins
there’s that state of euphoria, but it isn’t long before you just want
the next game to start again, you want that feeling of anticipation, you
long for your team to be back out there battling it out for the ultimate
prize in Major League Baseball.

I was not expecting to have to wait till
the 7th day before I saw the Phillies
back out on the field again, both the ALCS and the NLCS
had the makings of being 7 game series.

The ALCS between the Angels
and the Yankees could be just that, with the Angels
winning last night in an exciting 9 innings it has now driven the series
back to New York with the Yankees holding on to a 3
games to 2 lead.

The Phillies
managed to seal the deal in 5 games, taking a 4-1 series win over the Dodgers
in true Philadelphia style, in the 3rd game to be played at CBP
before heading back to LA the Phillies
clinched the NL crown.

So now we have to sit back and wait to
see who we will face in the 2009 World Series scheduled to start
this coming Wednesday. For the Philadelphia Phillies
I am not sure if they have a preference, since home field advantage is
with the winners of the ALCS.

The pro’s and con’s of facing each team
are obviously long, when you consider each teams line-up and each teams
starting rotation, but they’re the obvious points to reference when
looking into reasoning, but when evaluating the pro’s and con’s, in
simple terms it would be better if the Phillies
played the Yankees in the World Series, for 3
reasonable reasons, color, distance and the memories.


If everyone in the stands is wearing red
and waving rally towels, it would confuse the players, they wouldn’t
know if it were the pitcher or batter that was being cheered. So we need
a team that wears the color blue
to play against.


This really is a no-brainer, having to
contend with west coast times during the World Series would make
me very tired each morning. Keeping an east coast timetable and giving
the players a short little trip to New York where the Phillies
have already played this year would make so much more sense.


It was fun watching the Phillies
at the new Yankee Stadium back in May, I remember the first game,
first pitch, Jimmy Rollins went deep off of AJ, next
batter Utley, AJ threw the ball right at him and hit him
square on the shoulder. The 3 game set went in favor of the Phillies
2-1, but that was way back in May and both teams are a lot different
now. Although with AJ and CC in the Yankees rotation they
both bring back memories when facing the Phillies.

Back to the ‘Waiting Game
although irritating and annoying for Phillies
fans, it is considerably short at 7 days (now down to 4 days)
compared to other NL team fans who are having to wait and see if there
team will have a shot next year.

As for the World Series match-up

it will be, who it will be


National League Champions 2009

The Phillies successfully defended their National League title and will now return to the Fall Classic for the second straight year.

Time is in short supply tonight and celebrations have just begun, therefore I can just say this….

THANK YOU to Jeff Lung of RSBS – Why you ask, well in my last post Jeff was kind enough to visit my blog and pass comment,

his comment was this…


Er… unless this bullpen thing is fixed (it won’t be) y’all better score 10 runs a game to seal the deal (you won’t) otherwise the Dodgers are gonna find a way to win (they will). Does that make sense? (It does). I’m an awful human being? (yes.)



So you see, the Phillies did score 10 runs or more in games 3 and 5, there is a chance after seeing this series that the bullpen thing is fixed, and the Dodgers didn’t win, I leave you all to draw your own conclusions as to Jeff being right on the last 2 items.

I personally think that getting 0 right out of 5 isn’t that bad….

Back to the celebrations for me….

My commiserations to Dodger fans….



NLCS Games 1 & 2

NLCS GAME 1  – Phillies 8 vs. Dodgers 6

This game started off as a good pitching match-up, by the end of the 4th inning both pitchers seemed to be in their groove, the Dodgers had the advantage of a 1 run lead and nothing looked as if it would change anytime soon. The top of the 5th inning something did change, not sure what, but it did, the Phillies got to Kershaw and exploded with 5 runs, I am sure at this point many of the Phillies fans were ecstatic with Hamels pitching with the poise of 2008, how could the Dodgers come back. Well we found out in the bottom of the 5th, where the Dodgers got to Hamels with 3 runs making it a 1 run game.

Both starting pitchers, Kershaw and Hamels became the…

….VICTIMS OF GAME 1, their chances of greatness in this game were killed off by each teams offence.

The 6th inning and both teams were into their respective bullpens, I am sure this delighted many Dodger fans, since the Phillies bullpen has been below standard for most of the season. The Dodgers bullpen pitched 4 1/3 innings using 5 different pitchers. The Phillies bullpen pitched 3 2/3 innings using 6 different pitchers. For the most part both bullpens had solid performances. The Dodgers bullpen gave up 3 runs and the Phillies bullpen gave up 2 runs, miraculously these all came in the 8th inning.

