the J.A. Happ show…

Well I had all intentions of giving a run down on Tuesday nights game against the Rockies and Wednesday nights game against the Rockies, but on Tuesday Jamie Moyer and the bullpen gave up 8 runs, while the Phillies offense could only muster 3 runs as a response, it meant the Phillies lost the first of a 3 game series, in a somewhat pain full experience for the fans at CBP. So a re-cap of Tuesday went something like this…

Moyer seemed concerned…

Rollins safe, Umps had trouble seeing…

Ruiz got an eye full, Umps still couldn’t see…

That about sums up the Tuesday night loss to the Rockies, from a certain point of view…

Wednesday night was a little different, and so began the J.A. Happ Show!!

So I don’t get to far a head of myself J-Roll, Werth, Feliz each hit home runs, on a different night that would have been the story, but the way Happ played the game tonight just one of those homers would have been enough…

Happ pitched all 9 innings without an expression change…

Even when he was swinging the bat…


bottom 8th, over 100 pitches thrown, he knows he has one more inning to pitch to get his 2nd career shut out, his first at CBP, in front of the home crowd, he comes to the plate for his final at bat, the crowd goes wild, the pitch…the swing…the balls fly’s deep to centerfield…Happ starts running…ball goes over centerfielders head and drops at the base of the centerfield fence…crowd is going crazy…Happ pulls up at 2nd base for a stand-up double…and suddenly his expression changes…was he in pain…did he pull something running the bases…

Noooooo…he was just Happ-y…

J.A. Happ went into the top of the 9th and pitched the final inning of the game, he finished the game having thrown 127 pitches, gave up 4 hits and 2 walks, but he picked up a career high 10 strike outs. Well done Happ!! you just earned your right to remain in the starting rotation.

Thursday sees Cliff Lee’s first appearance at CBP, this will be different for him I am sure, he’ll be wearing the Phillies modern throw back uniform, as the Phillies always do on a day game at home, this should be an interesting match-up, for those that think Lee will cruise to another win, be careful, he’s going up against Rockies ace Aaron Cook, RHP with a 10-3 record on the season and showing a 3.88 ERA on the season, however if there is a glimmer of hope during July he posted a 4.17 ERA with only 2 wins, the rest were no decisions.

Good Luck Lee we hope your first Phillies home game is a good one and a winning one!!


5 Comments on “the J.A. Happ show…”

  1. mattpeas says:

    Haap has been fantastic. you dont need Halliday when you got him. and Lee and Drabek waiting in the wings. depth and talent abounds for the Phils pitching staff

  2. crazy19canuck says:

    Good Luck to Lee! Hope that he can give you guys that push for the playoffs…and back to the WS…one game at a time. Good luck to the Phillies!

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Wow… and after last night y’all want to put Pedro in his place? I think it’s time for a reality check — Philly style. Pedro — at best — is a middle reliever or SIXTH starter in my humble (and accurate) opinion 🙂

  4. thatbaseballguy says:

    Great post. I don’t think he should be replaced by Pedro. He should remain where he is and maybe put Pedro somewhere else.

  5. southernbelle says:

    Peter: That Haap guy is cute! What a game! Great on the mound, and at the plate! It remind’s me of when Mariano Rivera got his 5ooth save, and 1st career RBI in the same game. Just a great game all around. He definetely earned another start!
    The Yankees take on the Red Sox today. I hope Joba Chamberlain pitches a bit like Haap tonight. -Virginia

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