Brad Lidge…’it’s all about you’

When a team has got a lead going into the final inning of a baseball game it’s the closers job to come in and shut down the opposition so that your team gets the win. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the 9th, 10th or even more, and it doesn’t matter if your at home or on the road, it is without a doubt the primary responsibility of the closer to secure that win.

Yesterday in Atlanta the Phillies did exactly that, Cole Hamels pitched good, for him this season, through 6 innings, giving up just 2 runs on 3 hits, okay he walked 4, but still considering how he has performed this year, when it came to crunch time and the Phillies needed a good outing he gave us one.

The bullpen came in to relieve Hamels in the 7th inning and gave another good performance, shutting the Braves down in the 7th and 8th innings. So now its up to the closer, Brad Lidge, to enter the game and not give anything away. We have all seen him this year, but Charlie Manuel and his coaches still have confidence in Lidge to come out and do his job. Maybe its time to re-think Charlie, Lidge is not cutting it at the moment. Yes the error by Utley didn’t help, but then loading the bases, because your afraid of the strike zone doesn’t help either.

Trying to blow magic on your hand, like a magician, isn’t going to work Lidge, you shouldn’t have loaded the bases in the first place.

If this wasn’t a message to Charlie Manuel then I don’t know what would be, and if Lidge can’t do it, if he has some inner- self that’s giving him a hang-up, then he should be a man and tell Charlie, and save us all the continued embarrassment of sending a closer out there that nobody is afraid to face.

I could offer up some suggestions, I am sure many a blogger will, I am also sure many fans that don’t  blog here will be commenting at the ZoZone about what should be done and how to do it, but the bottom line is you get paid to make those decisions Charlie and it’s time you made one regarding Lidge. You had no trouble telling us “it’s for the best interest of the team”, when you sent Moyer to the pen, so how about that same attitude regarding the closers spot.

Today JA Happ goes to the mound, I just hope if this is a tight game and the Phillies have the lead at the end, we use an alternative to Lidge…


11 Comments on “Brad Lidge…’it’s all about you’”

  1. thepitchersduel says:

    I have thrown out Chan Ho Park and even Tyler Walker as a possible replacement for Lidge, I like Park becuase of what he’s done in the bullpen this season and Walker because who else could do it? Madson has shown he can’t, Durbin has 0 control half the time, I wouldn’t put Eyre in that spot, Moyer, no, when Romero gets back, no. I would put my faith in Park for sure.

  2. matttan7 says:

    Brad Lidge was perfect last season, this season, not so much and yesterday’s game comes to show you that you can’t have everything going your way. I’d say keep Brad Lidge in the closers role until his pitching struggles become a major issue, but right now I don’t think it is the way the Phillies have been playing recently.

    Matthew Tan

  3. raysfanboy says:

    Strange that Lidge is so inconsistent this year. Must be the lingering injuries and lack of confidence. Or maybe it’s his show on MLB Net, The Bullpen (a good one). Whatever it is, I wouldn’t trust him to close out Game 7 of the Series right now, but who else ya got?

  4. carolmwl says:

    Yep, it’s time to start putting LIdge on a short leash, in preparation for the end of season scramble, and the post season.

    What else could Charlie say, really? He had to be behind LIdge if he had any hope of straightening Lidge out.

    But…August is nearly over and it’s time to start gearing up. And if Lidge shows he cannot close, then let Park do it. Or even Scott Eyre. But Park is my choice.

    Will be interesting to see what Charlie does.

  5. devilabrit says:

    thepitchersduel- I am with you, my first choice would be Park, not sure Walker would be consistant enough, but could be used if Park is unavailable.
    Matt7- I think Lidge has had long enough to fix the error of his ways and if you blow a save it is a problem, so it’s time to do something else.
    raysfanboy- i agree I would trust him to close out a postseason game period at the moment…yeah the The Pen is a good show.
    Carol- Yep, again I think most are thinking Park should get a shot, that may even set him up to forget about a starters role.

  6. indians says:

    The Indians have had their own troubles coming out of the pen. Hopefully the phillies can get some one to replace lidge, but unless you have some one inside the org i don’t know who they would go after. Good luck.

  7. ibleedpinstripes says:

    Tough one for you guys… Lidge is not where he used to be. I think you guys will get through it, though. Maybe Charlie Manuel will think about extending some of the other guys in the bullpen in those situations. Either way, I think it’ll work out for the better. This team is too good to fall flat.

    – Lisa

  8. redstatebluestate says:

    I think someone needs to come up with one of those EPIC FAIL borders with something quippy underneath a pic of Brad Lidge. He’s not even on my team and I’m sick of him already.

  9. TribeTed says:

    Hey, while you got Brad Lidge blowing your saves, we got Kerry Wood blowing ours. We are in the same boat here. 🙂

  10. indianslove says:

    Good luck to JA! & Haha, yeah, I think we already are. It’s been great. -TC

  11. phillies_phollowers says:

    I still want to puke over that blown save – the Phils should have swept the series, but it didn’t happen thanks to Lidge. UGH :O(


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