Phillies take Game 1 at Yankee Stadium

This World Series has been given a few diferent names, as in every year the media look for catchy phrases to brand the series.

The Liberty Series – in reference to the Statue and the Bell

The Amtrak Series – in reference to the short train ride

I even heard it called the I-95 Shoot Out due to the quick Interstate drive

Whatever you want to call it, tonight it was the domination of Cliff Lee and the power of Chase Utley.

lee1-vs-cubs.jpgAs excited as I am at the victory, I am still well aware that it is only game 1 and there is lots of baseball left to play, but it is a win on the road which in reality removes the homefield advantge of the Yankees.

With Pedro Martinez scheduled to pitch game 2 against AJ Burnett, you can be sure the fun is just begining.

Just in case any Yankee fans actually decide to read this a little reminder the score was Phillies 6 Yankees 1

Chase Utley reached base in his 26th consecutive post season game producing a new MLB record and he also joined Babe Ruth as the only 2 left handed hitters to hit 2 home runs off of left handed pitching in a World Series Game.

and tomorrow…

‘it will be who it will be’