Phillies take game 2

Phillies Outside

Game 2 goes to the Phillies, much different from yesterdays game
just 2 runs scored by the Phillies who shut the Dodgers out and gave Oswalt his
first win in a Phillies uniform.

A catch is a catch is a catch, only in baseball ? or only in
this game ? it didn’t affect the outcome except maybe the number of runs could
have been more, who knows, but a was it a catch ?

…if it had had more crucial repercussions maybe it would have
been a big deal, you know like a fair or foul ball over 3rd base.

Raul Ibanez continues with his hot bat…..

….18 straight games, another hot hitter, Gload ended up
with a strained groin while running into second base after he hit a double. Soon to hit the DL I am sure, the Phillies have already used as many players this
year as they did for the whole of 2009, and we haven’t got to the expanded
roster yet.

Other items, found this which was more for the guys, if your
going to get a car with this speed and appeal, don’t paint it ‘PINK’ cause
that’s a crime, unless Barbie is gonna live in the passenger seat.


Useless stats 101 – Thanks to the Phillies stat guys that
feed the commentators for this one, Ibanez made baseball history for having the
longest hit streak for anyone ever in Major League Baseball that has their
family name start with the letter ‘I’.


7 Comments on “Phillies take game 2”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    LOL about the Ibanez stat. People have way too much time on their hands!

  2. thomasox says:

    Hey Peter,
    Glad I got to see “history” made last night, live. (What about Ichiro?)Yes, first row of section 235, with a decent view as well of Oswalt’s gem. Never knew he had a 5-pitch repertoire. Always great to be at the bank with Yards Pale Ale on draft.
    Even better was the clean save from Lidge.

  3. thomasox says:

    Just watched that comeback. Absolutely amazing.
    Congrats Phils!

  4. the_phanatic_addict says:

    How awesome was tonight!!! Congrats on your continued success in the Top MLBlogs standings! I enjoy all your work and enthusiasm. Enjoy the series with the Mets this weekend!


  5. redstatebluestate says:

    It’s broadcasting moments like that (noting your ‘useless stats’) where you really miss Harry K. I know I do. And I don’t even like the Phightins.

  6. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Your team better be careful this weekend and be sure not to get infected with FlushingChaosTeamImplodus Syndrome.
    Let’s see what happens this weekend. Bring your boxing gloves, hide your children, and apparently you might need some protection when Johan pitches

  7. devilabrit says:

    Jane – your right way to much time…

    Michael – glad you were there… Ichiro is an I but the name MLB classify is Suzuki with an S

    Michael 2 – beating the Dodgers in that fanshion is always fun, it’s like they want it to happen and by us too…

    Jeff – you broke up the Michaels and Mike…. I miss HK no question these guys have no class…

    Mike – Johan who?


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