Triphillieslugas Walkoffhiticus

Making history in Philadelphia again, in all the years the Phillies have been a baseball team it is hard to imagine they have never had walk off’s in extra innings in three consecutive games, it’s hard enough getting three consecutive extra inning games at Citizens Bank Park….


….Thursday we saw Brian Schneider the back-up catcher hit a walk-off home run, then Friday it was Ryan Howard swinging the big bat, going deep for a walk off home run, then Saturday it was Jimmy Rollins who drove in Carlos Ruiz from second to score the winning run.

All 3 games have been tight finishes and some freaky things have been happening, Thursday and Friday we saw 9 inning heroics to drive the games into extras, and Saturday we saw a pitchers duel go all 9 innings, in fact Halladay I am sure was seeing himself way back in 1998, when in just his 2nd major league start he went 26 outs with a no hitter, before it was broken up with 2 outs in the 9th inning. It was eerie how similar the effort from Travis Wood was, his 3rd major league start, went into the 9th inning, nobody out before Carlos Ruiz broke up his no hitter, however as a young rookie he can be proud in the knowledge he went pitch for pitch with one of the best in the business.

Other Stuff

Cliff Lee is in Texas, who’d of thought that the city of New York could miss out twice in one week, for top trades in a sport. Just when everyone thought Lee was going to be a Yankee, after being beaten to the draw last year by the Phillies for Lee, this year it was a matter of tradeable merchandise, it didn’t pass inspection.

Then we had to endure what was created, when for a few years the media force fed everyone about how great someone is, and constantly fed that persons ego, add to that huge amounts of wealth and you crown yourself King then hold the sports world ransom for your own egotistical endeavor to spit in the face of the fans you spent so much time ripping off with your over priced merchandise.

The Yankee way of life rubbed off on at least one of it’s players, who managed to buy his way into the All Star Game, or so it would seem with all the advertising purchased etc, and yet you have to wonder, who would they have got to fill the Home Run Derby spot if he hadn’t made it.

One game left for the half way break, and time to reflect on how teams have done and how they may do in the second half, or rather the 74 or 75 games that fills the 2nd half.



7 Comments on “Triphillieslugas Walkoffhiticus”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Watched that game last night with Halladay going against Wood. Wow. So exciting. As for Nick Swisher buying his way onto the AST, sorry you can’t manage to just be happy for the guy.

  2. raysfanboy says:

    What’s with all the walkoffs coming from the left side? Strange… I feel bad for Dusty Baker, though. His post game conference was just a downtrodden scene. He looked tired. I wonder if it’ll be 4 in a row today…I bet if a lefty comes up with the game in question in the 9th or later, Dusty’ll walk him. Why test fate?

  3. redstatebluestate says:

    Maybe Jayson Werth told everyone if they don’t win he’ll bang their wives. Hey man, whatever works.

  4. phillies_phollowers says:

    This whole series was amazing. And I finally got to see a really great game in person yesterday. All the drama with the fan interference could have been missed, but other than that, nice!

  5. the_phanatic_addict says:

    I was there on Saturday with my dad. It was glorious to see the Phillies win and it was pretty awesome to see that kid Wood pitching so great, even if it was against us. Let’s hope that the boys get nice and rested during the break. A comeback is very, very possible.


  6. barbward says:

    An exciting sweep to end the first half was just so thrilling and just what the team needed. Onward and upward…Barb

  7. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I hope we get more excitement in the second half…

    RFB – The Phillies do tend to favor the leftside…

    Jeff- Still trying to figure out where that came from…LOL

    Jenn – Lets hope we keep it going into the 2nd half…

    Michael – I think Wood realized what an achievement he made and seemed genuinely happy…

    Barb – Amen to that.. onward and upward…


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