Final Countdown…


Since my last post some
things happened that should have happened and some things happened that
were unlikely to happen. They are almost irrelevant since they all would
have happened eventually.

If you understood that psycho
babble then you need read no further, alternatively, just for the hell
of it you could keep on reading just to find out if you analyzed and
decoded my psychotic ramblings about the weeks changes in the divisions.

AL East

As much as it pains me to
read the constant joyous writings of my preferred Yankee
, I have to admit, I have all week continued to torture
myself by reading the constant jubilations of such bloggers who have
shown their humor, while proving a contagious sickness exists among Yankee
fans, blogging of their unambiguous support during a week which has seen
the Yankees clinching a playoff berth, to actually winning
the AL east division
,  while enjoying a 5 game winning streak.
When less than a week ago the Yankees magic number was 9
and it looked as though it may take them into the middle of this week to
finalize the division, they did it all in 6 days and I am sure that
there are some Yankee fans who will become even more
delusional about 6 days of work and a day of rest.

AL Central

The Detroit Tigers
are probably the only divisional leading team that while reducing the
magic  number have also managed to reduced the division lead and
with a series starting against the second place Twins, the
Tigers are in jeopardy of losing that slim lead and being
classified as the American League’s choke artist’s much the same as the New
York Mets
are in the National League. The Tigers are
just a .500 team at home this year when facing the Twins
which could mean they will stay as is, in the division, unless the Twins
have a little more desire and fight than the Tigers.
This is definitely going to go down to the last couple of games of the
season. With the Tigers being 5-5 over their last 10
and the Twins being 8-2 over their last 10
, I have to say the edge goes to the Twins.

AL West

Although the Angels
haven’t clinched yet their magic number is down to 2 and like Detroit
they start a 4 games series against the second place team. This series
is a little different though, the Angels only need to take
1 out of 4 to win the division, in fact they only need to take 2 out of
their last 7 games. Now you wouldn’t think that would be too much of a
challenge, however some Angels fans must be biting their
nails this week, since the Angels lost the mid month make
up game to the Yankees they have been on a somewhat
downward spiral. Still I think 2 games out of the next 7 is a comfortable
task for the Angels and will become division
champions before the end of the week.


The Phillies
having completed a 10 game road trip going just 5-5, due to more bullpen
woes, they have managed to reduce their magic number to 3 and
eliminated the Marlins from the divisional race, however
the Braves are still hanging around. The Phillies
have their final 7 games at home and although they close out the season
hosting the Marlins who are sure to be looking to extract
revenge, I believe the Phillies will have clinched the
division before that series gets underway.


The Cardinals
had the least amount of work to do last week to clinch the division and
although they only went 5-5 during their last 10 games managed to seal
the division championship, however one noticeable thing has come to
light during the celebrations the Cardinals enjoyed…

…this picture of Holliday
and Pujols, who else thinks this makes the pride and joy of at
least half of RSBS
look gay, it must raise the question "What is Albert’s right hand
gripping or fondling?"
. If you didn’t know they were in the clubhouse
celebrating then you would think they were just exiting a club somewhere
in San Francisco, maybe. Okay, as unlikely as this maybe,
since he’s married with 3 kids and a devout
he certainly has that look.


The Dodgers
having clinched a post season place are still looking to win the division
this week. In fact they should be able to seal the deal with the
breakfast meeting against the Pirates today.

Wild Card

The BoSox have
all but taken this, with the few games they have left the Rangers
will find it very hard to make a run now even with the Red Sox at
the start of a losing streak, they themselves are doing no better. The Red
should have this clinched by the end of the week.

Wild Card

Like the AL Central
race this is a close one, and will probably go down to the final weekend
of play. The Rockies may have the upper hand, but are only
2 1/2 games up on the HOT Braves at the moment.
While the Rockies play host to the Brewers,
which will be tough, especially as the Brewers just
completed a good series against the Phillies, the Braves
are hosting the Marlins, who have just been ousted from
the division race by the Mets. Look for the late charge
from the Braves to come through and clinch this Wild


Braves with 6 games  and the Yankees
with 5 games. Losing streaksBaltimore with 10


the Mets have killed what was left of the Marlins hopes
the CWS have prevented the Tigers
from getting any kind of lead built up…

Race… the
tightest race is still the AL Central, with the Tigers
poised to crumble against the Twins. The NL Wild
should see the Braves over take the Rockies
and clinch this coming weekend.

My message to the Phillies:


18 Comments on “Final Countdown…”

  1. phillies_phollowers says:

    Seriously, they better not blow it! I almost had heart failure after yesterdays slim win. This team is becoming bad for my health!


  2. redstatebluestate says:

    Now, now… be nice to Albert and Matt. They make a great couple no matter what y’all say :-). I’d be more worried about the Phillies bullpen then where the MVP’s hand might roam 😉 LOL! THanks for the shoutout! Here we go!

