Virals and Conspiracies ….

– PhilliesOutside –

There are something’s happening in baseball that just don’t compute, if
baseball was a computer game you’d be running some virus protection or a seek
and destroy program, because you’d be convinced there was a virus of some kind
affecting the program.

It’s not just the fact that the Phillies are probably in the worst stretch in
the history of the club, it’s not that they gave up 12 runs in 3 innings
to the BoSox last night, but when you look at everything going on you’ve got
to question the reality of the situation. When normally the Phillies bats launch
balls into oblivion, you’ve got opposing players that do that and Phillies balls
seem to die as they reach the warning track. It’s not just the Phillies either,
how does the St. Louis Cardinals get swept 2 times in 2 months, and not just
swept by contending teams, we’re talking Astros and Dodgers.

There is actually a long list of divisional things that have happened or are
happening that seem just out of place, one or two of them okay but every
division there is at least two things going on that seems out of place. Ask the Giants
fans or the ChiSox fans or even the Rays
and Yankees fans, everywhere there is just
something a little odd.

I have watched
the Phillies and I have watched other teams
games and it seems like the same thing
going on, the teams that have been leading things all of a sudden are hitting
weak fly balls instead of homers, and balls that look as if they are a weak fly
balls go deep into the stands. Doubles by one team score runs yet by another it
puts players on 2nd and 3rd or turns out to be a long single. This, I understand
is how baseball can be, and from time to time this will appear somewhat odd,
like the fans of some teams have just a little to much go juice at times and
appear over-hyped as we saw at the Rays v Marlins
game last night.

There is one thing I have noticed with the Phillies this year, the
bats, they aren’t shattering like they have done over the last few years, is
this the norm across baseball or is it just certain bat suppliers or makers that
links this occurrence. I know it sounds like the ‘BAT CONSPIRACY’, that’s
because it probably is a conspiracy.

Then we have the ‘INTER-LEAGUE CONSPIRACY’, I know everything
is a conspiracy today, just asking is all how does the two New York teams
draw probably the best inter-league schedule. You know the place where MLB
makes everything happen, the place where the officials of MLB get
drunk with the folks from the Yankees and
the Mets (if it’s dark and they can’t be
yeah, that city, the city where everyone plays fair, the city where
nothing happens under the table or in a dark corner of a deserted underground
parking garage, you got it, the place umpires call if they have any doubt
about a home run ball, the city where everyone is unbiased because they don’t
have a favorite team, okay I made my point, maybe, unless your a New York
fan then you think I am being petty, I probably am, after the BoSox
v Phillies game last night I am entitled to
be petty.

Where was I, oh yeah, ‘INTER-LEAGUE CONSPIRACY’ and the New
schedule, so the Yankees get to
play Arizona and Houston, yeah there
tough ones, and the Mets get to play, Baltimore
and Cleveland, again tough scheduling, all
we can hope for is that the ‘unknown happening’ in the baseball
universe happens during those series.

Back to today and the World Cup is off and running with 2 games
gone and both games ended in a draw, don’t forget at 2.30 est today the long
awaited match-up of…..

…then it’s straight into the next round of the Phillies
and Boston demolition derby.

11 Comments on “Virals and Conspiracies ….”

  1. redstatebluestate says:

    Talk about conspiracies… isn’t that Curt Schilling in the pic you posted here? LOL. Again, USA-USA-USA! (Getting swept by the LOLstros = bad. Yes. Getting swept by the Dodgers = also bad, but more understandable.)

  2. barbward says:

    I see that we’re thinking along the same lines. All of my concentration has been with the Phils so thanks for the insight on how other teams are faring.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I think you’ve been watching too many conspiracy movies. Did you forget that the Yankees are playing the Phillies? Like soon? I don’t consider that an easy win for either team.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – I see your uncertain, you stuttered or hesitated 3 times…

    Barb – I think it just seems like it’s worse for the Phillies…

    Jane – The way the Phillies are playing… LOL you know me any excuse to pick on a New York team… 🙂


  5. heartruss says:

    I hope tonights game with the Angels helps me forget last nights game! I saw how your team fared with the Sox and I felt your pain!

  6. devilabrit says:

    Cat – I hope your Dodgers have a better showing than the Phillies did against the BoSox in round 2 of the demolition derby… 🙂


  7. phillies_phollowers says:

    I know about that bat conspiracy…I think they are loading them with bricks! Or at least that is what it looks like. I am getting ready to lose my mind watching this team! Arrrggg!


  8. The Game Above All says:

    Really confused about how the Phillies are performing against the Sox. With our pitching you should be having a onesided slugfest. I guess every team has another they just can’t do anything against 🙂

  9. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Maybe this isn’t a really good time for you? : O
    I can only imagine what they’re doing to Mr.Green on the other side. Will he live?

  10. devilabrit says:

    Jenn – I couldn’t help that one, the ball just seems dead of the bats, but it’s not just the Phillie bats, its some teams but not others weird like all conspiracies…

    Sun-Ui – i think every Phillies fan is confused, so if BoSox fans are confused too, there is no sense in the world se live in…:-)

    Mike – Green the color to avoid for awhile… LOL


  11. raysrenegade says:

    I know the England versus USA match did not play out the way you might have wanted it to, but it was a consistently geat match to watch and had its tense moments.
    I still think the draw would have happned no matter what, but it was also the first match and should not have a direct impact on if either teams surfaces in the knockout rounds. The England vs USA match just made it a bit easier for each to maybe clinch a spot for the next round before their last group match….hopefully.
    Love watching the Wrold take fire every 4 years with passion and spunk….They might even be closet Rays fans ( just kidding).

    Rays Renegade

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