The 8th inning not only gave us the deciding runs, the only runs that both bullpens gave up, but it also gave us…

…BELOW PAR PLAYERS, for Sherrill, it was his inability to find the strike zone, and when he did it was front and center for a long ball, and for Utley it was a throw to first to complete a double play that just sailed off into the dugout, I do not believe the hesitation from Rollins was at fault, Utley should have held the ball if that was the case.

It was definitely a nail-biter for both fans and in my eyes lived up to all expectations of excitement. It was one of those games where either team could have won it and for game 1 the Phillies were the lucky ones.


Carlos Ruiz and Russell Martin, both catchers played outstanding baseball at the plate and behind the plate, they each handled a number and variety of pitchers, played good defense and showed us offense too.


Loney and Ibanez are my highlight players, Loney because it seemed like he was always on base, he went 3 for 4 with a walk, an RBI and 2 runs scored. Ibanez because he went 2 for 4 3 RBI’s and 2 runs scored which included the 8th inning, 3 run bomb. 

NLCS GAME 2 – Phillies 1 vs. Dodgers 2

This game was a pure pitchers duel both starters went pitch for pitch with each other, it seemed like they both had something to prove, both guys facing clubs that had given them a rough deal when parting ways. Martinez went 7 innings giving up just 2 hits, while Padilla went 7 1/3 innings giving up 4 hits, a walk and a run. It was definitely another nail-biter for both sets of fans. The Phillies bullpen managed to give away the winning run to the Dodgers in the 8th inning by walking Ethier with 2 outs and the bases loaded after Utley threw away the tying run earlier in the inning.

Because of the way the starting pitchers performed for me they were the…


and the VICTIMS OF THE GAME, because neither pitcher got the win, yet the performances they both produced were definitely winning performances.

This game, like game 1 was a game for the taking by either team, but once again there were in my eyes players that didn’t perform and because of that made it harder for their respective teams to win…

…BELOW PAR PLAYERS, Ramirez because he went 0 for 4 with a strikeout, but mostly because he had the opportunity to put the game well out of the Phillies reach, but chose to first pitch swing for a pop up. Utley because he didn’t learn from the game 1 mistake and made the same identical throwing error, that should have been a double play and the tying run would have possibly held at 3rd and may have allowed the Phillies to go on for the win.


 …Howard for seizing his opportunity in the 4th inning, by hitting a long ball off Padilla, and Pierre for his excellent base running to bring the tying run home.

So now it’s off to Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park for the next 3 games of this series. If the first 2 games are anything to go by then it is going to make a lot of fans on both sides more nervous than ever. For baseball fans in general it should produce some more of the most exciting baseball we’ve seen all year long.

The Yankees and the Angels played the first game of the ALCS series Friday, which saw CC Sabathia pitch 8 tremendous innings, throwing 113 pitches with 7 strikeouts, allowing just 1 run on 4 hits. Matsui came through as a DH should, going 2 for 3 with a walk and 2 RBI’s. The Angels appeared to have a lack-luster performance due to the dominance of Sabathia. The Yankees won the game 4-1 taking a series lead. Game 2 is Saturday (tonight) evening at Yankee Stadium where the Yankees will be looking to go 2-0 up in the series and the Angels hoping they can take a tie back to Anaheim.

it will be, what it will be

Media just love the Yankees

LCS kicks off tomorrow with the Phillies and Dodgers, this series in itself should be full of some amazing games. Since the division series games fizzled with commanding sweeps and the only real intense excitement was the ending of the last 2 games between the Rockies and the Phillies, then the fans should hope for and expect both the ALCS and NLCS to be jam packed with intense exciting moments as a build up to the World Series… but will they, as I read and watch the stories that take us up to the start of the LCS games the thing I notice is the New York Yankees, that’s it nothing else. Some by line, small print or 2 minute segment may include a brief look at the Angels, Dodgers and at times the Phillies, but everything seems to be centered around the Yankees, even the opening page of these MLB Blogs has a headline indicating 4 teams in the LCS yet pictures just 1 rotation, and they highlight a New York MLB Blog which focuses on the Yankees rotation, okay so they mention in passing other teams, but it’s about the Yankees. I am beginning to believe that they spent so much money on the team and stadium that they are now stuck for advertising and so are taking hand-outs from all sources.

