WTF Award – April 2010

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What did we miss in the last few days.

Nationals Sneak a Win

Thursday, April 15th, 2010 – Philadelphia,

The Phillies tried to sweep the Nats, but as we saw last year
on those days that the Phillies decided to have some type of ceremony
the team didn’t meet the expectations on the field. This
year seems to be going that way too, with the presentation of the 2009 NL
Championship rings
on Thursday before the final game against the Washington
, this laid down the jinx and the Phillies failed
to deliver. It was not a very fitting end to a day that honored Jackie
and saw 19 current Phillies receive the rings.
All seemed to be good up to the 8 inning, Baez came in to pitch the 8th
and hold a 3 run lead, for Madson. Unfortunately the reason Baez
was acquired did not pan out in this game he gave up 3 runs, which allowed the Washington
to tie the game at 5-5, then in the 9th Madson gave up
a couple giving the Nationals the win.

The good news was that Happ pitched 5 good innings, although his pitch
count was high, he only gave up 1 run on 3 hits. Utley managed to hit his
5th home run of the year and his 3rd in consecutive games. Polanco is
still hitting at a plus .450 clip and doesn’t look like slowing down soon.

Halladay has Fish on Friday

Friday, April 16th, 2010 – Philadelphia, 

Roy ‘The Doc’ Halladay faced the Florida Marlins
Friday, some say after facing less than dominant teams, this weekend against the
Marlins would be the real tell for the Phillies. Halladay
stepped up like an old time mailman and delivered through rain and sleet, well
okay no sleet, but he delivered regardless of the weather conditions, which
seemed to bother the Marlins manager.

Halladay was all business, even when it came to the 8th
inning and he had an 8-1 lead, and was holding the Fish to just a
hand full of hits, the intensity he showed was that as if it was a tied game in
early innings.

Even though the umpires let the game go on through the rain,
it was clear that the Marlins manager was doing all he could to
try and get a delay, primarily to get Halladay out as early as
possibly, since his players were going nowhere fast against him. In fact Halladay
was the main reason Florida’s Cantu had his record run of
hits halted.

It wasn’t just Halladay that caused the Fish
to have a slow day, even though I am told fish like the rain, believe it or not
the empty bench in the picture of Halladay, does not infer that the rest
of the players took the day off, Halladay had some very good defense
behind him too, even Raul Ibanez got into the act, showing that age
hasn’t stopped him taking the needed dives to make a catch, obviously events
like this, especially in the rain draw comments from his fellow team mates, I
think it took another 2 batters for Victorino to stop poking fun at Ibanez
for his attempt at gaining as much air time as an NBA player.

It’s still early in the season and with a 6 run lead going
into the 9th Manuel didn’t want to tax Halladay too much, so after last
nights disaster
it was time to see if the Pen could step up and show that they could hold
a 6 run lead.

In steps Herndon, a rule 5 pick from the Angels,
who won this spot fair and square at spring training, I just hope that this was
just a glitch in his capabilities, because he managed to give up 4 runs and only
get out 1 hitter, now this is a little unfair to him, because the rain was still
coming down and everyone that came up to bat seemed to hit a little bloop in the
infield or to a spot where no one was and everyone kept going point to point. So
Charlie had seen enough, made his AT&T call to the bullpen
using up those roll over minutes, although by now he was on his unlimited nights
and weekends minutes. This time it was Madson called upon to find out if
the Pen is mightier than the Sword, or Sword Fish in this case.

As it happens ‘Mad Dog’ Madson was mightier, it took
just 6 pitches to get the final 2 outs and give Halladay his 3rd win as
the Phillies ace.

WTF Saturday all around baseball

Saturday, April 17th, 2010,


Jamie Moyer took the mound for the Phillies
and Norlasco for the Marlins, the 1st inning was the Moyers
achilles heel, he gave up 5 runs, and that was it, after that he struck out 7
through the next 5 innings. Norlasco for the Marlins was
just as devastating and held the Phillies bats in check, he was on
target for a shut out game except for Jason Werth’s 9th inning home run,
ironically his first of the season. The Fish went on to win 5-1
against a Phillies offense that seemed to be sleeping all night.


Boston Red Sox has been hosting the Tampa
Bay Rays
this weekend, Friday nights game got rain out and since it was
tied up at 1-1 they postponed it till Saturday, hoping to squeeze it in before
the start of the scheduled Saturday game, I am sure no-one expected this to go
to 12 innings, but it did and the Rays came out on top, the
scheduled game started late, obviously, but only went 9 innings and also saw the
Rays squeeze another win at Fenway by a score of 6-5, I am sure
there are some Tampa fans with brooms in hand for Sunday’s game.

