King James and Tribe

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The Cleveland Indians head to Philadelphia, this must be the best chance

is going to have to break out of the ‘anti’hot’ mode and actually
win a series that they should win, yes they won the series at Yankee stadium,
but the Yankees just got the hell knocked out of them by

The Indians are currently number 2 in the
American League‘s bargain basement,
if you don’t understand that expression then check out the standings, basically
it means for National League teams there are just 4
American League teams that
you should expect to either win the series against or even sweep, the prime
number 1 team everyone wants to play are the Orioles, then you have the
then the Royals and finally the Mariners, any other
AL teams would on paper be a
tough opponent for any of the National League teams.

isn’t to say the American League is better than the
National League, because
during inter-league play I am sure there are just 4 NL teams that the AL would
like to play, they being, Pirates, Astros, D’Backs and the
Brewers. Sometimes
though the alignment of baseball planets and good and bad karma just don’t allow
what should be, to be. Take the Yankees, please take the
Yankees, or at least
prevent them making headlines because of Lady GaGa,  for instance, they
should conceivably sweep the D’Backs, lets face most people thought it, most

fans expected it, but yesterday they got what could only be looked upon
as the playground bully being smacked around by the nerdy loser kid, doesn’t
happen often, but when it does, we all root for the loser nerdy kid, even now I
find myself thinking, wouldn’t it be good if they actually swept the Yankees.

I was kind of hoping when the schedule was released for 2010 that the
would actually play the Tribe at the
‘Jake’, yep I am told to call it
that up and coming insurance name is some kind of insult to true Clevelanders, I
am not sure why cause no one actually goes to the games anyway. Maybe if they
could encourage a celebrity to turn up in underwear and flip everyone the bird,
maybe it would draw more fans in Cleveland, probably not, what about if they had

‘King James’
make an appearance, again probably not since he’d show up as the
final pitch was being thrown and then only if there was a chance he’d be
supporting the winning team. Lets face it the great ‘LeBron Day’ that was supposed
to show support for him staying in Cleveland, that was held at the University of
campus, was a wash out, some 4,000 people showed up to claim a free
t-shirt and then went double time so it appeared like 8,000 people were in
attendance. Yes, the chances are good once again New York will wield it’s mighty
check book in a different sport and land ‘King James’ although for this sport in
question it does seem as though Chicago’s check book could be bigger than the
Knicks, but it’s all speculation as is the content of the little chat between

and Curry.

Off track a little, well it is a sporting event and it uses a ball and it has
ties to Cleveland, who are playing the Phillies, in
Philadelphia for 3 days,
whooopi, I get to watch it all happen on some Cleveland Indians
sports channel
that is about as lame as the Dodgers,
Kansas City and the Astros winning skills at the moment.

Notable occurrences, the Indians got swept by the
Mets, then lost 2 of 3 to
the Pirates and the answer to the Tribe fans prayers during the off season, the

manager, Manny Acta moving to Cleveland, and after being handed a 5-3
loss Sunday what words of wisdom do the Indians fans get from Acta “We
weren’t able to pick up the ball and throw it to first base. That’s why we
WOW, I see Manny has come a long way since playing the staring
manager’s role in Washington DC, although you’d think it was
DC Comics with
the way he managers the Tribe.

Lets just hope tonight the Indians are
nothing more than a comedy of errors and the Phillies
are able to use it to their advantage, with the return of J-Roll it
should be an interesting 3 days.

Just a minor gliche in the online voting system, they seem to have Pat
Burrell listed as a DH for the Tampa Bay Rays, when he’s actually in San
Francisco, and his numbers are already better in San Fran than they were in
Tampa, so here’s the dilemma, has anyone got voted onto the AL roster and actually
being playing for an NL team at the time of the All Star game, or visa versa…

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8 Comments on “King James and Tribe”

  1. barbward says:

    Should be an interesting game with Rollins being back on the roster. I hope the weather holds out though. If it does, then, all the ingredients should be in place except for the absense of Ruiz. Hope he’s going to be ok. It just seems to never quite balance out for the Phils having a full and steady roster of starters. I have high hopes though. Barb

  2. Jane Heller says:

    I’m not rooting for the loser nerdy kid and I don’t think the Yankees will be swept by the Diamondbacks!

  3. southernbelle says:

    Peter: I’m sick of that Lady Gaga. And I’m sick of A.J. Burnett sucking so much. Thanks to him, we lost to the D-Backs! How embarrassing! I don’t want to think about that anymore…I hope my Yankees can bounce back so they DON’T get swept – although I know you want them to lose 🙂

  4. devilabrit says:

    Barb – It turned out to be a close one but Moyer prevailed yet again and put in a performance the younger kids would be proud to have….

    Jane – I can’t believe your that hateful to the nerdy loser kid… LOL

    Virginia – I don’t think they’ll get swept, I just want teams with better records than the Phillies to lose a few even thing up around the majors, and you know how your boys are always way out in front of everyone else..:-)

  5. raysfanboy says:

    Love the Washington DC/DC Comics quote. That might be the quote of the year! I don’t know who I would say is the better league. Certainly the dregs are the dregs. No doubt teams such as the Indians, Royals, and Pirates are who you want to play. But those Buccos are kind of tough from time to time. I would like to see who would emerge should the dregs of the league (and the Rays used to be right there with those guys) all be given their own division.

  6. redstatebluestate says:

    What a colorful post! And are you saying the Indians are bad? What about Kerry Wood??? Oh, it’s not 1998? I’m all screwed up… good luck against the tribe. Hopefully Utley will bring his bat for this series.

  7. raysrenegade says:

    Yankees last season had Kate Hudson, who is pretty easy on these old eyes as a spectator and secondary photo opportunity for MLB photo rags attending the games.
    But why what level of insanity is it that Lady Gaga the self proclaimed new Madonna of music doing literally flicking off fans and taking the “A” game of celebrity status to include an impromptu stride into a losing Yankee locker room.
    Hale and Hank Steinbrenner should not be upset she got down to meet weith a few pinstriped ones, he should be worried she is following his team with such gusto.
    Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, understandable NYY icons, but Gaga is not the kind of fan I would want to gain attention for my team.
    But the Rays do have Dick Vitale, a Rays PTP’er and Brian Johnson, lead singer of ACDC just over the bridge in Sarasota if we need them.

    Rays Renegade

  8. devilabrit says:

    rfb – the dregs all in one division, would just mean an early departure from post-season for one team… maybe

    Jeff – Utley bought the broom and his bat

    RR – The finger was at the CitiField, which confused me cause she has season seats at the Yankee stadium… to be rich and shameless


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