Yankees – Who are they really?

So there is a couple of days before the Yankees and the Phillies go at it to find out who is the best of the best.

-There are people out there saying the Yankees have this already, simply because the have already paid for it.-

Actually they paid a lot of money for (alledged) talented players and a new ballpark, if anyone can show me the receipt for the 2009 WorldSeries then I will gladly accept that this years World Searies is not worth playing, until then I am going to cheer for the Phillies in the hope that they can repeat last years magic.

– There are also those that would believe that since the Yankees have the best record they will make the Phillies look like ‘Little Leaguers’ –

I could probably come up with a long list of reasons why this is ‘BS’, but I thought why not borrow some interns and investigate. Some people weren’t in the lending mood since there teams either didn’t make the post season or got knocked out, so I had to make a quick trip to New York and find some strangers to do my investigating.

Criteria for the investigators was, 1 Yankee fan and 1 not a Yankee fan, I am sure you can guess which is which…


…for some unknown reason the Yankee fan wasn’t very forthcoming with information about the team itself, all she would say was she’s not allowed to talk about them, but she did explain that Yankee fans do love all other fans regardless of who they support…


…word of warning when in Philadelphia don’t do this!

The Yankee fan also explained that Yankee fans believe the NY logo to be sacred and have been known to kiss it at odd moments…


I probably know a few Phillie fans that would kiss that NY logo too.

The non-Yankee fan, was very surprised by the amount of money to be had from Yankee fans and advised the only bad thing that she found out actually was from a Red Sox fan or was it a Yankee fan in a Red Sox shirt…


could be either I guess.

I was a little dissapointed that I didn’t get any really information about the real Yankees, but I guess what was I to expect being in New York, I did however find that those smiling were Yankee fans, those crying were Mets fans.

Okay, so I didn’t really go to New York today, but I needed something to fill the gap between now and Wednesday…


There was no intent to mame or harm any Yankee fan in the making of this post, if I did mame or harm a Yankee fan, I got to know what the hell were you doing while reading this? This is not to say that maybe I insulted or offended a Yankee fan, I am sure none of this is anywhere near as offensive or insulting as the price that World Series tickets will sell for at either stadium.


(no copyright or ownership for the images could be found they were randomly selected from the web with multiple locations, this in no way indicates that copyright does not exist, copyright on these imgaes belongs to there respective owners)


10 Comments on “Yankees – Who are they really?”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    I’m jumpin’ on this Phillies train for sure. I got your back. The good news is the Yanks have been payin’ to win for a long time and this is the first time in the Series since 2003. I have faith that the Phillies’ bats will be productive and if they can outscore the Yanks this thing is goin’ Philly’s way… but it’ll take a lot of games for that to happen. 6 or 7 in my estimation.

  2. Buz says:

    Ha. Great post Peter! I’m loving the angry lil dude at the end. Where’s the boy’s parents?? The fem photos aren’t too shabby in their own right . . chuckle.

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  3. xcicix says:

    Ha! A Yankee fan kissing a Red Sox fan? Was that photoshopped? Cause that would never happen. Not here, at least.
    And also here? Pretty much everyone is rooting for the Yankees. They aren’t all Yankee fans per se, but they are pretending to be for a couple of weeks. The actual Yankee fans, the Sith fans who hate that the Phils beat their team, and the Mets fans who hate the Phils are all rooting for the Yankees.
    Sadly, I only know two other people in the city not rooting for the Yankees: A Red Sox fan and a Phillies fan.
    But LOVE your disclaimer. That is pretty damn funny.

  4. Elizabeth D says:

    Funny post. The Phillies have my vote for this World Series! Money can buy you a lot of things, but I hope that the World Series remains something that can’t be bought.

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – The ttrain is heading to NY… and I hope the Phillies bats produce enough to keep us all happy…
    Buz – Where are the parents ? good question…got to have a little eye candy every now and then…
    xCicix – Only Photoshop I did was the blurring everything else was as I found them…classic eh!
    Elizabeth – Money makes the world go round, but it cant buy happiness…we hope

  6. rrrt says:

    Hey, where’s the eye candy for your female readers?? I better not let my husband read this, he’ll be ogling that “Yankees suck” chick for the rest of the day :-). And fine print, hmm? You sound a bit like a lawyer or something.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  7. diamondgirl55 says:

    HAHAHAHA, fantastic post. I am in love with it! Thanks for sharing! Oh and nice new picture too! Btw, I have jumped on the Phillies band-wagon! xoxo http://diamondgirl55.mlblogs.com

  8. redstatebluestate says:

    Peter, thanks for the metaphor topic suggestion. We used yours in Game 1 today. Holla!

  9. Saundra says:

    “I am sure none of this is anywhere near as offensive or insulting as the price that World Series tickets will sell for at either stadium.”

  10. raysrenegade says:

    The best part of this World Series so far is that the starting pitching has truly set the stage for the games.
    The Bullpens have either been awesome or imploded, which is about the way games like this get decided anyways.
    But the fact both teams have a quick strike offense is parament in this series.
    Even with 2 out in the bottom of the ninth, the game can not be called “wins” or ‘losses” until the Home Plate umpire pulls himself from the field.
    And that makes the series worth watching.

    Rays Renegade


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