Beating Yourself …..

Phillies Outside

It’s always that time of year when every game counts, early in the season
there is less emphasis placed on making every game count. When you look at the
games ahead and see 150 or 135 to play, you’re always thinking ‘plenty of time to
make that up’, the problem is come August it almost seems like it’s almost too late.
Every opportunity to gain ground on your opponent or to increase your lead on
the next placed team is important, which makes the thought that every game counts more
important all year long.

The biggest problem for teams, not just the Phillies, is loses to teams you
should really win. When errors or lack of offence is your downfall then all you
are doing is ‘BEATING YOURSELF’. It’s almost a foregone conclusion that if your
chasing a team in a close race the games you lose will coincide with a game lost
by the team your chasing, which makes the loss all the more disappointing, since
the idea is to win those so you catch the team ahead, or extend your lead on the
chasing teams.

When ‘BEATING YOURSELF’ it can be a team effort, which will include some
talented errors, even some possible web gems, it’s when you can attribute an
above average amount to one player it becomes an issue. With the Phillies, early
on after the All Star break it was Wilson Valdez, who without fail would hit
into a double play. This however is now a benefit since they will walk a player
to get to Valdez, who in clutch moments is actually getting those hits now. On a
slow incline, since the All Star break,  to become a clear leader these
days for the most assists in getting the Phillies to play ‘BEATING YOURSELF’ is
Jayson Werth. He has actually got some good numbers at the plate, but the
important stat that really helps the team win is where he has really su-cked of
late, ‘hitting with RiSP’. Hopefully he’ll get this out of his system and
September he’ll be hitting like Choooch.


Useless stats 101 – The Phillies 2010 starting line up has appeared in
just 6 games this season, those 6 game were all early in the season, tonight,
(8-24-2010) along with the ‘Chooch Bobblehead’ the Phillies starting line all
appear together again.

11 Comments on “Beating Yourself …..”

  1. rrrt says:

    Aaack! Two losses in a row to the As—–s, I’m not happy. Werth has been too boneheaded lately, and having Howard get tossed last night with no position players left certainly didn’t help things. Not totally his fault, that third-base “ump” (I use the term generously) needs to get sent back to triple-A.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. phillies_phollowers says:

    These two losses were bad. Espcially when the opposing pitcher has an ERA over 5.00. SO sick of all the slumps!


  3. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    You speak truth “Beating Yourself” ~ However I believe in good starts also. You can’t win pennants in April or May, but you can lose them.

  4. raysfanboy says:

    Swept by the Stros? WTH? I’m blown away on that one, bud. The Phils and Cards have been pretty big disappointments so far, and I’m wondering if one–or both–might miss the playoffs! Lots of baseball left, but your boys gotta get it going. We all know they are good enough!

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    What’s going CrazyMan? Happy Sunday.

  6. raysrenegade says:

    Sometimes we have to stumble before we can run ( the table).
    Seriously, right now teams are gunning for people like the Phillies. That in itself has its own set of pitfalls as the team tries to stay secure in the Wild Card hunt. The losses bring the Cardinals closer, but only the Phillies can win and make that seperation again.
    Good teams rebound and find ways to win. Maybe it was just a mental health series and the Phillies will again remember how to win the game, and then begin their run towards the postseason.

    Rays Renegade

  7. redstatebluestate says:

    Also…. if anyone knows a thing or two about beating himself… it’s Jayson Werth.

  8. southernbelle says:

    Ugghh…I hate when teams beat themselves. It’s so frustrating to watch. I would rather have my team lose because the other team was good, not because they sucked. It happens 😛

  9. behindblueyes says:

    I know that is so annoying when teams beat themselves and few have done it as well as my Dodgers this year. The Phillies seemed to bounce back nicely from the Astros series, though. That’s baseball! Now, no whining about the travel schedule because the Dodgers have everyone beaten on that one, too. Can you believe we actually had TWO trips to the East Coast in a three-week period–yep, came home from one trip for one week, and then went right back out to the East Coast again. In fact, most in sports have determined going from west to east is much worse because of the loss of time. OK, I’ll shut up, but I think sometime soon I’ll have to write a rant about our travel schedule this year. Hey, I saw your Phillies on the road this weekend when Cole had his homecoming game vs. the Padres. Handled them quite nicely, I must say. In fact, the Padres didn’t help their cause; they are one of the teams least likely to beat themselves and then made four errors. I can’t get to any of the Dodgers series, though; am watching those on TV. There’s a lot going on in our neck of the woods.

  10. bklyntrolleyblogger says:

    Posts! We want Posts!
    : )

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