Phillies Take D-Backs to School….

Philadelphia, Phillies showed the D-Backs how to play professional baseball last night in Arizona.

Yes, this may seem harsh, but the Phillies took a clear advantage of the D-Backs errors, errors which would have been hard to find in a triple ‘A’ game, and there was Jamie Moyer, who pitched himself into trouble twice in the first 3 innings,
moyer.jpgloading the bases at one point, with nobody out, his experience, his self control and excellent defence, from his infield that knows no limits and definately knows how to support their team mate in times of trouble got him through the struggles.

Moyer, moved on from his struggles and pitched with control and poise through another 3 2/3 innings, shutting the door on the D-Backs. In total Moyer pitched 6 2/3 innings, giving up 6 hits, 4 walks and striking out 5, giving him his 256th career win and closing out July with a 3.30 ERA his best month this year.

Side Bar: During this ‘will he, won’t he’ couple of weeks on Halladay, it has been noted that a number of people have been commenting on blogs, calling for Moyer to retire, last night was just another reason why he shouldn’t, right now he’s pitching very well, and he’s got 10 wins on the year, giving him 13 seasons with double digit wins, I know wins dont mean anything in a pitchers stats, but as I’ve said before, it’s wins that get you to the post season. (end side bar).

D-Backs defense for 8 innings looked like a group of guys on a Sunday morning throwing a ball around not really caring where it went, or if someone could catch what was thrown at them. With Feliz on 1st, (now you have to understand Feliz has 0 (zero) stollen bases this year), the pitcher, Garland, is acting like it’s J-Roll or Victorino over there, so he ends up throwing the ball past the 1st baseman which ultimately puts it up the right field line, Feliz, who seemed like a diferent person on the bases last night, ended up going from 1st to 3rd. Another one was, Utley on 1st a base hit fumbled in the shift off of Howards bat, allowed Utley to get to 3rd, after beating the 3rd baseman in a foot race to 3rd base, that should have been a double play or at least got Howard at 1st. There were other simple plays in the infield that should have resulted in outs that didn’t and although the Phillies played hard last night, those infield mistakes are the main reason for 4 extra runs the Phillies scored. Of course the ‘Howard Homer’, a 2 run shot in the 4th was all Howard.

So having seen all that go on imagine the surprise when in the top of the 9th a bloop hit, which had it been earlier in the game would have scored 2 runs, is caught by Roberts with a spectacular dive to end the inning.

The Phils bull pen went to work in the 7th inning Park came into the game in releif of Moyer and got the 1 guy he faced, 8th inning Madson came in, experienced some struggles, gave up a couple of runs on 3 hits, and struck out 2. Lidge was set to come in for the 9th, a non-save situation, so there was obviously a few nerves, but Madson had struggled so maybe Lidge would be okay, well he was, 3 up, 3 down, with a strike out thrown in there. Phillies end up taking the first of three from a struggling Arizona, 6-2.

Room for thought:  Why did Charlie use Bruntlett in the 9th and not Dobbs, that confused me, tonight we do it all again Hamels vs Haren, now I know Haren has a pretty good contract with the D-Backs, but could it be possible when the Phillies go to San Francisco that Haren goes with them…..


8 Comments on “Phillies Take D-Backs to School….”

  1. indianslove says:

    Haha, the Phillies totally did school them 🙂 Whoa, really? I honestly wasn’t as baseball-minded last year, & I never knew that. Well, that gives me some, thanks!

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I don’t think Moyer should retire as long as he’s pitching well, contributing to the team and feeling healthy. Congrats on taking it to the Diamondbacks. They seem like a team in search of direction.

  3. ibleedpinstripes says:

    Good win for you guys yesterday. I agree with Jane – Moyer should stay as long as he’s healthy and contributing. Why retire while you’re doing well, you know? I have a feeling you guys might just sweep the series, but we’ll see!

    – Lisa

  4. redstatebluestate says:

    It’s not really fair to whoop on the little guy though is it? I’m beginning to wonder, why do the Phils “need” Halladay so much? Seems to me they don’t.

  5. devilabrit says:

    TC – baseball is so unpredictable at times, sometimes it goes right down to the last game of the season

    Jane – Your right the D-Backs certainly need direction

    Lisa – A sweep is always a good thing

    Jeff – it could have been anyone on the trade block, the Philly fans would want to give up the future to get the best pitcher available… who knows why, they think its a guarantee to WS ring

  6. crazy19canuck says:

    Haren and Hamels…wow. Nice match up.
    Hope Hamels has his good stuff tonight. Danny Haren is good – so watch out! Good Luck!

  7. southernbelle says:

    The Yankees and the Phillies are both teams with incredible offense (although not last night for the Yanks!) If we met in the postseason, it would be interesting…..

  8. Jonestein says:

    Nice win out west last night! The Phils are rolling right now, which makes me wonder if they really need to dish it out for a Halladay or Lee. I think they should stay put.

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