Media just love the Yankees

LCS kicks off tomorrow with the Phillies and Dodgers, this series in itself should be full of some amazing games. Since the division series games fizzled with commanding sweeps and the only real intense excitement was the ending of the last 2 games between the Rockies and the Phillies, then the fans should hope for and expect both the ALCS and NLCS to be jam packed with intense exciting moments as a build up to the World Series… but will they, as I read and watch the stories that take us up to the start of the LCS games the thing I notice is the New York Yankees, that’s it nothing else. Some by line, small print or 2 minute segment may include a brief look at the Angels, Dodgers and at times the Phillies, but everything seems to be centered around the Yankees, even the opening page of these MLB Blogs has a headline indicating 4 teams in the LCS yet pictures just 1 rotation, and they highlight a New York MLB Blog which focuses on the Yankees rotation, okay so they mention in passing other teams, but it’s about the Yankees. I am beginning to believe that they spent so much money on the team and stadium that they are now stuck for advertising and so are taking hand-outs from all sources.

Leaving others struggling for scraps…


Causing confusion amongst the remainder… 

Or maybe the lack of spotlight is giving the others chance to gather their thoughts for the games ahead and sleep off some of the pressure

(incase your wondering, it’s a high pressure bed with some eye candy of course)

It could always just be something plain and simple, like the sports media are all full of hot air...


and need the Yankees to draw attention to themselves. They can speculate all they want about ex-Yankee manager vs. current Yankee manager or an all LA World Series, unlike some other orchestrated sports the media does not control the outcome to increase ratings,

it will be, what it will be

10 Comments on “Media just love the Yankees”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Wow. That’s quite a conspiracy you’ve got going. Sorry you think the Phillies aren’t getting enough love from the media. I’m sure it’ll change once the next round kicks off.

  2. devilabrit says:

    Jane – actually I was infering that the media is using the Yankees for their own benefit (ratings), Yankees are obviously the strongest brand left in the playoffs. I kind of like the lack of media on the Phillies reduces the expectations…:-)

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    It’s about time you realized it, the Yankees rule the WORLD! Booooooo.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – I’m a slow learner, they always said teaching old dogs new tricks was tough
    Elizabeth – I’m guessing the media pays attention to those that pay them…

  5. Elizabeth D says:

    Yankees are always the center of attention, but they really shouldn’t be. Even Boston hogs attention too. In fact, I wasn’t aware of the beyond intense rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants until last season because no one pays attention to them. Gotta spread the love!

  6. behindblueyes says:

    ” I wasn’t aware of the beyond intense rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants until last season because no one pays attention to them.”

    No one on the East Coast, that is. Which is why a lot of people on the West Coast (not just Dodger fans) were hoping for an all Southern California (not “All LA”) World Series. There is only one team in L.A.

    As for reducing expectations of the Phillies and lack of attention, as world champions, they will be expected to do well if not repeat.

    I look forward to what I anticipate will be a well-fought series, as the two are probably pretty evenly matched.


  7. TribeTed says:

    Ummm hot girl in a bathing suit… *sweating*…. that is the true nature of the game. The good players get hot girls!! : ) well at least that’s what the baseball gods told me.

    The Angels are my pick to win it all. Sorry….


  8. phillies_phollowers says:

    The whole post-season media thing annoys me…announcers who do not know anything about the teams they cover, the constant mistakes…add to that, the fact they are slaves to ratings and it makes me ill. Blah! Better to listen to the radio and mute the TV.


  9. Buz says:

    Congrats 0n the pasting you put on us yesterday. Hoping today evens it out. It wouldn’t be too good to go to Philly down 0-2 ; )

    Buz –

  10. matttan7 says:

    I think the only media coverage that’s consistent and fair is MLB Network. They get the job right every time.

    Matthew Tang

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