Ryan Howard

Howard seems to be loosening up nicely. Now leading in homeruns, yes it is only preseason and as people keep saying nothing really counts, but he’s warming up and is looking as though he should start the season off in good shape at the plate. He looks confortable and confident and the slimmer, fitter Howard is heading towards April with an spring in his step. Predictions I think he will exceed 50 homers this year with relative ease, he may even go beyond 60, if teams continue to pitch to him as the season progresses. I think that is going to be the story of August and September, the lack of pitches Howard sees and if that is the case then he could receive a high number of intentional walks. Obviously that all depends on the hitters before and after him, if they have a average or high OBP anything could happen. So this is my first prediction, I will hopefully look back in September and see how good it was and watch Howard hit his and the Phillies way into the post season.


Spring Training

Spring training is under way and the Phillies players are enjoying themselves, it’s a time for blowing out the cobwebs, getting the baseball feeling back and loosening up the arms and legs. Then again for some of us it’s a time that says spring is upon us, the weather is turning the days into sun rather than snow, temperatures are heating up, away go the winter coats it’s almost sweatshirts and light coats and soon just good old t-shirts. Can’t wait for April… bring it on