Full Moon or Just Weird….

– PhilliesOutside –

The weather in Colorado wasn’t quite the weather one would expect for May
time baseball, so we still have one make up game to play after splitting what
turned out to be a 2 game series with the Rockies. Roy Halladay didn’t get
homecoming/birthday win, I am sure the weather being the weather he and all the
players are happy to see Colorado disappear as their plane
climbed to
altitudes worthy of leaving Colorado.

I started this post on May 11th, then changed it and changed it and on May
13th got a little further, it’s now an hour before game time on the 14th, so we
are going to change some of the future, present and past tense expressions so
that I can keep most of the post, at least the next 3 paragraphs, after that we’ll try
and jump to current thoughts and hopefully have this posted by
midnight or early Saturday morning.

The Phillies have arrived in Milwaukee for the weekend  and a 3 game series
against the Brewers, at Miller Park, a stones throw from the
Harley museum, a
hop skip and a jump from Chicago or a good 9 to 10 hour drive from me, and yet I
am still not going, sigh!

The first game tonight sees Jamie Moyer take the mound for the Phillies, on a
little extended rest, and a former
Phillies favorite Randy Wolf for the
Brewers. This will either be a pitchers duel in slo-mo or a home
run derby, neither guy has dominating stuff, but when location is close to
perfect either can be un-hittable, unfortunately if they are missing their spots
or if the offense is on key then the ball will be flying everywhere and we could
see, if not both one team hit double digits in runs or at least hits. I guess
this we will see before the nights out, since they are due to start in about
55 minutes at 8:10 pm (EST) or to those 24 hour clock buffs, 20:10 hrs (EST) or
if your adventurous and dealing in global military time then 00:10 hrs Zulu, or
if you were being military and local to the game it would be 19:10 hrs Sierra.

Not sure how I got onto time zone ramblings then, but there does seem to be
some things that just aren’t right with the world as we think we know it.

British elections ended in what can only be described as a ‘hung
not going to explain that one, so google it, but make sure you read the right
answers if your really that interested, cause there are some US American takes
on what it means that are not very accurate.

Some US sports analysts, on the upcoming FIFA World Cup, think that
has been aligned with the England team to help them defeat the
US squad.
Guys, Beckham is one of the best England players to have graced a soccer field,
if not for his injury, he would more than likely be on the England squad as an
active player, his presence alone will help the team, however, I am not sure his
purpose is to give England an advantage over the USA on June 12th, because quite
honestly if they can’t beat the USA, then they don’t deserve to be in the

More natural disasters have occurred in the first 4 months of this year than
I can remember, with earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and volcanoes all causing
more than enough destruction to last us the year.

Even baseball has some freaky things still going on even as we come to the
end of week 6 of the season, so tell me how do these things happen and it not
cause us to wonder if something weird is happening this year to everything.

How does the St. Louis Cardinals get swept at home by the
Houston Astros, who
had this seasons worse start of the year, when they went 0 – 8 and ended the
first 10 games 1 – 9.

The Los Angeles Dodgers managed to scrap together enough wins to reach .500
and still could drop below .500 before the weekend is over, as they play 3 in
San Diego

The New York Yankees are playing second fiddle to the
Tampa Bay Rays, who
have the best record in baseball at 24 – 10 as they finish the week out at home
to Seattle.

The New York Mets, Florida
, Atlanta Braves are all left in the dust
as they trail the Washington Nationals, who
have managed to match the Phillies
with 20 wins at the start of Friday, and while the Mets
and Marlins go at each others throats the Nats
are in Colorado hoping for no postponements. 

Chicago looks as though it has a double curse, with the White Sox struggling
to have as good a record as the Cubs, who themselves are one of the few teams
living up to expectations, or down to them.

The BoSox, but for the O’s would be the laughing stock of the
AL East, except
they have been making an effort and are now above .500 and a good weekend could
make them challenge for 3rd place, if Toronto continues to suck at home,
especially as the Texas Rangers are in town and riding high a top the
AL West.

Well it’s almost game time so now I’ll watch the Phillies and
Brewers, before
completing this post….

came closer to a home run derby than a pitchers duel in slo-mo, with 3 homers from
the Phillies and 3 homers from the Brewers and it all started in the first
inning with 1 on and 2 out Howard hit a bomb deep to give the Phillies a 2 run
lead, after the Phillies scored again to
make it 3 – 0, it was the Brewers turn with
3 home runs in
one inning off Moyer to tie the game up, after that the Phillies never
looked back with Victorino on fire in the lead off spot and Ibanez and Utley
both going deep the Phillies took this first one by a final score of 9 – 5. We
do it all over today on Fox and tomorrow on ESPN, but they won’t be wearing the

70’s uniforms
. The only one who really looked at home was Moyer, who actually
made his major league debut against the Phillies when they were still wearing
this uniform.



10 Comments on “Full Moon or Just Weird….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Were there any binoculars used in the game against the Brewers? lol.


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    This “colonist” has always been curious about going-ons across “the pond”. The election was interesting to say the least. I spent 2 1/2 yrs in Europe, so I like to think I have an expanded perspective, including about “us” Americans also. Good luck in World Cup!! I can’t wait. I’m a big soccer (football) fan since childhood. Of course I’m rooting for USA but I am also a die-hard for another country which you may not feel too kindly towards. Depends ; )

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    I was disappointed in the inaccuracy of the Phillies clubhouse manager with those throwbacks… not only did they not have the maroon helmets to match, they were all missing the squiggly line in the white portion of the “P”, y’know, the squiggly line that makes the white space within the “P” look like a baseball.

  4. phillies_phollowers says:

    Actually Jeff, the road unis from the 70’s did not have the squiggle…the home ones did. As for the helmets, I’d imagine that would have been a huge pain to cart 2 sets of helmets to Mikwaukee. Oh well!


  5. StlCardinals06 says:

    Nice unis up top, but I don’t appreciate the mention of the Astros sweeping the Cards(We don’t talk about that anymore)

    See you in October.

  6. StlCardinals06 says:

    Nice unis up top, but I don’t appreciate the mention of the Astros sweeping the Cards(We don’t talk about that anymore)

    See you in October.

  7. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I think they sold on eBay to someone in NY for the A-Rod at bat… LOL

    Mike – You can support which ever country you like… it’s no different to different baseball teams being supported, unless it’s Argentina and they again decide to utilize the Maradonna handball to win.. LOL

    Jeff – The batting helmets were an issue for me too, it just looked odd, but they still won…

    Jenn – Not sure they could have left Lidge at home maybe would have enough room for the helmets then, maybe trade Lidge or give him to them, that would help us….


  8. devilabrit says:

    STLCardinals06 – The question of how the Cards can beat the Astros will remain until they actually win a game against them, and now you are going to try and stick it to the Nats at home, again watch out for the sweep, cause the Cards just got dumped on by the Reds….LOL it’s all good fun, October maybe a stretch for the Cards if they keep this up…


  9. redstatebluestate says:

    Thanks, Jenn for settin’ me straight… but the caps had a squiggle! I had one. Anyway, next time, I vote for the squiggle 🙂

  10. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    well done Peter.

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