Cubs come to the City of Brotherly Love

So how much love will they get, not much from a hot Phillies team. Yes the Cubs are hot, well very warm compaired to the Phillies hot. On a 4 game winning streak, that the Phillies hope to end tonight at CBP. They will be followed closely by St Louis who holds a 2 game lead over them in the NL Central, but is this the full story, wrigleyforsale.jpgwhy are the Cubs on a winning streak, well they just got done with the strugling Nationals, even so they have beaten some good clubs in the last month. Are they making a run for the title or creating a good reason to get any interested parties to up the ante on bids for ownership of the club. Reports indicate the current owners would like to place the club into chapter 11 in order to release any future owners of the debt the Tribune Co. has generated.

So when the Cubs take the field tonight at CBP give a thought to all those players who don’t know if they’ll be playing for a team in chapter 11 or a team who’ll be playing post season ball this year.

Okay so you’ve had that thought now think about the Phillies going for 9 wins in a row…


4 Comments on “Cubs come to the City of Brotherly Love”

  1. carolmwl says:

    Heh. Stud Muffin.

    Sometimes Pat looks so good, like he’s every bit a movie star or something.

    But then every game, at every bat, he comes to home plate, and gets a really stupid look on his face as he sort of examines his bat – like he’s trying to identify it. “What’s this thing?”

    Have you ever noticed this? It’s at every bat, and at those moments his stud-muffin quotient goes ‘way down! =)

  2. gamefish08 says:

    Let’s not get greedy now. Clearly, the Phillies should share a few wins with some other teams. It’s the right thing to do. GO CUBS.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    The Phillies are red hot. Eight games in a row is a very impressive streak. Good luck with making it #9. (I’m glad your guys are in the NL!)

  4. indianslove says:

    Yeah, Cliff Lee pitching will definetely help us. Hopefully we can give him run support. -TC

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