Strasburg vs Stanton ….

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I hear you saying Stanton wasn’t opposing Strasburg last night,
Stanton wasn’t the pitcher for the Pirates, and your right, it was
Stanton vs Strasburg in major league debut’s and although Strasburg
got the over-hyped coverage, personally I think Stanton will do more for
his club in the long run.

It was a day when the world would see the over-hyped Stephen Strasburg pitch
in his long awaited major league debut for the Washington Nationals at home to the
Pittsburgh Pirates, what more could you ask for, oh yeah, a sell out crowd, got that too.
The question is did everyone get their monies worth, most analysts, well
probably all of them will give a resounding ‘YES’ you did, on the night, you probably did, 14 strike outs through 7 innings, okay it’s not perfect,
he gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and he threw a lot of pitches really fast. Now any
normal person knows that the majority are going to expect the same if not better
the next time, and the next time, and the next time, and so on and so on, etc.

This we don’t know if it will happen, we know that the chances are it won’t happen, cause he’ll
come up against a team that loves the fast ball and is hotter than hell at the
plate and he’ll be lucky to go 5 innings, but till then he can bask in his glory
and the Nationals can have the pleasure of knowing that the over-hyped major
league debut, much like most things in Washington, was very well controlled and
we got to see what they wanted us to see.


The media over shadowed the major league debut of someone who, I believe,
will end up giving
more to his team and more to baseball in the long run than the over-hyped Strasburg, if you didn’t know the under-hyped
Michael Stanton made his
major league debut for the Florida Marlins in right field last night. The
expectation is that he will give to the Marlins what
Jason Heyward is giving to
the Braves, a young talented outfielder with a bat that can knock them out with
the best of them. He had a really good outing last night, albeit against the
pitcher that is in the rotation by default, the fact that J.A. Happ is
still on the DL means Kendrick is still in the rotation, but he is a major
league pitcher, and Stanton came out of the chute swinging and got himself a
base hit in his first at bat, I tip my cap to Michael Stanton, he looked
good and he was far from cocky about his talents, he paid a lot of attention to
the game and other players on the field while he was in the dugout, he should
have no problem keeping his head on
straight and doing what it is he does best, play ball. I’m thinking this year
the Home Run Derby should have a special section that sees some
rookies get in on the action, like, Stanton, Heyward, Donald, Desmond to
mention just some of them.


It was also a night that saw the Phillies do something’s that haven’t been
seen for sometime in Philadelphia, all those doubters that didn’t believe it was going to
happen, well it did, During April they ‘did it’ 9 out of 22
, during the first
17 days of May they ‘did it’, 8 out of 16 times, May 17th was the last time they
‘did it’, and last night they ‘did it’ again, they scored 7 or more runs in 1 game,
well last night they scored double digit runs, another first since May 17th,
with a few fielding errors the Phillies managed to pull out a win with a come
from behind 8th inning. Carlos Ruiz was the only starter that didn’t hit, but he
drew two walks so he’s forgiven, Ben Francisco had a couple of
fielding errors out in right field that cost the Phillies
runs, but made up for some of that with a timely hit in the 8th to drive in 2
runs, which was all the Phillies would
ultimately need to win, but he was followed by Ibanez who drove in the
final run of the night to give the Phillies
10 runs on 13 hits, Ibanez broke out with a 4 for 5 night, while Howard
and Victorino both hit homers. All in all it was like spring break, it

….without the boobs.


Finally the MLB Draft, I hope one of the best picks this year
will turn out to be Perci Garner, Pick #77 by the Phillies.
Good luck to Perci on his MLB career, from the small town of Dover,



13 Comments on “Strasburg vs Stanton ….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    I knew the offense would come back, Peter. Ten runs. You must be so relieved. I was thrilled that the Yankees scored 12 last night, so I know the feeling.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I knew the offense would come back, Peter. Ten runs. You must be so relieved. I was thrilled that the Yankees scored 12 last night, so I know the feeling.

