Atlanta Braves True Lies …

Phillies Outside

howard, phillies outside, sex, xxxx, Yankees, nudes, naked, Phillies, MLB, bobby coxThe
Braves beat writers, coaches, players and fans have all been telling us of the
Phillies offensive woes when facing pitchers for the first time. This concerted
effort even have the TV analysts convinced to the point they are spewing the
same ‘Bull Sh-it’ in an ever increasing web of deceit.

Lets put our rookie pitchers against the Phillies ‘Aces’ cause that’ll give
us the best chance to win and make up ground on the division leaders. If you
believe that then you also probably believed the Mets were the team to beat in
the NL East this year.

The ‘Atlanta Braves True Lies’ appearing at a stadium near you,
if your a Braves fan that is. What was the real reason behind the need for
Atlanta to pit rookies against some of the best pitchers in the league this

Who did the Braves stand the best chance of beating with their ‘Aces’ on the

  • option 1 New York Mets
  • option 2 Philadelphia Phillies

So why not be Brave and honest and tell the truth, they could
almost guarantee wins against the Mets with their ‘Aces’ on the mound, but
against the Phillies it was a crap shoot. The ‘truth is’ it’s better to beat
the Mets with Aces and lose to the Phillies with rookies instead of losing to
the Mets with Rookies then losing to the Phillies with Aces on the mound.

Good luck with the rest of the season with that mentality Atlanta, you may be
handing a Wild Card to a West coast team, or maybe that’s the plan, maybe Bobby
Cox has his retirement housing all picked out in Florida and can’t wait to move

howard, phillies outside, sex, xxxx, Yankees, nudes, naked, Phillies, MLB, roy halladayRoy
‘The Doc’ Halladay
clinched his 20th win of the season against the Atlanta
Braves, making him the first Phillies pitcher to win 20 in a season since Steve
Carlton in 1982.

Roy joined CC from the New York Yankees as the only 2 pitchers this season to
reach the 20 win mark, with Jimenez and Wainwright close behind on 19 wins.

The biggest differences between the two 20 win pitchers, about 50 or 60 LBs
of blubber, that’s one stat I’m happy CC has more of than Halladay.

With Halladay’s 20th win the Phillies moved 5 games ahead in the NL East.
After being 3 games back on September 1st, the Phillies are certainly giving
themselves a chance at a 4th consecutive post season.

Even Jayson Werth seems to have gotten a new lease on life, we hope that his
joining forces with Boras has nothing to do with his sudden spark of enthusiasm.
The fact that he joined with Boras means he must have completely accepted the
fact that he’ll not be with the Phillies next year.

Tonight is the last of 3 at home with the Braves as Roy Oswalt takes the
mound for the Phillies against Tommy Hanson for the Braves.




Phillies & Yankees Four Months Later….

It’s about four months since the Phillies and Yankees closed out the 2009 World Series and today they stepped out onto the same baseball diamond again. Both teams looked relaxed and ready to play some spring training baseball, for the Phillies it was the first Grapefruit League game of 2010, for the Yankees it was their second.
The Phillies fielded most of the starting players, omitted was Utley, Howard and Ibanez, it was the first time Roy Halladay would throw game time pitches in a Phillies uniform, and came out ready to show his new team mates what he could do. Halladay threw two solid hit-less innings, picking up 3 strike outs.

The Yankees surprisingly were the opposite, they fielded just 4 of their starting players, which only included the catcher and 2nd baseman in the infield behind CC Sabathia, it didn’t stop CC having a solid start over 2 innings giving up a couple of hits and a couple of walks.

The game was pretty much like that through 6 innings, both teams traded hits occasionally, but it wasn’t till the 7th inning when the Phillies scored a run. By this time both teams were down to AA and AAA players. It stayed like this till the 9th inning when the Yankees scored a couple of runs with good base running to take the lead. Bottom of the 9th the Phillies mirrored the Yankees with some hitting and running to score 2 runs and win the game.

It was good to see the Phillies out playing another major league team making the regular season even closer.

Around Baseball

Rumors that Joe Mauer may sign an extension with the Twins circulated today after his agent arrived at spring training which was called a regular visit, but could also indicate talks for extending Mauers contract.

The Nats took a double beating today, against both the Astros and the Marlins. Pence of the Astros homered twice in the 4th inning as the Astros had 9 cross the plate, in fairness to the Nats it did look like a AA squad showed up against the Astros.

Zito dinged Fielder in the back today in the 1st inning, it seems the
Giants have held a grudge since last year when Fielders home run base
trotting ended with an earthquake type celebration at home plate. It doesn’t seem to have helped much as they are currently down by 2 runs in the 4th inning. But who knows maybe the Giants will have better luck against the Brewers AA squad in later innings.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the season