Yankees Take Game 2…

As much as it pains me to write the fact that the Yankees won 3-1, it happened therefore I must…

Game 2 however did manage to show the shortcomings of the umpires, a bad call going against the Yankees and then one against the Phillies. Does this balance it out, NO, because you never know how many runs, if any, would have been scored had the umpires got it right.

The only other officiating that was less than perfect was the balls and strikes, it seemed that on occasion the strike zone had a tendency to be elastic, as a Phillie fan this obviously appeared to favor the Yankees more than the Phillies.

As this post season has been filled with more errors by umpires than players, I have grown to accept the fact that games are going to be decided by the call of an umpire, good or bad.

This wasn’t the biggest problem for me during game 2, it was the Fox commentators, who seemed to become instant Yankee fans as soon as they scored the first run to tie the game, after this they just became very irritating, especially when making references and then getting players names wrong, but I guess I still have some control, which is why they made the mute button.

Problems aside, I am sure some think the pre-game showing of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys was terrific….


I would love to know what Jeter was thinking here while he watched the performance, just maybe he was thinking the same thing I was…


the hooker boots were not very becoming and just maybe she has a little too much junk in her trunk

but this still wasn’t what caught my attention during the first 2 games, it was non other than A-ROD…



during the first 2 series of the Yankees post season he gave everyone hope that his post season inefficiencies where behind him and was A-ROID in their offence, the strength and power…. but since the World Series began he has become nothing more than A-VOID in their offence, an empty space, he has gone 0-8 with 6 strike outs.


So now we have to sit back and wait for game 3 to start tomorrow (Saturday) night at CBP, who will be the winner is on everyone’s mind….

‘it will be, who it will be’