It’s Time….

…to spring into action, players
have had a chance to wipe away the cobwebs, meets old friends, get
introduced to new ones, have their memories jogged on which base is
which, and figure out which shoe goes on which foot.

This week is the week that interaction
between teams begins, this week is the start of old and new rivalries.
It may only be spring training games, but it will give us a hint
of what’s to come, it will let us see who’s here to play and who’s here
to wing it.

The Phillies bring a core of
players which in essence is the strongest it’s had over the last few
years, some new additions, even a re-addition to what was already a
solid base of players. This is definitely the start of what should be an
interesting year all around baseball.

For the Phillies, question marks
will surround the likes of Lidge and Hamels, not just at
the start of the season, but all season long. The media will be waiting
to pounce on the first sign of anything that may show a reduced
performance, in my opinion Hamels will do just fine, for me the
one to watch will be Lidge, even though he will have a better
year than last year, (which shouldn’t be hard to do), he will
have just a mediocre year and hopefully Charlie will have him on
a shorter leash than he did last year.

I am sure it will not take Polanco
long to get his footing at 3rd base and become a dominant 3rd base
player, he is a familiar figure to the organization as are they to him.
It’s looking as if Polanco will be the only addition to last
year’s starting line-up in the field, the rest of the infield and
outfield should be more than accustomed to each other by now. We should
get a chance to see the new additions to the bench during this month and
some of the potential prospects, even though the farm system is a little
depleted with the acquisitions over the last couple of years.

We will definitely get a chance to see
the star acquisition Roy Halladay as he is set to square off against CC
in the opener against the Yankees this week, as with all spring training
games, we shouldn’t expect too much from him, after all we’d like to see
him still throwing maximum innings come October.

Around Baseball

Not too much to say at this point, just
waiting for the St Louis Cardinals to announce Pete Rose
as the players investment coach, following the announcement of McGwire
as the hitting coach, I am sure Pujols and Holliday will
be looking to him for inspiration.

sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the
possibilities of more during the season.



9 Comments on “It’s Time….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Pete Rose as investment coach. Now that’s pretty funny. I bet you’re pretty excited about Halladay. I would be. He should be even more unhittable coming over to the NL where hitters haven’t seen him that often.

  2. crzblue2 says:

    Charlie Manuel does not look as slim as in the picture that Sue posted.
    I can’t wait to hear Vin Scully say “Is time for Dodger baseball!’

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Nice to see ya back in the world of the living, Peter! Haha. Is that your avatar up top of the page? LOL. Halladay = Good. Dealing Lee = Not so good.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I’m always excited at the thought of daily baseball, but must admit Halladay does give you a bit more confidance in your thoughts…

    Emma – I thought at first the one Sue had may have been retouched a little, but then I always look worse sitting down so I’ll wait till I see him for real before deciding…

    Jeff – I’ve always been in the world of the living, just not writing, but have kept up reading most of the blogs, especially yours, since it’s good humor in times of darkness… my avatar, hmmm guess it could be..okay for awhile anyway..:-)


  5. heartruss says:

    Spring training does give us an idea of how the teams will do. It won’t be long now. Can’t wait.

  6. raysrenegade says:

    I went up to Clearwater the other day to see an old Rays friend who is pitching fror your team this season.
    He was telling me about the great clubhouse feel and the air of confidence and power coming from the pitching corp.
    If I was ever going to replace Cliff Lee in a rotation, then Roy Hallday would be my first pick.
    Might not seem like a power pitcher move, but the guy can toss the off-speed stuff with the best of them.
    And to put a guy like him in a percision league will only make him better, which leads to wins for the Phillies.
    Great avatar on your sidebar.
    Got to love some of the options you can find in avatars nowadays.
    I still love Pete Rose….only Mike S. was a better 3B for that team (Sorry Scott Rolen).

    Rays Renegade

    Rays Renegade

  7. behindblueyes says:

    Phillies look so solid again this year. Still hoping we can get back at you guys in the fall, though.
    My first game is this Friday and I’ll be going back to AZ a couple of times before the end of the month. I can’t wait until the rest of the country gets with the program! Until then, college ball, Lions tournament, and Cactus League will keep me busy.

  8. devilabrit says:

    Cat – I think we are all anxious for the fun and games to begin…

    R.R. – Glad you got up to Clearwater, I’m envious… the ‘Doc’ is definitely going to be worth the expense.
    The Avatar was just a pic of Zebedee from a kids show in the 60’s and 70’s that I adapted for spring and the Phillies, Jeff’s comment gave up the avatar idea.. (thanks Jeff).
    Mike Schmidt is my favorite 3rd baseman over Rolen any day.

    BBE – I think the Dodgers have a tougher schedule this year with the way some teams have changed in the off-season, but you never know this fall may see our teams pitted against each other again…


  9. mattpeas says:

    liking the new avatar. creative and true. im so excited to see Roy tear apart the NL east. if he could dominate the likes of the Sox and Yanks in the AL he will do the same, if not more in philly

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