A Time of Confusion…


The last few weeks have been a confusing
time for a lot of people, with talks of players going here and there, we
now have to make sense of the moves that have happened and look to see
if teams will continue to confuse with more moves before
spring training places are set.

Its not just baseball that has had confusion,
lets face it if your not already tired of hearing about Tiger Woods then
you should be, it’s so much what happened as the number of women that
have come out of there hiding places to claim notoriety. Woods has been
crucified more than Clinton, so it seems that we hold sports
personalities to a higher standard than any of our politicians. The
media give no consideration to the truth of anything, if a woman that
can place herself in close proximity to Woods at anytime over the last
few years, lays claim to an affair with him or a one night stand then
she must be telling the truth. Lets face it, nothing is 100%, even voice
messages and text messages are no guarantee, anyone with any ounce of
knowledge can fake any type of electronic transmission as easily as some
of these women are sure to have faked orgasms and stories.

I am sure there would be more women
coming forward if only Google was more positive with the search
responses, because what we haven’t heard of, is those women who googled
Tiger only to find there pending claim to fame would be a character from
a cereal maker.

Yes they’re the women who are confused
why the others who actually came forward would want this character on
their resume of conquests.

There’s confusion in the NFL,
Bill Belichick sent players home for arriving late to practice, yep
that’ll teach ’em, give ’em the day off. The Browns
actually beat the Steelers, how is that not confusing, and if that
wasn’t enough for sports fans in Cleveland, the powers to be decided to
replace the Indians manager with someone no better, in comes Manny Acta,
now there is something very confusing about Manny, allegedly,
according to Roger anyway.



The Phillies, however haven’t confused me
too much, they seem to have gone through the winter meetings with the
kind of laid back approach we are used to seeing over the last few
years. Its almost a mirror of the way Charlie Manuel has led the ball
club to it’s current high standards and it looks as though Ruben Amaro
Jr, is moving in the right direction to get the Phillies back to the
World Series for the 3rd year in a row.

Yes I know it’s only December and spring
training is some way off, and yes, we have to endure the rants and raves
of the NFL before we even see arrivals at spring training camp, but I
have no doubts at this point that the Phillies will be in a position to
make a run at the ultimate goal again in 2010.

So far they have managed to secure an
excellent player for 3rd base at the expense of the Tigers,

(Detroit Tigers not Tiger Woods or
Tony the Tiger)
welcoming back into the Phillies club house of Placido Polanco was a definite
step up, although Pedro Feliz was a good solid 3rd baseman, I believe
Polanco will be better and will definitely produce more offense.

With bench players Ben Francisco and
Gregg Dobbs already proven to be great assets for the Phillies, the
additions of Brian Schneider, Juan Castro and Ross Gload have given the
Phillies a group of bench players that can be called upon when needed
with confidence.

The only confusion would be the lack of
moves to build a bullpen suited to support the strong lineup of
players that are now assembled. Yes, there is still plenty of time, but
players are beginning to become unavailable. I had thought a favorite of
mine may be in a position to return to the Phillies, but it seems the
Brewers have already made a deal to prevent that from happening by
signing Randy Wolf, whom I think would have been worthwhile back
in a Phillies uniform.

The Roy
saga continues, with pundits still placing the Phillies
near the top of the list of possibles, personally I still think Halladay is too
pricey and will still be on the trading block come July.

looks as though Chan Ho Park will move on to another team, since
talks seem to have stalled with the Phillies and Scott Eyre is doubtful.
The Phillies still have issues with Lidge, Moyer and Romero to resolve
with regard to injuries and performance so they need some assistance in
the bullpen that is not already there.

suggestions for the front office to consider…

Beimel, Kiko Calero, Josh Fogg, Jon Garland, John Smoltz,
Russ Springer and Luis Vizcaino, all of which have their own issues, but
any of them could be of assistance to the Phillies bullpen which was
badly beaten up at times in 2009. Although non of them jump out at you I
think Beimel is a good lefty and can be used in situations left open by
Eyre and Romero.


Smoltz is obviously a good
addition to any pitching staff and I think will have a good 2010 given
the chance, he also has the mentality to start or close given the
chance, he is over his injury and showed good stuff for the Cards at the
end of 2009, the others you could almost just pick a name out of a hat
and get something similar from, although some may be a little more
durable than others.

