Baffled by the Bay, A Different View…

 Yes, they travelled through time zones, but it wasn’t that far really…
They weren’t at a high elevation…


There were no shadows on the field…


It should have been money in the bank…


Hamels pitching for 4 2/3 innings was music to my ears…


But then, for no apparent reason, with 2 outs and nobody on base in the 5th inning, did Cole lose something…


We started the 6th inning, had Cole found what he lost in the 5th, the answer was NO, the inevitable happened a call to the bullpen…


The guys from the pen closed the game out, without giving up any more runs, Hamels had allowed 7 runs to score, which was too much to recover from, the Phillies lost the game 7-3 and the series by 3-1 in San Francisco, but they were heading back to what we hope are the comforts of home…


8 Comments on “Baffled by the Bay, A Different View…”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Love the marbles pic! LOL!!!! Sorry about the loss, but you guys have been on a great run. It was bound to happen at some point!

  2. southernbelle says:

    Hey! Tough loss for you guys, but I’m sure the Phils will bounce back. You are right about the Yankees, it was a great win, and Buehrle was far from perfect. I can’t believe my sweet baby Melky made history. Boy, do I love him!
    Have you ever seen that commercial with Cole Hamels in it for New Era baseball caps? It is so funny. Just go on Youtube and type in “new era cole hamels” and it will be there. Let me know if you like it, cuz it makes me laugh every time! -Virginia

  3. indianslove says:

    Sorry to hear about the lose. Yeah, that loss stunk. But, we rallied & got our revenge, so that’s alright. I just hope Victor is happy in Boston. -TC

  4. southernbelle says:

    Peter (so that’s your name!): Socks and sandals. Ha. I know my Dad wouldn’t be caught dead with sandals period; he won’t even wear shorts! He’s a Wrangler Jean kind of man. I just love the way Cole says “Who are you?” He really looked and sounded confused. It’s SO funny. Maybe when Cole retires, he can have a career in acting! (jk) -Virginia

  5. redstatebluestate says:

    Instead of “The Pen”, MLB Network’s Philadephia reality tv show, how about something like “The Tale of Two Coles”? What an enigma Mr. Hamels has been this season. Cliff Lee is certainly a welcome turn to consistency I’m sure.

  6. southernbelle says:

    Peter: Wranglers. Then I guess my Dad will like you. That’s not how he judges people or anything, it just helps if people have things in common. I myself always wear jeans, but not Wranglers. I wear “City Street Skinny Jeans” or something like that. But I bet you don’t care much about that, so I’ll talk to you later about baseball. After all, this is a Phillies blog, not a fashion blog 🙂 Bye! -Virginia

  7. raysfanboy says:

    Tough loss. But SF is not that bad, so I wouldn’t get too upset. I’d be more upset with Hamels (and it sounds like you are). What has happened to this guy? He is an All-Star stud the last two years, and now this? Nobody saw this coming. Maybe he’s just getting into his groove from his slow start. The good thing is that with the addition of Lee you guys can let him take his time.

  8. diamondgirl55 says:

    Tough loss…I watched them on ESPN, I always enjoy watching the Phillies on TV. It’s alright, once they get back to the comfort of home, they’ll get right back on track!!! :] xoxo

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