Could Halladay join the Phillies?

I guess the answer is unknown at this time but, the chances may have got better today, from a story on by Jon Heyman, Daily Scoop, he lists the possibles for Halladay, showing the Phillies as number 1 contenders on his list, he also reports that the Jays would prefer he goes out of the AL East, so that could cancel any thoughts for the Yankies and Red Sox. You can read the story yourself and make up your own mind, do the Phillies have the players the Jays would want and would the Phillies give them up? : Full Story

4 Comments on “Could Halladay join the Phillies?”

  1. carolmwl says:

    Yep, I listen to sports talk radio a lot and it’s been abuzz all morning with Halliday talk.

    I’m so wanting it, but of course, everyone is wondering just what Amaro would give up for Halliday? Happ? Dusek? Walker? Marson?

    I find I would be sad to see Happ go. But I want Halliday.

    Can you arrange it, brit? =)

  2. phillies_phollowers says:

    I hope, I hope :O) But if they give up Happ, I will seriously slap someone!


  3. mattpeas says:

    as an outsider id love for something like this to go down. being a fan of the NL i rarely get to see hallday pitch.

    btw, where do you live in ohio? im in youngstown.

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