It’s 2 weeks to Christmas and this
time of year that brings back memories and creates new ones for
everyone, some good and some bad obviously, but I hope everyone can
focus on the good ones. For me one there is always one song that makes
me realize Christmas is actual here, it first hit the UK charts in 1973
and is probably the greatest Christmas single in the UK, has been
re-released every decade since then and covered by a number of different
artists over the years. For those who weren’t even thought of back in
1973 here is a glimpse of the number one music show in the UK in ’73
with what were the two most popular radio DJ’s as presenters. Freaky how
times change, but I still love the song.

Now it feels like Christmas
is getting close….


16 Comments on “A Time of Confusion…”

  1. raysrenegade says:

    I have a feeling you can take Russ Springer off that list unless he get a nice offer of one season somewhere.
    He has a disabled son who he loves to spend time with, and I got to know a bit about him and his son when he was here with the Rays.
    He was considering retiring completely towards the end of 2009, but maybe he might reconsider if a nice financial situation rears its head.
    You never know………..Money talks.
    No confusion here, I just apply the emergency brake and the Merry-go-Round comes to a stop (lol).

    Rays Renegade


  2. Jane Heller says:

    I guess there’s no confusion about that song! It’s very “Christmas-y” and does put us in the spirit. That TV show reminds me of two we had in the US back in the 60s and 70s: Shindig and Hullabaloo. God, I feel old.


  3. devilabrit says:

    RR – I love the emergency brake analogy, got to remember that one…:-)
    Jane – I know just how you feel, but they tell me your as old as you feel, it’s when you stop feeling, your old..:-)

  4. blogmastertmas805 says:

    thanks 4 commenting on my blog u have killer blogs go phils in 2010 WS

  5. redstatebluestate says:

    This post needs a Phil Collins soundtrack, “This is the world we live in, and these are the hands we’re given… Land of Confusion… bla bla bla.” Yep. That’ll work.

  6. Erin Kathleen says:

    Too bad the Phillies missed out on BOOF!!!, he would have been pretty cheap, if not necessarily reliable, bullpen help. Plus, he has an awesome name that doubles as an insult that you can yell whenever he coughs up the lead 😉 Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, btw. Thought I’d come over and return the favor.

  7. xcicix says:

    Garland in the bullpen? Really? I’d put him in the rotation, but…it’s not like he’s an awesome hitter or anything.
    But the Phils don’t need Halladay. Their rotation is decent…at least, it’s better than anyone else in the division’s. Not that there’s much competition there.

  8. phillies_phollowers says:

    I am confused about why the Phillies have not called to get my opinion on the whole trade / free agent thing. Hmmmm… What could they possibly be thinking?? LOL
    Going to be a LONG winter!


  9. carolmwl says:

    Confusing, for sure. But I trust Ruben Amaro to haul in a good closer, or maybe even Halladay. I feel it in my bones. =)

    By the way, is anyone else having difficulty being able to write in the body of their blob entry thingy? I can put a title, but it won’t let me write anything in the body of the entry. =( Not good.


  10. mattpeas says:

    If the Halladay deal does go through, as it looks like it will the Philies will not be missing a beat in their rotation. Yeah, Lee is gone but the Doc will dominate the NL. Makes me weary already.


  11. crzblue2 says:

    Man, all these signings are not helping our goal of being Phillie-proof. Oh well, still a lot of time to work on that.

  12. rrrt says:

    Not happy about losing Cliff (though I’m amazed they actually went ahead and traded for Halladay). Enjoy the holidays!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  13. raysrenegade says:

    Just had to come by and wish you and yours the best Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Years.
    Who knows, there could be a few more surprises at the bottom of the Phillies stocking before the New Year.

    Rays Renegade


  14. King_of_New_York says:

    I actually think the Phillies will lose out from the Roy Halladay trade.

  15. fryingpan says:

    It has been a confusing couple weeks. I am extremely tired of the Tiger Woods news. Hey, and not only were those Patriots players sent home for arriving late, it was on the day of our first snow here in the Boston area. Coaches these days just seem to feel the need to prove their authority in strange ways.
    Very nice blog, I am going to try to come back often!


  16. manoman12 says:

    Ohhhhh….So confusing……. : )
    The Manoman

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