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    I think you eluded very nicely to the fact that this is shaping up as one hell of a year for rookies. It’s a pretty impressive class.
    With World Cup upon us and that being something very different to Americans than Baseball is, I’ll spare you the pleasantries of insulting the English “Football” Club by expressing the ‘ol “good luck” to you. Instead I think you can much more appreciate my knowing how superior you think your club is to our band of “soccer colonists”. To which I say to you, Peter, my friend; Bring it! : D Have fun Saturday!
    ..and good luck none-the-less.

  4. redstatebluestate says:

    Phillies Gone Wild… still cracks me up. Nothin’ says sexy like Ryan Howard takin’ his top off. Ick. I just puked on myself. PS, Stanton will be a Phillie-killer eventually.

  5. heartruss says:

    I love that Phillies Gone Wild. It is a good feeling when your team’s offense is sparkling.

  6. the_phanatic_addict says:

    Man, boobs would make it far more exciting.

  7. phillies_phollowers says:

    Felt like a giant weight had been lifted with all that scoring…hope they can continue it tonight!


  8. crzblue2 says:

    yeah, lots of impressive rookies this year! Just exciting
    baseball all around! I am crazy about our rook Ely!
    Tomorrow we will have a tv in the cafeteria so that we can catch the soccer games. Wtih about 450 employees here at work, we have people from all over the world that follow soccer. Everyone shows up with their soccer jerseys tomorrow. I will have my Honduras jersey.

  9. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I think relieved is a slight understatement, but carrying the momentum forward would be nice, and yeah it’s funny how both the Yankees and Phillies have had there moments this season so far…

    Mike – yes.. the World Cup the game of football that is really played with your feet, and as an ex football player, who was one of those that ‘if that kid hadn’t slid into me like that’ who knows what might have been, I was selected by a 3rd division club(at the time), BHA, from high school, only to be screwed that summer playing Sunday league ball., never mind, it is what it is… just like us being the better team, we’ll see come Saturday…

    Jeff – Stanton I think will be a good one for sure, seems your always getting some kind of fluid on yourself when you read my blog… dude leave the liquids alone when entering here…LOL

    Cat – we hope those good feelings are here to stay…

    p’Addict – I’m not sure about that one, maybe for the ladies… but I think effects like Jeff’s would be wide spread..

    Jenn – Hope is in the air….


  10. thomasox says:

    Thanks to Phillies gone wild. I had a great time on Tuesday night and got to treat a friend to her first Phillies game at CBP. I think the last time she went to a game was with her father at Veteran’s 20 years ago. Two rows in front of us was the Ross family(Cody has a beautiful wife and two beautiful children). I was wondering who the young football player was, sitting nearby, too, interviewed by Fox. No could give me a straight answer and even when I shook his hand I still didn’t know. Any thoughts?

  11. devilabrit says:

    Emma – The World Cup will definitely eat into any spare time I may have had and yes I have my England shirt all ready to endure the use it’ll get….

    Michael – Glad it was fun at the Bank, big difference for your friend, no idea who the football player may have been, seems the kid with the beer bottle outshone all other events that day at the Bank


  12. angelsgirl012 says:

    I agree with you in that Stanton also had a very impressive debut! Congrats to him and Strasburg both. I do agree with you again on the whole over hype thing. The hype is annoying but 14 Ks are very impressive for one’s debut. I want to see how well he does in future outings. You know we don’t want a “fluke” thing going on. It’s weird how his jerseys are selling already! I never heard of THAT before! Now there is also this Bryce Harper (#1 draft pick! also with the Nationals) that has a lot of talk around him as well.

    p.s. Ahh the offense is back šŸ˜‰

  13. martinezforever says:

    Found this post by accident when I was searching for something else. I agree Stanton’s debut was exciting, I’ve been waiting to see him come up for a long time. Those of us who live in Southern California have been able to enjoy these young men’s talents for years. Stanton played high school ball against my cousin. Strasburg was always in tournaments around the area. Then went on to pitch in college and drew crowds everywhere he went. They have both worked hard and improved so much over the years, and it’s good to see them both making strides along with some of the other players these guys grew up with. I have also seen Harper play a lot, his brother plays college ball out here too in LA. Obviously Bryce is the better player of the 2 far and away. That guy is a beast with so many ways to beat you. It’s good to see potential come through at the big league level.

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