– PhilliesOutside –

It’s only June, we are still voting
on the which players will make the All Star teams
and yet I am already
tired of hearing the word ‘funk’, so for me this is one buzzword that can
not go soon enough and find it’s way into the pile of so many other buzzwords
that have been annoyingly popular for short periods, I have been told however
that for this word to be banished then it can no longer apply to your team or
players, so I am officially declaring the end of the Phillies
relapse from winning…..

….from here on out the Phillies
team will hit and score runs, they will no longer be connected to this buzzword.
So Phillies players, coaches and management,
take note it’s over, now go out and play baseball like you mean it.

Look out Marlins you will
feel the brunt of the Phillies without the…


8 Comments on “FUNK-ing SLUMP ….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    No more use of the word “funk.” I hear ya! I wouldn’t mind never using the word “slump” again too! (Or did I already write that in a previous comment? lol.)

  2. raysrenegade says:

    I thin the only time the word “funk” should be used in modern times is if the grand funk-master George Clinton and his band are performing within the Philly area.
    Words like funk,whirling dervish, and enigma have always been words that click my hair-pulling tendencies.
    Funk,slump and even lollygaging need to be flushed out of the Funk and Wagner Dictionary.
    There’s that funk word again (lol).

    Rays Renegade

  3. the_phanatic_addict says:

    AMEN brother… I wake up everyday like it’s Christmas. I spring out of bed hoping that the day has come and things are back to the way they were. Then 7:05 comes around and I feel like frickin’ Bill Murry and it’s actually Groundhog day.

  4. heartruss says:

    I don’t even want to think those words…baseball players are superstitious so better not to even think them.

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jane – Déjà vu freaky or is it gonna be that sort of year… LOL

    RR – lollygagging… lmao there’s a word that can go too…

    phanaticaddict – and now I can’t get that stupid song he keeps waking up to out of my head… LOL

    Cat – Unless your casting a spell on your division rivals, then you can think it… LOL


  6. redstatebluestate says:

    I gotta feelin’ the only one who’ll be hittin’ in this series is THE Mike Stanton. Look out slumpers!

  7. raysfanboy says:

    Had to read that title twice just to make sure…

    Though the Rays won Sunday, they are in a funk as well. They have lost something like 8 of their last 11, which has allowed the Yanks and Sox to get back into it. Luckily, your funk came along when nobody was super hot (though the Bravos are big time hot now) so you haven’t fallen too far off the pace.

  8. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – hitting is a state of mind, unless your hitting on someone then it’s a state of soberness

    RFB – trust me my spell checker had to ask too… LOL


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