Yankees headed to ALCS ….

Phillies Outside

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road to the LCS takes another step today, with at least two teams hanging by a
thread, hanging onto that glimmer of hope that they can turn it around and win
the remaining games of the LDS series they are in.

The Twins lost all hope yesterday, when once again the Yankees
crushed their hopes of getting beyond the first round of the post season. That
is what happens in all sports when you are involved in a knock out style
tournament, the losing team is ousted and the winning team moves on. Lets face
it last year everyone claimed the Yankees high dollar line up gave them the edge
and eventually gave them the ultimate team status in baseball, World Champions
2009. This year after a few tweaks in the off season, they still maintain the
highest salary, but they aren’t clear cut favorites, in fact a month ago they
weren’t even favored to reach the post season. So to all those Twins fans and
fans of clubs that didn’t reach the post season, this year any claims that the
Yankees brought and paid for the wins are unfounded, they won the Twins series
with quality baseball. Well done Yankees for clinching a spot in the ALCS

No I haven’t turned into a Yankees fan, I still hate the smirk
on Swishers face whenever he seems to be on camera, I still have no intention of
ever giving A-Rod a free pass, but along with those things I also know that
Jeter is a true ball player, that Phil Hughes will be a legit ‘Ace’ one day and
that Granderson always seems like he’s had way to much caffeine. As I said not a
Yankees fan, but a baseball fan, almost every team has players like these, ones
with similar attributes.

The Tampa Bay Rays, shocked the crowd in Texas as they hit their
way to a win in the Rangers home ball park. This was supposed to be a
celebratory home coming for the Rangers, but the Tampa Bay Rays have been one of
the strongest road teams all season long, ending the regular season with the
best record on the road, so it shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone that they
were able to win an all or nothing game on the road.

Today is a crowded day for baseball, with 3 games scheduled, the
Rays v. Rangers at 1 PM ET, Giants v. Braves at 4:30 PM ET and finally the
Phillies v. Reds at 8 PM ET. The Rays need a win to even the series and take it
back to Tampa, the Rangers need a win to clinch and meet the Yankees in the ALCS.
The Giants or Braves need to win just to get the series lead and put the other
team on a must win Monday. The Phillies need to win to clinch their 3rd NLCS
playoff spot, where as the Reds need to win just to stay alive in the post

Moments in time:

October 10th, 1582 If you lived in Italy, Spain, Portugal or
Poland this day did not exist.

In 1971 the biggest souvenir from Great Britain was purchased
by an American Tourist. London Bridge was a tourist attraction, a working bridge
that spanned the river Thames in London, this day in 1971 it was sold, then
dismantled and shipped to Arizona where it was rebuilt and opened in Lake Havasu



4 Comments on “Yankees headed to ALCS ….”

  1. Jane Heller says:

    Granderson has had way too much caffeine? LOL. Yes, the playoff picture is coming into focus and today will tell us even more. I’ll be watching, which will be fun since I won’t have a rooting interest and won’t have to bite my nails.


  2. southernbelle says:

    Curtis Granderson really turns me on…Idk he’s just so perfect. He’s an amazing ballplayer, and when he talks, I just can’t help but to listen. The dude is so articulte…And LOL Swisher…he’s just so happy to be on the Yankees. You don’t HATE Swisher, do you? I can understand hating A-Rod, because everyone does…but Swisher?

  3. devilabrit says:

    Jane – As a Yankee fan you’ve earned the right to enjoy the rest of the LDS games without any nail damage….

    Virginia – Hate is such a strong word, and I don’t know him personally, but whenever he comes to bat or they pan to him in the outfield, he always seems to be smirking, like someone who knows something but isn’t telling… 🙂


  4. redstatebluestate says:

    Never thought I’d see “havasu” and “phillies” in the same sentence. Bucket list just got shorter.

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