Phillies take Game 1 of Series with Rockies…

No major entry here, it’s just the first game of the series and the predicted wind was supposed to produce a long ball extraviganzer… but the only player to tame the wind was Jimmy Rollins, who managed to capture 2 fly balls that went from the outfield and almost came back into the infield.

leeonbase.jpgCliff Lee
started a little shakey, but after the 2nd inning managed to send down 16 straight and hold the Rockies scoreless through 8 2/3 innings, finally gave up a run in the 9th with 2 outs, then went on to close the game for a complete game in his first post season game. Lee threw 113 pitches 79 for strikes. He also got a hit, sac bunt and stole a base.

Phillies won 5-1 with RBI’s from Ibanez (2), Ruiz, Howard and Werth.

Game time tomorrow is 2:37, Still not sure what genius came up with the game times, because they seem to be odd times for home field fans at every game.


The Tigers end up
drinking an alternative to champagne…

…and the Twins get
a trip to New York.

The Tigers are now
officially joint title holders with the Mets as the decades
biggest Choke Artists.

Now all the teams are in
place, so it’s simply GAME ON…

The End is the Begining…

The Phillies close out the regular season fielding 1 starter and 8 bench players. Jayson Werth played trying to get his 100th RBI on the season, but was unsuccessful, the Marlins walked him in the 10th and Hoover followed up with a base hit driving in Mayberry for the win.

The final day of regular season has come down to the AL Central, who could have expected anything less, will the Tigers join the Mets as the decades biggest chokers. They have to win this Tuesday on the road against the Tigers in the tiebreaker for the AL Central division championship.

The Dodgers finally won the NL West division, which has set the National League post season games. Home field advantage overall in the NL goes to the Dodgers, although I am not sure that this makes much difference in the NL. The Rockies have the worst road record among the NL post season teams and only have a winning record overall against the Cardinals. Although post season play is a completely different atmosphere and regular season wins and loses don’t really reflect the way a team plays in the post season, there will still be some element in the back of the players minds about how they have performed against those clubs.

The way the playoffs look now:

Phillies host the Rockies —- regular season 4-2 Phillies

Dodgers host the Cardinals —- regular season 2-5 Cardinals

Angels host the Red Sox —- regular season  5-4 Angels

Yankees host either the Tigers or Twins —- regular season 5-1 and 7-0 Yankees

Predictions at this point are really irrelevant since everybody wants their team to win it all. There are obviously some favorites among the sports analysts, but as I said post season play has a different atmosphere and teams tend to play better since the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer…

Who will be left at the end is anybody’s guess, we all want our team, and the pundits along with fans of non-post season teams will all speculate, but they are all just guessing.

Who will take the prize in 2009…


 My message to the Phillies…

…it’s time to launch your bid for a World Series repeat


I don’t have time for a normal post, but I would be remiss if I didn’t pass comment on the Phillies becoming the National League East Champions for the 3rd straight year.

They did it in style last night in front of a sold out crowd who stayed around to enjoy the post game celebrations.

I will get obviously offer a slightly more indepth review of events this weekend when I hope time is a little more friendly to me, in the mean time…


Whats with those Dodgers? Slumping? or Deliberate attempt to put booties in the seats and win at home?