Mets and Nationals play Spoiler ….

The Phillies lost their second straight today as they closed out the final regular season home game. It was fan appreciation day, where the Phillies paid tribute to the fans, the Phillies have now had 123 continuous sell outs at Citizens Bank Park thanks to the fans. Cole Hamels took the start today….

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 ….but had his worst game post All Star Break, he managed just 4 innings, after giving up his 5th run at the start of the 5th inning Charlie decided it was time to make that AT@T call to the pen.

Even though the Phillies lost the game today, the Nationals gave them some support by beating the Braves and making the Phillies magic number 1.

The Phillies head to the nations capitol for a 3 game set starting Monday, where they hope to seal the deal on the National League East division title for the 4th straight year.

One Game at a Time – GO PHILLIES….

UPDATE: The Reds beat the Padres giving the Phillies a
guaranteed play off spot, however they still need that 1 elusive win to clinch



I don’t have time for a normal post, but I would be remiss if I didn’t pass comment on the Phillies becoming the National League East Champions for the 3rd straight year.

They did it in style last night in front of a sold out crowd who stayed around to enjoy the post game celebrations.

I will get obviously offer a slightly more indepth review of events this weekend when I hope time is a little more friendly to me, in the mean time…


Whats with those Dodgers? Slumping? or Deliberate attempt to put booties in the seats and win at home?