  3. xcicix says:

    Ah, those Cards do look a bit like they swing that way. The picture is very suggestive.
    I don’t know about you, but I think the Phillies should use one of their old starters who can’t give them too many innings as a closer. At least try it out; it can’t hurt, right?
    Good luck to you guys.

  4. mattpeas says:

    withou the addition of holliday the cards may not be in the position thyere in now. same with the philies with the addition of Lee. it’ll be a great playoff and im sure the phils will be hot for the repeat

  5. Buz says:

    I’m diggin the NL Wild Card.. .and I’m about to tune in to the best show… AL Central with Twins @Tigres. Let the games begin!

    Buz –

  6. thepitchersduel says:

    I agree about the starting pitching, we are also going to need them bigtime in the playoffs. That bullpen is making me so nervous these days, and I think the series in Milwaukee showed us that. I trust Walker, I trust Madson (to a degree), I trust Eyre (although he’s hurt), I sort of trust Durbin and Condrey. I don’t know, it’s very shaky

  7. crzblue2 says:

    //The Dodgers having clinched a post season place are still looking to win the division this week. In fact they should be able to seal the deal with the breakfast meeting against the Pirates today.//
    some kinda of breakfast that was. Dodgers got spanked 11-1. They better take care of business in San Diego where I will be for the next two days and then back in L.A. for the final 3 game series. The good thing is we will have Vin Scully back! I much rather listen to Vin Scully when the Dodgers wrap it up.
    So you really think the Braves will overtake the Rockies? If that is so then the Dodgers will meet the Braves.

  8. Jane Heller says:

    Yes, we Yankee fans have had a terrific run lately and can hardly contain our joy. But next week comes the scary part. Getting into the playoffs is tough, but going all the way to the WS, like you guys did last year, is the holy grail!

  9. TribeTed says:

    I guaruntee – the Phils could have another 8 wins and would have clinched by now if it weren’t for your buddy aka Brad Lidge. I think maybe he should come to the Indians, it seems he belongs here. 😉 Please stop by – new post up.


  10. crazy19canuck says:

    Back from my little blogging break in time to see the craziest stuff happening! Since when are all the bullpens messing up?!
    I can’t wait for the playoffs to start. My team may be making tee times for next week – but I’ll still be glued to the TV! Good Luck to the Phillies!

  11. devilabrit says:

    Jenn – Well they blew it, still magic number 3 here’s hoping they do it tonight
    Jeff – Bullpen…as they proved last night…very worrysome
    ibdb – at this point I’d try anything…
    Matt – you’re right the cards would be struggling without Holliday or Lugo and the Phillies dfinately needed Lee
    Buz – you got me the wild car and al central are the place to be, without rain would help
    tpd – You’re right, Romero can help too at least it looked it last night
    Emma – your Dodgers faced the same fate as the Phillies last night, a win that should’ve been never happened
    Jane – playoffs are tough and scary thats for sure
    Ted – if the Tribe had a closer that worked, I’d happily trade right now
    Ginny – this is a crazy week…tee times, didn’t get anywhere near enough of those this year

  12. Phillies Journal 2010 says:

    Wondering why you don’t list Phillies Journal – 2009 among your list of Phillies blogs.
    Max (blogging like crazy) Blue
    Today’s blog (9/29/09)

    Houston’s damn Astros are giving Champs trouble,
    doing their best to ***** Phillies’ bubble.
    Six games to play and we need to win three.
    Doubters are sprouting, they’re up every tree.
    Season in danger of crumbling to rubble.

    Houston – 8, Philadelphia – 2

  13. carolmwl says:

    Well, you said 3 out of 4. That means tonight they have to win. I’m holding you to it. =)

    What is wrong with this team???????

    Carol How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  14. redstatebluestate says:

    Some are suggesting our dear Ryan Franklin is having a nasty bout of Brad Lidgitis, but I scoff: “He’s a contact pitcher. It happens.” Hope I don’t rue the day…

  15. devilabrit says:

    Max – I honestly don’t know….
    Carol – I did didn’t I…hmmmm…still hope yet…:-)
    Jeff – LOL…Lidgitis…give Franklin a chance he got less than a week to blow more…if they dare to use him before October

  16. heartruss says:

    Sigh, I hope the Dodgers finally clinch tonight.

  17. ibleedpinstripes says:

    HAHA! Putting a hit out on Jeff, I see! I knew there would be a fight somewhere along the line. *pops popcorn & waits patiently* =)

    – Lisa

  18. devilabrit says:

    Cat – I have a feeling the Dodgers are saving the win for when they get home to enjoy the celebrations of the fans
    Lisa – currently, just some light hearted digs…:-)

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