Phillies give away 2 in the Desert….

– PhilliesOutside –

A weekend in Arizona may have been a vacation for some, a daily
routine for others, but for the Phillies it was a disappointing series
loss, we can search through every aspect of each game and pinpoint things that
we all would have done differently, but that won’t change the fact that we lost
the 2 out of 3 and now head into San Francisco, where the Phillies
need to at least take 2 out of 3 to stay the dominant force in the NL East for
the first month of the season.

While we spent 3 days at Chase Field in Arizona, there
was some noticeable things, not unlike the fact that they have to have the team
logo on the pitchers mound so their guys remember they’re at home. I don’t know
if any other teams have done this, all I know is I noticed it here in Arizona,
it could be that I haven’t paid that much attention to other mounds, all I
remember being there is the cleat cleaner and the sack of powder.

There were other things to see and since the Phillies were being
a little less than entertaining this weekend I decided to check out some of the
other sights of the D’backs, for example they, like other teams have fans that
attend the games and cheer when they are winning….


….they also have an owner who attends the games and occasional
invites friends along to entertain them as we see here they look very

….I have it on good authority that that’s the Dbacks owner on
the right, they call him ‘Mr. Excitement’, according to an undisclosed inside

There were more Phillies fans having a little trouble figuring
out which way to look….

….this of course could have been attributed to the fact that
the roof and all was open to the Arizona air, and this may have confused and disorientated
the visitors….

….they certainly made it clear that with all the doors and
roof open a fly ball in the right place catches the jet stream through the
stadium and goes for miles, which is probably why the D’backs have so many
homers this early, I am sure that will even itself out when the temperature
forces the doors and roof to be closed.

With the doors and roof open there was definitely people there
for sun and fun, with Phillie fans there is always going to be fun as I am sure
these guys were having their share….

….although it looks like the cheese could be melting, and the
masked warrior on the end looks like the heat may have gotten to him too.

We also had fans there, for maybe, decoration, I am not sure, but
after a number of captions, of what the 2 guys were saying and some of what she
was thinking,  I decided best to leave it alone as I am sure it
could have had serious repercussions….

….here’s hoping San Francisco is little more

I did manage to flip to some other games to catch moments of
what I thought maybe excitement, I switched to the 9th inning of the O’s
and BoSox game yesterday to see if the O’s were
going to lose another, only to see them hold on to win, but what got me was the
commentators for the BoSox, who said ‘that was a disappointing one
to lose’ or words to that effect… wait a minute didn’t you guys just get swept
at home by the Rays and they think this was just disappointing,
because the O’s have the worst record in baseball at the
moment or because the BoSox couldn’t complete a come back in the
9th inning, hey BoSox commentators, let me tell you a secret, your
whole season is disappointing, if the O’s had gotten off to an
average .500 start, your team would be sitting at the bottom of the division and
now you have to go to Toronto, which could make you a .500 team or
completely demoralize you and your fans so early in the season.

San Diego Padres had their hopes dashed at being
the first team this season to hit 10 wins in a row, after taking 8 in a row they
were finally beaten by the Reds yesterday in a close game that saw
the Reds get the winner in a 2 run 8th inning.

The Pirates suffered their 6th straight loss,
after sweeping the Reds they got swept back to back and are now 4
games under .500, still lots of time for them to make it a .500 season.

The Cardinals are the only NL Central team above
.500, but lets face it they have only had to face one real competitive team and
they only managed to salvage the 1 win against them, (the Giants),
now they are back home for the Braves, we’ll see if they’re easy
to win games too.


12 Comments on “Phillies give away 2 in the Desert….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Those pics are hilarious. I love the one of the owner and his friends (Mr Excitement – lol) and the fans that didn’t know which way to look. Good stuff.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    Those pics are hilarious. I love the one of the owner and his friends (Mr Excitement – lol) and the fans that didn’t know which way to look. Good stuff.

  3. devilabrit says:

    Jane – It’s fun sometimes just to crowd watch, when no one thinks there being watched they’ll do some pretty stupid things at times…


  4. mattpeas says:

    there may be lots of time left in the season, but id be surprised if the pirates win another game. its getting that ugly. we have nothing going for us.

    a happier note, the Dbacks owner, Ken Kendrick, is a WVU grad. he comes to town often to speak with students. he is one of the biggest donors to the university and has some football facilities named after him.

  5. devilabrit says:

    Matt – Didn’t realize he was a WVU Grad, thats cool, that he goes back there and gives back to the school, that is actually Bob and Regina Castellani next to him, she was part of the Phillies Community relations department for awhile and I understand they are friends of Mr Kendrick….
    The Pirates I think have plenty of time left, you’ve only got to look at the Astros after week one and now, it’s after June it’s starts to take a lot to make things up, now it only takes a week of good ball to make things look opposite…


  6. redstatebluestate says:

    Well, goin’ to San Fran, instead of that hot blonde in between two dudes, I think you know what you’re in for. LOL. You crack me up, Peter.

  7. raysrenegade says:

    Great photos.
    Got to say the Taco Trio got me in the mood to run to the border and get a few after I write this comment.
    I think the San Fran series will give you guys an early edge to see who might just end up as a Wild Card in the National League.
    Still think the Giants have the pitching that could get them close before September, and a few prized prospects that could push them towards the top of the N L West.
    Tonight game is really got me wondering with the young strikeout kid Jonathan Sanchez going against Roy Halladay.
    Might be a nice pitching duel until you get into the Bullpens….then all bets are off if the wind is blowing out tonight.

    Rays Renegade

  8. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – A little laughter on a Monday helps the week seem shorter… San Fran will be an experience I am sure….

    RR – It definitely has all the signs of a pitchers duel, I am interested to see how the Phillies line-up handles Sanchez, especially as anyone NOT named Werth is struggling at the moment….


  9. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    “Which way to look”!!! : D
    pssst…guess who is playing a little better and might be even with you by Friday? If I didn’t have a wedding this weekend I’d be going. #%&@*&$!!! still laughing.

  10. SLY says:

    I dont know how Los Gigantes beat up Halladay. That’s three career starts with 5ER each. I did pray to Jesus Christo for 4 runs last night. I must have prayed extra hard.


    The Three Bs

    “Offensive Offense”

    PS- I am starting my prayer now.

  11. devilabrit says:

    Mike – a little competition makes thing more fun, increases the blood pressure a little, but still more fun….

    Shaun – Halladay had a time zone meltdown yesterday and 11 left on base by the offense didn’t help anyone… new day today and it’s the old guy, maybe less-susceptible to the time zone change… excuses make me feel better


  12. Clafsky says:

    Its funny to hear about the team logo on the mound. Because I have seen other teams (The Padres are the only team that comes to mind) with that & I wondered if the Dbacks did it as well. I was hoping to see Halladay in this series, but I can’t feel to bad about it since the Dbacks probably would not have won the series if he did pitch.

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