The Phillies are an All Star Team……

Well 5 of them anyway, so Jayson Werth was selected to go by Charlie and the league agreed, I’m with Todd Zolecki on this one, Todd wrote:Wow.”

I am very surprised, Yes i know i said earlier that I thought Kemp should be the pick, still do truth be known, but when you have your favorite team being represented by 5 players at the All Star game, that’s special.

So now it is posible for the NL All Star Team to have the Phillies outfield on the field all at the same time, will that happen, we’ll have to wait and see if Charlie can pull that one off.

Now all the claims of having an All Star Outfield are fact not fiction or pipe dreams, another day the Phillies have something to be proud of….

With what seemed to be an unfair quantity of blogs about how Victorino should NOT have won the final vote, I am sure this news will resenate through and cause more unrest towards the Philadelphia Phillies, maybe this is the year, maybe we will get Halladay too.


3 Comments on “The Phillies are an All Star Team……”

  1. mattpeas says:

    the city of brotherly love…i gotta feeling it will definately be a losing stay

  2. carolmwl says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Brit. You think Ruben Amaro will give me the present I want?? =) (ie Halladay)

    Yes, you’re right. The Phillies can really claim now that they’ve got an All Star outfield. Nice.

    So will the Phils sweep the Pirates? I want that for a present, too. =) (I dont ask for much…)
    carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  3. raysfanboy says:

    Hey! Pretty cool that the World Series representatives from last year have 9 guys going to the game between them. Makes sense.

    Both teams might have fallen off a little bit this year, but it looks like the Phils and Rays are starting to turn it up again.

    Congrats on the All Stars!

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