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becoming fairly clear as I peruse the blogs of known Yankees and Phillies
bloggers that a clear message is being portrayed. A projection of disdain emanates
from almost all those blogs towards the team that beat the team they supported
in the LCS. There is a continuing lack of restraint in portraying feeling of
contempt towards the respective teams. So it appears most of the Phillies fans
will be rushing to throw their screams and rally towel waving behind the Texas
Rangers, while those Yankee fans will be openly chanting and willing the San
Francisco Giants to be successful.

With there still being another day before the World Series
starts I have to ask, how is Fox attempting to maintain an interest level in
this pending World Series match up, personally I don’t know cause I haven’t
watched Fox or TBS since the Phillies game last Saturday. In addition to blogs
offering some colorful, possibly defaming descriptions of either of the teams or
their players that will participate in the World Series, it seems the other
topic most covered is the lack of ratability this match up is going to give Fox,
it seems that it may be broadcast mostly for the eastern prime time slots, where
the majority of the fans are slowly developing a ‘we don’t care’
attitude, due to the involvement of teams from the west.

Due to a request by ‘kaiserthegreat’
I have updated the disappearing logo image, yes he’s a Giants fan and there
is a chance he just wanted me to show the image with the Phillies faded out, but
quite honestly I don’t give a f***, because lets face it, every now and then you
have to let the insignificant teams win things, plus knowing what it’s like to
get all the way to the World Series and then lose, the Giants fans need to amass
all the glory they can before the Rangers embarrass the hell out of them.

As a disgruntled Phillies fan, I am entitled to be a part of
Phillies fan base that has leapt to the support of the Rangers and therefore the
demise of the Giants, besides I want to see if winning the World Series knocks
Hamilton off his wagon.


MLBlogosphere – Latest Leaders – March 2010

Did I miss this or did it not get promoted..? am I allowed to do this..? is it updated or is it still being worked on..? all questions I can’t answer… oh well, with a day off yesterday and not winning the cookie contest, (sob, sob), things are slow so here is the list that I missed, how about you..?

MLBlogosphere Latest
Leaders – March 2010

I’m thinking maybe our illustrious leader Mark is working on that wish list, or more importantly my visitor magnet, so people just come to my blog.

Thanks to all who read by the way, I did make #26 on the list…

Although I need one that will stop people like the dude from this post ‘Real Men of Genius’ write stuff like this: “I don’t care about your Phillies and your crappy blog.” compliments of

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Jimmy Rollins could be on DL from today, so the great dilemma will be who to put on the bench instead of Castro, while he fills in at shortstop…. how about Brown, I know most think he’s not ready and it could hurt him sitting him on the bench for 2 weeks instead of daily play in the minors, but I say, he’s paid to do a job let him do it….


The Great Debate…

HTML clipboardThe debate as to if this really is the beginning of
a new decade seems to go on and on, some endured the sights of Ryan Seacrest
and Dick Clark telling us we were seeing the end of a decade and the
start of a new one. A good number of my fellow bloggers have posted their
personal choices for players and teams of the last decade, in addition to receiving
primarily good comments some have been told the decade is not yet over.

question is who’s right?


Is it a decade or NOT a decade…?


Those who believe it is NOT a decade do so
on the understanding that there was no year ‘0’ so the first decade was from
year 1 through year 10, thus giving us another year before the decade ends. If
this is how we determine decades then governments around the world spent millions on celebrating the
millennium a year early, although this is no
guide, since governments are known for jumping the gun on things and spending
money for no apparent reason.

Those who believe the decade is truly over do so
on the premise that a decade starts with ‘0’ and ends with ‘9’, thus giving us
2010 as the start of a new
decade. So do those same people denounce the NO year ‘0’
theory or do they just not care.

This is how I see it…

A decade is the span of any 10 year
period, and although in reality the believers of the NO year ‘0’ are
factual in their beliefs, the decades of years do not go by the simplistic rule
of every 10 years from year ‘1’, the
term decade depicting years is exactly as
the majority see it, i.e. “60’s”, “70’s”, “80’s”
etc are what they are

In summary if you comment on someone’s post and
tell them the decade isn’t truly over, due to no year ‘0’, your incorrect to do

I am sure many will disagree with my conclusion,
but if you really want to get specific and technical every year ends a decade of
some kind or another, however the use of the term decade is referring to the
“10’s” periods of a century and a century references the
“100’s” period of a millennium.

The Phillies are an All Star Team……

Well 5 of them anyway, so Jayson Werth was selected to go by Charlie and the league agreed, I’m with Todd Zolecki on this one, Todd wrote:Wow.”

I am very surprised, Yes i know i said earlier that I thought Kemp should be the pick, still do truth be known, but when you have your favorite team being represented by 5 players at the All Star game, that’s special.

So now it is posible for the NL All Star Team to have the Phillies outfield on the field all at the same time, will that happen, we’ll have to wait and see if Charlie can pull that one off.

Now all the claims of having an All Star Outfield are fact not fiction or pipe dreams, another day the Phillies have something to be proud of….

With what seemed to be an unfair quantity of blogs about how Victorino should NOT have won the final vote, I am sure this news will resenate through and cause more unrest towards the Philadelphia Phillies, maybe this is the year, maybe we will get Halladay too.