St. Louis,

Well this was one of those games where even the commentators
were wondering if anyone had the capacity to end this game, I’m guessing that
the Mets bench figured the only guy that could possible end it
would get walked and so he did 4 times, although in 20 innings and 9 times at
home plate with a bat in his hand, 4 walks wasn’t bad, and as it also turns out
he got the only Cardinals run in the 19th. Both these teams were
suffering from some variation of the ‘canthitaball-phobia’, both teams
posted a lot of ‘zeros’, over the 20 innings of work, this was definitely
a marathon no-one expected, just like the outcome, Mets finally
won it 2-1.


There has been a lot of hype in spring training and early on in this season
about how good the Atlanta pitching
staff is, personally I think hype is all it is, yes they are good, but it’s more
about the only thing the Braves can push in order to try and make Bobby
final year a pay off year. Anyway during the Phillies
game the commentators started to mention a no-hitter going on in Atlanta,
I thought okay, maybe I was wrong, so I flicked to the Atlanta
game to see the Rockies up 4-0 and Jimenez for the Rockies
throwing the no-hitter, okay so he had 6 walks, but he also had 6 strike outs, I
have to admit he wasn’t the first pitcher I would have selected to throw a
no-hitter this season, in fact I didn’t expect a no-hitter before mid May from
anyone in baseball, so to see one this early, by a guy who obviously needed all
the stars to align for this to happen, and for it to happen against a team who
has been hyped for it’s pitching staff, in my eyes definitely wins the ‘WTF’
award for April. I know there’s still lots of playing time in April, but it
would take a Kyle Kendrick to throw a no-hitter to beat this ‘WTF’.



12 Comments on “WTF Award – April 2010”

  1. crzblue2 says:

    LOL on the award! Love the review and glad you did not incude the Dodgers in the forgetable game yesterday. I can’t believe I stayed for the whole game.
    Guess what? I have Ubaldo in my baseball fantasy team! woohoo! unfortunately I also had Charlie Haeger pitching.
    Only two teams left without a no-no, The Padres and the Mets.
    You are so funny on the comments on my video.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I cannot believe that Mets-Cards game yesterday. TWENTY innings? Love the WTF award!

  3. raysrenegade says:

    It was a loud outcry for a bit when the Phillies traded Cliff Lee in that multi-team deal to get Roy “Doc” Halladay. But is also a great sight to see that the Phillies got behind Halladay early and he has just kept doing things as usual in the MLB….Which is win games.
    Lee on the other hand only recently began strengthing his pitching arm and will not make his first start until….Maybe the last week in April.
    By then Halladay could be 3-1 or 4-0. Guess we know who got the great deal in that one in the short term…..
    LOVE the rings!

    Rays Renegade

  4. redstatebluestate says:

    You said it. WTF is right. Yesterday left me feeling like I had the worst hangover ever… even though I didn’t. Ugh.

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    WTF?! I’ve been battling the flu all week. My neck is killing me today because I watched that whole game from bed.
    Ceremonies that disappoint…suck. You killed me on that one.
    ‘canthitaball-phobia’ was the rated-G version right?

  6. Elizabeth D says:

    Yesterday was a very, very interesting day in baseball. All of its eccentricities remind us why we love the game so damn much.

  7. raysfanboy says:

    We got the win today, but not the sweep. 4 game series. I don’t know that we’ll have the stuff to take this tough Sox team 4 in a row, but if we can I won’t complain. This has been a weird weekend of sports, hasn’t it? I agree with your WTF proclamation. I’m getting ready for the Orlando playoff game against Charlotte. I’m hoping that I won’t be yelling WTF by the end of the night!

  8. devilabrit says:

    Emma – The Dodgers lost like a normal team, as did the Phillies, but the Cards and the Braves they lost well, will some peculiarities.

    Jane – I think the Cards just need a headline a week, last week it was letting the Astro’s win

    RR – I have my own theory on the Lee – Halladay deal which I will probably post tomorrow or Tuesday

    Jeff – I cant even imagine your pain… since the Phillies dont suck as bad as the cards right now, and for you of course it’s being doubly dealt with the ChiSox getting trashed by the Tribe too.. LMAO… I’m laughing at you not with you…

    Mike – Yep… the other choices for phobia’s wouldn’t post without the proverbial **** — hope you feel better soon… the Mets beating up on the Cards may help

    Elizabeth – Your so cute… even as the BoSox are getting trashed by the Rays you have such a positive spin on things…

    rfb – tomorrow should be another good one and hopefully add to the good start the Rays have had… hope Orlando come through I have them as a pick for a win…


  9. heartruss says:

    Love that WTF award and thank you for calling that ugly loss on Saturday a normal loss. You rock.

  10. devilabrit says:

    Cat – Thanks for the compliment… but I’ll have plenty of time to pick on the Dodgers, they are more fun in August and September when everyone is anxious with high expectations…. LOL


  11. diamondgirl55 says:

    aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha, I LOVE the WTF Awards and I LOVE that you designed that image of the trophy 🙂 LOVE it. xoxo

  12. devilabrit says:

    dg55- Thanks, going to try and find a winner every month…


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