Leaving others struggling for scraps…


Causing confusion amongst the remainder… 

Or maybe the lack of spotlight is giving the others chance to gather their thoughts for the games ahead and sleep off some of the pressure

(incase your wondering, it’s a high pressure bed with some eye candy of course)

It could always just be something plain and simple, like the sports media are all full of hot air...


and need the Yankees to draw attention to themselves. They can speculate all they want about ex-Yankee manager vs. current Yankee manager or an all LA World Series, unlike some other orchestrated sports the media does not control the outcome to increase ratings,

it will be, what it will be

Phillies head to NLCS…

The Phillies had to take the Rockie road to the NLCS


…It wasn’t easy by any means, but they made it in true Philadelphia style.


The team with the most comeback wins needed 2 more in Colorado, and on Sunday and Monday night the Phillies offence delivered…



 …and now with the Phillies will head to a warmer climate and more sensible game times (we hope) and meet the Dodgers in the start of the NLCS.

Now we are down to 4 teams and I have to say there is no clear front runner and there is no underdog.

For all 4 teams it must now be GAME ON….

Celebrations, Commiserations…

Celebrations are running
wild in Dodgertown following the sweep they imposed upon the St.
Louis Cardinals
, finishing them off on the road in the Red Birds
home park. This has definitely proven to the rest of the post season
teams that the Dodgers are a team on a mission and are prepared
to face all comers to achieve that goal.

Commiserations go out to all
Cardinal fans, without question I had expected this first round
series to be the one that could have gone the full 5 games. To me the
one, two punch of Carpenter and Wainwright was sure to
prove a tough match to win for any team even if they pitched on the
road. Unfortunately for the Red Birds this was not to be the
case, as with the regular season, more often than not teams traveling to
the west coast have had problems with the first couple of games in a

The Phillies and the Rockies
endured an extra days rest due to weather conditions, this was to be
inevitable after Charlie Manuel selected Pedro Martinez as
the starting pitcher…

…Martinez has experience
more games where the weather has interfered with his starts in 2 months
than most pitchers experience in a season. For the Phillies we hope this
latest problem for Martinez’s start is a blessing in disguise.

With the extra day the
Phillies are sending J.A. Happ to the mound, yes he’s a rookie, but he’s
also the best rookie pitcher this year…


so tonight, weather permitting
the Rockies will host the Phillies, with the series tied at 1-1, this is
a game for the taking by either team to get the series lead.

The Yankees and the Angels
both on the road attempt to clinch sweeps today and move on, however the
Twins and the Red Sox, respectively stand in their way and
hope that they can produce the beginning of an insurmountable task of
winning 3 games in a row.

Today will definitely be a
day packed full of adventure, especially with the recent events that
have spot lighted umpires more than players.

For this fan I just have 2
things to say…



As normal, with large mug of
coffee in hand, I sat down at my computer to browse the sports news and
preview today’s match ups, in doing so I also glance through all types
of news and information cast upon me from the depths of the endless
sources known as the world wide web. Today was different, today I had to
check the calendar twice to make sure I hadn’t awoken in some freaky
episode of FlashForward. After reassuring myself it wasn’t April 1st, or
to some April Fool’s Day, in some other time zone I continued to check
out the news and reports.

What made me think it could
be April Fool’s Day

Was it that Charlie Manual
chose to use 2 perfectly good starters…

…NO…that could be

Was it that the new star of
the Red Birds, Matt Holliday chose the most inopportune moment to show,
something known as butter fingers in some children’s circles in

…NO… that too could be

Maybe it was rumors that the

had been forced to make the signs around the ball park easier
to understand to prevent lawsuits from the visiting Dodgers and their

NO… that was

It wasn’t even sports
related, it was the fact that staring me in the face on my opening web
page was the recipient of what has till now been a prestigious award,
known as the Nobel Peace Prize, I had to ask myself was this a joke, a
prank cast upon us by the AP, or is it some advance payment from
the Norwegian’s for something we will yet discover our government has
promised them. These and more questions I could not find answers too, in
an effort to see if this was to be an ongoing trend I found myself
checking out the Hollywood Awards to see if anything was changing, could
it be next year that this Nobel Prize winner would be receiving an


I just hope tomorrow puts me
back in October, where a state of limbo exists until the conclusion of
the MLB division series, till then we can only hope and pray something’s
will never happen