Seasonal Stuff….

The holiday season is on us and Christmas
Day is almost here, some people are feeling charitable, some not so and
others are in full swing of the holiday season.

the Philadelphia Phillies fans it’s been a wonderful Halladay
time. I admit it, I didn’t think the Phillies would be able to swing the
deal and thought that the Red Sox and Yankees would be in a bidding war
for Halladay, it was also my contention that this bidding war
would make Toronto hold onto Halladay till July 2010. How
wrong was I, and I am happy to say I was wrong,
the fact that Roy
even signed an extension for what appears to be below
market value for his talents shows that he has the Christmas spirit and
gave the fans in Philadelphia an early gift…

…Thanks Roy… and a Merry Christmas to
you too, here’s hoping you get your long sought after ring at the end of
the 2010 season.


The Yankees have added some
outfielders and made the team for 2010 just as formidable as the one
that won it all in 2009. The player that didn’t resign though, Johnny
Damon has some time to reflect on what he will do in 2010, in just a
couple of months he has gone from a entertaining fans in the World
Series to the World Wrestling Entertainment, I am guessing this was to
be expected, since he was dreaming of this during the World Series,
using a dominant WWE superstars entrance music when he would come to the
plate during the World Series, if you didn’t know or didn’t hear about
it, he was using the music of Batista from the WWE, apparently
is an ‘avid‘ member of the ‘WWE Universe’. Seen here
with Batista, it’s amazing how small Damon actually appears, almost as
small as his mentality.

 I am sure that Johnny
will get to play somewhere in 2010, even if it is in the WWE…

Other little known news items that caught
my eye over the last couple of weeks….

Apple – If you own an Apple product,
beware, it seems that some authorized service locations have refused
warranty work due to the appearance of possible contamination by
cigarette smoke, Yes under the rules laid out by OSHA the residue left
by cigarette smoke is a biohazard, as is talc and calcium. A word of
warning be careful with your laptops, iPhones or any other Apple

Microsoft – Yes you’ve all heard
it, Word and Office will cease to be sold on January 11th, due to a
court ruling, based on some patent infringement for ‘xml coding’, dream
on, it’ll never happen, you know Microsoft will resolve the issue with
time to spare.

Verizon – Tells the FCC the
additional charges added to the ETF (early termination fee) are due to
‘because they want to’ and the reasoning for charges by accidentally
opening a web browser on a phone, without the browser package, are ‘in
the agreement’, ‘if you don’t like it go else where’ that’s when the ETF
becomes more apparent. (just glad I have AT&T)

Claus –
Is in as much trouble as the rest of us, it seems the
economy is even affecting the guy that has the abilities to deliver
faster and further than UPS and Fed-Ex combined. Santa dropped by the
Sun Trust bank in Nashville, Tennessee and made a withdrawal with the
aid of a gun, claiming he needed the money to pay his elves, he promptly
stuffed the money in his red sack and fled, no eye witnesses saw a
sleigh and reindeer though…

has banned the use of Photoshop when used to make models
appear improved in and advertisement and claim it’s due to the product
they are trying to sell, i.e. weight loss, face creams etc.

Some ‘THANKS’ and ‘Seasonal Wishes’

I would like to give my sincere thanks
and seasonal wishes for a safe Christmas and New Year to all the members
of both the US and British Armed Forces serving their respective
countries with honor (honour).

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my
fellow bloggers, eat, drink and be merry, just don’t drive too.

leave you all with another special Christmas song, the chorus I have
used for a few years now as a ring tone this time of year, if you
haven’t heard this one it’s freakin hilarious (I think so anyway), it’s
done by an Australian comedian, Kevin Wilson… I tried to find one with
him actually singing the song live, but was unable, this video that
someone put together, I though was kind of fitting. WARNING – The
contents of this video contain language not suitable for minors.

HO, HO, HO….


14 Comments on “Seasonal Stuff….”

  1. crzblue2 says:

    That’s a skinny santa. Shame on him giving Santa a bad name. Looks like Santa has been better to you than to us Dodger fans. I guess we were not good boys and girls. Halladay looks good and I read that he had a letter on the paper thanking to all Blue Jay fans. Sounds like a nice guy.
    Have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

  2. manoman12 says:

    Love the Santa Claus!!!
    The Manoman

  3. Jane Heller says:

    Hilarious video, Peter! Ho ho ho! Have a great holiday and enjoy your present of Doc Halladay. You’re a lucky boy to have him under your tree this year.

  4. fryingpan says:

    Wow, looks like Johnny’s mentality really is that small. I guess the WWE is the perfect thing for him, as it’s just as fake as his loyalty to whatever team he ends up on. OK, OK, I’ll go easy on Mr. Damon.
    Thanks for the little news tidbits, I’m glad I’ve got AT&T as well!

    Happy Holidays Peter!


  5. angelsgirl012 says:

    lol @ Johnny Damon. He’s enjoying the life of a free agent i suppose. Ahh glad that Roy Halladay gets an opportunity to win despite him leaving his Blue Jays. Hope Phillies fans treat him well for he is deserving of such respect and admiration! Happy Holidays!!

  6. raysrenegade says:

    I read somewhere online that Johnny Damon is on WWE Raw tonight helping to host the telecast.
    But you never know, when they are in Florida, anything can happen.
    The Word cease is going to throw all my files and resume’s into a bunch of tattered and unruly notebook paper pieces.
    Could be worse, could of bought a used Apple product from a chain smoker.

    Happy Holidays Peter!

    Rays Renegade

  7. devilabrit says:

    Emma – Santa does look as if he’s been on a diet…:-)

    Monoman – Scary Santa… taking instead of giving…LOL

    Jane – The vid made me laugh too…

    AL – Damon is what he is… stupid

    Mimi – Phillies fans only boo Santa… am sure they’ll do right by the Doc..

    RR – I think I will be in the same boat as you, files and resume’s shredded with no MS Word..

    Merry Christmas to all


  8. redstatebluestate says:

    JUST cigarette smoke? Or smoke from “other” sources too? LOL. Merry Christmas, Peter!

  9. ohy22xd says:

    Merry Chirstmas! Have a safe and wonderful one with your family.

  10. heartruss says:

    Happy Holiday to you Peter. Oops, I played the video in sound range of my talking birds. Hopefully they didn’t pick up any of those R rated words. Stay safe.

  11. mattpeas says:

    Happy HALLADAYS to you! Have a great rest of the season and a happy new year!

  12. matttan7 says:

    Roy Halladay sure looks great in his new uniform. What a great addition, I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

    Matthew Tang

  13. blogmastertmas805 says:

    cool blog hope u have a great new years.

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