World Cup Kicks Off ….

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Yes this is still a baseball blog, yes you are still on MLBlogs, but it is my
blog, and since Foxsports decided to cancel and remove my FoxSports blog, I
might add without any notice or reason, I can only think or believe that they
didn’t not see eye to eye with my views of them or their coverage of sports, and
as I told them, quite honestly they can ‘go forth and multiply’.

Which leads me into the next segment nicely, because, as most of you know the

FIFA World Cup
starts today, for the most part the game that is being
highlighted by the American media is tomorrow, USA vs. England. It is this that
links to my message to FoxSports, the media here in America seems to be finding
ways to convince itself that it can easily win the game against England, now
okay, it may not be very popular here, but outside of this nation everyone knows
that America and it’s population believes it is the greatest in the world at
, lets face it they even recreated the world atlas so that America was
in the center, where as the rest of the world use the zero hour timeline as the
center. Anyway I digress, a recent post by ‘Yahoo
Sports Dirty Tackle’
is telling us that the referee’s for the World Cup have
learned all the English obscenities in an effort to send off England players,
hence giving the USA team the advantage. Okay all those non-knowing football
people, (that’s soccer to those uninformed people, yes football is played
with your feet),
when a referee sends you off (ejects you) you are
not replaced by another player.

I think Yahoo Sports is trying to convince itself that just maybe this year
football (soccer) in America may start to pay dividends, because they also want
us to believe that WAG’s are going to somehow cause the England squad to play
badly. This time Martin
Rodgers for Yahoo Sports
is trying to convince us, just one problem Mr.
, Victoria Beckham
is not really a WAG and your slide
depicting 15 woman who apparently are going to party so hard it’s going
to knock their men off their game, well check it out Mr. Rodgers, because out of
15, there are actually only 4 of women associated with actual England players, 3
of them the players aren’t even at the World Cup, there is a U.S.A. players
girlfriend, and the rest are from other European teams, hint just cause the
player plays for an English Premier club doesn’t mean they are English
playing for the England team.

Maybe that’s the problem with Ryan Howard, his girlfriend, reportedly his new
allowed him to do a trade of his own, he allegedly traded in the
‘Eagles Cheerleader’
for a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ model. Well wouldn’t you upgrade
something if you got his contract.

we will find out if the distractions that Yahoo Sports claims will have an
effect on the England team. I did notice that Yahoo Sports doesn’t reference the
insider claims that the U.S.A. team may target Rooney (England
in an effort to either injure
him or get him banned, since he is known to have a temper which is quick to come
to the surface.

Other effects could be the fact that back in England there has are some
people intent on making it hard to
show support for the team
and display the St. Georges flag, due to
claims of it being
offensive and possibly incite anger and violence from people who aren’t English,
personally again those people can ‘go forth and multiply’ , a national newspaper is giving away the
flag free with every copy of it’s newspaper tomorrow, only in England

Those that are into the FIFA World Cup enjoy and show support for your team
at every opportunity, for those that aren’t into the FIFA World Cup, ‘WTF are
you doing reading this far down this post’….. GO

12 Comments on “World Cup Kicks Off ….”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    Big fan of the chicas ya got here… not so much of Team England. Admittedly, it’s only every four years I pay some attention to futbol (soccer, you know that), so I guess I’ll do it again this time around. I actually do enjoy the World Cup. Don’t know much about it, but like watching it. I was in Japan during the 2002 contest and that was quite an experience. USA! USA! USA!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Ah, now I understand your comment on my blog about Ryan Howard!

  3. kaiserthegreat says:

    I like the cheerleader better.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – 2002, i think, was a first when the tournament was played in both Japan and Korea, that must have been fun…. rather you than me in Japan during the World Cup…

    Jane – amazing how things just become so much clearer, when at first they appear so cryptic. LOL

    Kaiser – yeah not sure if that’s really an upgrade, and it hasn’t been confirmed yet, she was seen by the Philies dugout eyeing him up at the Phillies/Mets game in NY at the end of May.

  5. crzblue2 says:

    I will have my USA jersey on tomorrow. I actually have two plus my Honduras.
    Go USA
    Go Honduras!

  6. devilabrit says:

    Emma – I will be wearing my England shirt for sure, here’s hoping it’s a good clean game, with good officiating.


  7. raysrenegade says:

    Good thing the English jersey is red and white, you can go from watching that match to watching the Phillies games and not lose a step.
    Seriously, the midfield will rule this game. As we both know in soccer,if you rule the middle, the wings open up, and a counter-attack becomes the enemy of a pressing backline trying to secure and provide a solid offsides trap.
    I think the world of Rooney, and the US does have a few guys who do match up with him well.
    Both keepers have English League ties, so it might be a wash as to a clear advantage, but it also might open up some key set ball trickery by the English, which could be the deciding points in this match-up.
    I will be wearing my Tampa Bay Rowdies Jim Fleeting (former Norwich Canary) number 3 jersey during the game…..

    Rays Renegade

  8. devilabrit says:

    RR – thats what I like a man who knows his sports… Norwich Canaries hisrt.. wow haven’t seen one of them in a while…

    it’s definitely going to be a tough and close game could go either way, both teams as you say are full of Premiership players… so basically both teams are made up of the best players in the world…


  9. thomasox says:

    Thanks for the comment, even though I didn’t post yet today. Maybe during the soccer game.That was a pretty bad beating for Moyer. Now he and Dice-K have something in common–those incredible wins followed by torturous blowouts. Better game today I think.
    Ps. USA Coach Bradley was a friend of Colonel John McHugh, too. I don’t know if I told you that already.
    And, I, too, like Ms. Cheerleader better.

  10. the_phanatic_addict says:

    We need an all righty lineup today to pepper that dumb Green Monster…. That’s the easiest way to score at Fenway. Go USA!

  11. devilabrit says:

    Michael – and today the Phillies try and regain some dignity, while we hope the USA v England game isn’t a disappointment for either group of fans…


  12. theheirloom says:

    Well, Peter, we’re fit to be tied. Someone on my Facebook posted the infamous News of the World “Hand of Clod” headline – pretty harsh!

    I thought posting something about the World Cup – but, the Socceroos were killed today. Ghana won. Eh…back to the Twins!

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