Happy New Year to all, yes even
Yankee fans… It’s a new year and spring training is just around the
corner, which means everyone is back to even, well for the first day of
baseball anyway, after that it’s anyone’s guess as to who ends up where.
It’s to early for predictions, for me anyway, but I have already had a
glimpse into the future as this picture was taken at 12:48am January 1st
2010 and I actually received it at 7:48pm December 31st 2009, so here is
my son, Dave and daughter-in-law , Lucy as I saw them in the future, as
you can see a small amount of motion blur from traveling through time,
that or the celebratory New Years beverages had gotten the best of

 …it’s a little soon
for me to look further into the future and come up with predictions for
the coming season, but it’s not to late to have a glimpse of how I saw
2009, a few images I used in my blog during 2009
in no particular order)






6 Comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR…”

  1. xcicix says:

    Nice slide show!!
    I love the song, too.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Happy New Year to you, Peter, even though I’m a dreaded Yankee fan. 🙂


  3. thebaseballguy says:

    Happy new year. Even to those phillies fans. As a Yankees fan I feel he love. Nice slideshow.


  4. blogmastertmas805 says:

    very cool slideshow there my fellow phillie friend hope u had a awesome new yrs keep up the good work

  5. redstatebluestate says:

    Sweet vid, man! Good song choice (though I at first thought it was one of those bollywood hindi tunes)!

  6. mattpeas says:

    good looking couple there! i wish the best to them as they live a nice life together.


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