Happy New Year to all, yes even
Yankee fans… It’s a new year and spring training is just around the
corner, which means everyone is back to even, well for the first day of
baseball anyway, after that it’s anyone’s guess as to who ends up where.
It’s to early for predictions, for me anyway, but I have already had a
glimpse into the future as this picture was taken at 12:48am January 1st
2010 and I actually received it at 7:48pm December 31st 2009, so here is
my son, Dave and daughter-in-law , Lucy as I saw them in the future, as
you can see a small amount of motion blur from traveling through time,
that or the celebratory New Years beverages had gotten the best of

 …it’s a little soon
for me to look further into the future and come up with predictions for
the coming season, but it’s not to late to have a glimpse of how I saw
2009, a few images I used in my blog during 2009
in no particular order)






National League Champions 2009

The Phillies successfully defended their National League title and will now return to the Fall Classic for the second straight year.

Time is in short supply tonight and celebrations have just begun, therefore I can just say this….

THANK YOU to Jeff Lung of RSBS – Why you ask, well in my last post Jeff was kind enough to visit my blog and pass comment,

his comment was this…


Er… unless this bullpen thing is fixed (it won’t be) y’all better score 10 runs a game to seal the deal (you won’t) otherwise the Dodgers are gonna find a way to win (they will). Does that make sense? (It does). I’m an awful human being? (yes.)



So you see, the Phillies did score 10 runs or more in games 3 and 5, there is a chance after seeing this series that the bullpen thing is fixed, and the Dodgers didn’t win, I leave you all to draw your own conclusions as to Jeff being right on the last 2 items.

I personally think that getting 0 right out of 5 isn’t that bad….

Back to the celebrations for me….

My commiserations to Dodger fans….