The Dark Ages ….

Phillies Outside

It was a strange feeling, there was nothing, it was an
emptiness that had indescribable feelings, you could sense the knot in the pit
of your stomach without knowledge of why it was there, there was no explanation
of why you felt this way. You had been in this place before, hell you even grew
up in it, yet now here you were again with totally new feelings, you checked
your surroundings to make sure your hadn’t fallen into some unexplained time
warp and drifted back to the middle ages……

……you even scan the horizon, look around every corner,
making sure there isn’t crowds of unexplained people waiting in the wings, even
though it feels like you’ve been hit with some kind of EM communication canon as
part of some……

…….Hollywood propaganda stunt to promote a new movie, no
matter how much people want to believe that a technology induced ‘fire sale’
could only happen in the minds of  movie moguls, their wrong, it’s easier
than some may think to induce panic and genocidal tendencies with the use of

…..having used and abused technology for the greater ‘good and
evil’ over the last 30 years, I can safely say it’s definitely for younger blood
these days, anyone who has doubts should have visited Vegas last week, what
happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it’s following this conference,
I hear even the government may have been trying to enlist some green horns
there, one things for sure…..

……AT&T wasn’t there, they were here, inflicting all
kinds of cruel unimaginable technological genocides on a small out of the way
village and some surrounding areas in Ohio. For some unknown reason this company
seemed to have blacked out communications of all kinds from Friday till today,
no explanation, no storms, no unexplained meteor showers, no foreign or alien
life forms dropping out of the sky, and even the iPhone 4 couldn’t do this much

It’s funny how we evolve, even 10 years ago this wouldn’t have
mattered to much, life would have go on, my technological dependencies were
almost all work related back then, the occasional access to the office network
from home, or the occasional client calling the cell phone nowadays things are
different, with no way to communicate with the outside world, it’s hard to
fathom what we did before the likes of Smart Phones, high speed DSL, Skype,, now it seems for the most part things are back to normal, as normal as
it gets round here anyway, which to most isn’t very normal.

I can now take some time and review my WTF Award for July, which
will hopefully be digitally awarded in the next couple of days.



4 Comments on “The Dark Ages ….”

  1. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Absolutely! The more cKrap they give us to buy and use the less we find we can do without it. And it’s all these little things that make us disconnected from actual human interaction! The New World order is upon us….so I just hope the Mayans are right.

  2. redstatebluestate says:

    Technocracy will kill us all in the end… so says my grandma — who, ironically, is dead.

  3. southernbelle says:

    Peter: Even though I was brought up in this technology-crazy society, I do think it is ridiculous. My Mom hates it so much, that she says she wants to be Amish. That may be taking things too far….how about a happy medium, lol.

  4. devilabrit says:

    Mike – The Mayans… I don’t know about 2012, but I’m thinking Warehouse 13 might be real….

    Jeff – Yep she sounds like she was a very smart lady… the day of the machines is fast approaching cause Arnie said so…

    Virginia – Tell your Mom, from someone who lives almost in the middle of Amish country, she’d be sorry.. LOL


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