Would the REAL Cole Hamels Please Stand Up………

I have decide that Cole Hamels has an Alter-Ego that at any given moment will come to life, he has no control over this Alter-Ego, in fact the claims that he was working on mechanics in the bullpen this week was a disguise for, “Trying to control the Alter-Ego”. This Alter-Ego is none other than the “COOKIE CHUCKER”, for no hamelsalter-ego.jpgapparent reason when the “COOKIE CHUCKER” rears it’s ugly head Cole will simply throw cookies down the middle of the plate to opposing hitters, thus allowing the homer to be hit. The “COOKIE CHUCKER” is the evil, hitter friendly pitcher trapped inside Cole’s body. Last night the “COOKIE CHUCKER” came out, without warning, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 1st inning and decided to stay around and play till the 3rd inning. You could see the look on Cole’s face in the duggout between the 2nd and 3rd inning where he was fighting to hide the “COOKIE CHUCKER”, it was the extra “bullpen” work that gave Cole the strength to bury the “COOKIE CHUCKER” back inside himself and keep it at bay till he left the game. So next time Cole Hamels throws one of those hitter friendly cookie’s you’ll know the “COOKIE CHUCKER” has reared it’s ugly head again……


RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL is back and what a night, 2 hits, 2 runs and an RBI, and that included the game winning run, more importantly his return saw the Howards Homer come back to life….

HANDS-UP how many people were convinced the Phillies had lost this one, before the bottom of the ninth came to life…. own up…. thought so…. have faith…. even Joe Biden and his wife knew it wasn’t over, else why would they have stayed…. it was none other than a Vice Presidential Order, the Phillies had to win last night at all cost….

I am sure by the time the bottom of the ninth came even the Pirates fans thought they had this one in the bag, it was without any doubt the come back of the year, so far, for the Phillies, as I said Howards Homer came back to life to tie it up, then a Ibanez started the 1 out bases loading actions, till Bako hit the game winning drive….

Lets make it a HAPP-y sweep today….



12 Comments on “Would the REAL Cole Hamels Please Stand Up………”

  1. thepitchersduel says:

    Well yea Cole Hamels absolutly concerned the hell out of me once again. While I don’t believe he has an alter-ego, I do believe there is some sort of voodoo against him. I thought he shook it when the injuries stopped, but it’s still here. I’ll definetly put my hand up to thinking that the Phillies lost this game, big win though, good to have Raul back and how about that Paul Bako with the walk-off? I’d like to see Mr. Happ stay undefeated, that would be nice eh? Sweep before the All-Star break.


  2. raysfanboy says:

    Hamels is apparently human, I guess. A very rich human, but human nonetheless. I am sure he’ll turn it around.

    Bako with a game winning hit? I am sure he hasn’t had a ton of those. You guys are getting production from everywhere!

  3. orangebirds says:

    Hamels needs to be a pitcher, not a media centerpiece! He needs to stay away from all the hype and just pitch. Please comment again

  4. Jane Heller says:

    I hate when a pitcher’s “Cookie Chucker” rears its head!!!!! Glad Raul is back. He’s had a great season for your guys. Good luck with the sweep today.


  5. carolmwl says:

    Yep, I had to delete my original blog, written in last night’s eighth inning. =) Oops.

    About Cole. Yes, it’d be good if he were less involved in lots of periphery stuff during baseball season. But whatever the reason for his problems, I cannot help but think, too, that Cole is on top of it, that nobody cares as much as he does that he pitches well. So….I think he’ll come around.

    MLBlogs.com How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  6. devilabrit says:

    Thanks for the comments all, the COOKIE CHUCKER thing was a joke hope you all knew that…. was feeling good aafter last nights game and wanted to do something a little light hearted today…
    Your right Carol, you can see it on his face between innings, and I agree less of a media circus around these guys and they all would probably do better…. off to watch what we hope is a sweep game now….

  7. orangebirds says:

    Keep on posting devilabrit. And good luck to the Phils. Please feel free to comment again.

  8. diamondgirl55 says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the comment and thanks for the Happy Birthday for our field! Hehe :] Hehehe, I am jealous you guys have Ibanez now. I too was one of those fans that said, RAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL. Gotta love that guy but he is doing so much better there than when he was with us :] Lucky! Awesome blog!!! xoxo

  9. jonnnnnn says:

    The Pirates are so disgusting that even I am almost rooting for the Phillies today. Every loss is one step closer to a top 3 pick next year. lol


  10. raysfanboy says:

    So the Phils get their starting outfield into the AS Game and the Rays get their starting infield to the game. So what kind of team would we have if we put those two groups together? Dreamy…

  11. mattpeas says:

    so im very upset but ill say it anyway. congrats on the sweep


  12. phillies_phollowers says:

    I hear there are drugs for that Split personallity thing…someone better start pumping him full of them!


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