Phillies and the Tribe, Do the Deal of the Year……(UPDATED)

I have decided to update this entry, having had more time to consider everything, not much more, but some more, while this update is still in the state of flux awaiting the physicals, which I am told is just a routine thing now, I have added the update at the end of this entry…..


The Phillies get left handed, Cy Young winnerCliff Lee and outfielder Ben Francisco from the Indians, they also get to keep JA Happ and Drabek. In return thleecliff.jpge Phillies are sending prospects, Jason Knapp (RHP), Carlos Carrasco (RHP), Jason Donald (SS), and Lou Marson (catcher) to Cleveland.

This will definately make the Phillies rotation a left handed ‘DOMINATION ROTATION’ depending on how they line the guys up, the Phillies now have an over abundance of starters, once Martinez gets through his rehab work, it could also line the bull pen with fresh strong arms, something the Phillies are in need of on the road to the post season.

As good as this deal is, it does not guarantee the Phillies a post season, hard work and continued strong team play is what will get them there.

Well done Ruben Amaro, Jr, I think your first big trade deadline deal is a good one and the fans should be very happy with the outcome.

What of Halladay, well I have said all along I didn’t think the Jays were serious, but who knows, I say go at it, let the Dodgers, Yankees and Red Sox get into a bidding war if they want him.

With Lee out in LA the chances are he will join the Phillies when they hit San Francisco.



This update is nothing more than further considerations of what this deal really means, or what we gave and what we got. Many of the comments on the main news story blogs, both Philadelphia and Cleveland are calling this a one sided trade, and initially it looked like that even to me, but consider this, it only appears one sided because it didn’t include Drabek or Happ, thats it, that the bone of contention from everyone. Now the names Drabek and Happ were thrown around by the media and the Jays as must haves for the Phillies to land Halladay. Look at the Phillies counter offer, this is what the Phillies thought Halladay was worth.. whats the difference between that and this trade, Happ and Knapp plus Marson and Taylor, so when you look deep at this it really was much of a price drop in the eyes of the Phillies front office to get Lee… I hope I have made this clear enough to at least generate some consideration that this wasn’t such a one sided deal….


13 Comments on “Phillies and the Tribe, Do the Deal of the Year……(UPDATED)”

  1. indianslove says:

    ..Ugh. This is SO NOT FAIR. We need to fire Mark & Eric. NOW. They are stupid!! Seriously?! These prospects maybe will come next year, but who knows? I’m honestly so close to giving up along with Mark & Eric on next season.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Congrats on getting Lee. Looks like the Phillies are serious about doing whatever it takes to get back to the WS.

  3. Jane Heller says:

    I’ll try this again. (Am I the only one having trouble commenting today?) Congrats on landing Lee. Looks like the Phillies are doing whatever it takes to get back to the WS and win.

  4. devilabrit says:

    TC- now you cant give up on the Tribe, if i wasn’t such a big Phillies fan thats who I ‘d have to follow….

    Jane- nope, I am having trouble too, takes for ever for the post to be entered, almost every comment takes forever…

  5. crazy19canuck says:

    Congrats on getting Lee! Hope that you guys can figure out where to put him into the rotation. Now let’s get to the playoffs, shall we?

  6. Jonestein says:

    This should be interesting to see what Lee can do with a great team behind him…congrats on what hopefully will be a key acquisition!

  7. sportstarjn says:

    Phinally a Philly team goes out and tries to win Lee is huge but this kind of does garuntee a postseason spot for the phils

  8. indianslove says:

    Yeah, I hope you do. That’s not what I’m worried about- it’s just that fact that there will be no more Bennie or Cliff ); As long as the rumors about V-Mart aren’t true..I will try to live.

  9. redstatebluestate says:

    Now that I think about it, this is the better deal (for the Phils) right? You get Lee and get to keep the youngins. Now you just gotta hope that Drabek turns out to be the second coming of Christ and you’re all good to go. In the end, Phillies are scary good right now and just got better.

  10. matttan7 says:

    You’re team is lucky that Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco are going to the Phillies, that is a good gain for that team. It’s going to be an interesting stretch down the road.

    Matthew T

  11. carolmwl says:

    It’s intriguing to think about.

    Knapp has arm problems – ‘fatigue, as they call it’ – and he’s only a kid still. If a kid has arm fatigue, he’s doing something wrong, more than likely. Marson can hit but he’s not all that behind the plate. Donald recently had surgery. And Carrasco has struggled, tho his strike out quotient has been good.

    Well done, Amaro.

  12. diamondgirl55 says:

    Congrats on getting Cliff! How awesome is that! You guys are already a heck of a team and you got a new addition! Jealous! :]
    Oh and we won against Halladay! All luck but hey I’ll take it! Hehe. xoxo

  13. indianslove says:

    Yeah..I heard some rumors. It stinks.

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