Halladay goes 4-0 ….

philliesoutside 41

A day later and the pen get the day off, not because they blew it yesterday,
but because ‘the Doc’ allowed it to happen. With the help of some
outstanding defense, from the likes of Victorino, Utley,
Castro, Howard
and himself, Roy Halladay pitched his way to a
shut-out through 9 innings.

He managed to get into the 4th inning without even giving up a hit, at one
point it looked as if the defense coupled with his outstanding pitching was
going to let him cruise through 9 innings in less than 100 pitches, by the 7th
he had been averaging 11 pitches an inning.

Victorino’s home run saver early on was a key play in giving the Phillies
the confidence to move on from last night and shut the Braves down. Ryan
was stretched to the limited in an acrobatic move that would be more
fitting for one of those dance shows, it was definitely a first to see the big
1st baseman stretched in the splits at first base to get the out, amazingly he
still kept his foot on the bag. There was also one of Utley’s all
familiar shuffle passes to Castro for the start of a crucial inning
ending double play.

With run scoring plays in both the 2nd and 6th innings the Phillies
needed nothing else to seal this win other than the 9 innings from ‘the Doc’. It
was without question though Roy Halladay that made all this possible, he
is now the first pitcher to go 4-0 in 2010, he also has a 4 win streak started,
he has maintained his average of every 3 wins he throws a complete game.

Tomorrow is the rubber game of this 3 game series, then the Phillies
start a trek out west stopping in the desert for a 3 game set against Arizona,
before heading on to San Francisco for 3 against the Giants.
Although it would be kind of stupid to go to San Francisco for 3
games against the Mets or Dodgers, so I guess some
of that was just filler.


8 Comments on “Halladay goes 4-0 ….”

  1. yankeeholics says:

    Though I’m a devout Yankee fan, I’m praying that Halladay gets 25 wins with and ERA under 2–why? Because he’s on my fantasy team, of course 🙂

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I think Halladay will win 100 games this year. OK, maybe 25. He’s just an incredible machine.


  3. devilabrit says:

    YankeeHolics – That’s why this time of year is so good, fantasy ball takes over some fans real thought process and fans start rooting for opposing players so it boosts their fantasy ratings, don’t do the fantasy thing myself, way too much time spent on other stuff and the Phillies…. thanks for stopping by..


  4. devilabrit says:

    Jane – If he could go everyday, that would be great…. but I’ll settle for him having the perfect season, winning everyone he starts… LOL


  5. crzblue2 says:

    Hey congratulations to Halladay!
    Now Peter, I saw you post in the mlblogs 5th anniversary. how did you get the linkie without putting the http infront?

  6. raysfanboy says:

    He’s on my fantasy team too, so…

    Doc is a stud. I cannot believe how damn good he is. I knew he was a top pitcher, but to come out of the gate to a 4-0 start and throw two complete games…wow.


  7. devilabrit says:

    Emma – shhhhhh I could tell you but then I’d have to ……..
    check your email… LOL

    rfb – Halladay is definately starting like a stud, hope he’s still the rave in September….


  8. angelsgirl012 says:

    he’s my favorite player for a reason! Treat him well I mean it! Or i’ll come at you philly fans with everything i got LOL just joking but i’m so glad he’s doing well in his new home

    Go Doc! 😀


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