Silly Season Approaches…

It’s been awhile since I last posted, even with good intentions to post at least weekly, but I keep getting side tracked with different things and now Thanksgiving has passed us by and we are getting into the silly season.

Well I was going to list a few cynical thanks here that I considered over Thanksgiving, like to the financial institution that lost 90% of my retirement fund, or the company that closed at the start of the year making me spend 9 months searching for a new job, to the companies I applied that think I’m either over qualified or of course they want young inexperienced cheap labor, but most of all to the Yankees because this isn’t a perfect world.

And now as we move into that silly season, a time of year that used to be, (for me anyway) a joy to see that smile on someone’s face just because you did or said something nice, almost everyone was in a good mood and would do things for others just because it was that special time of year when everyone had a little Christmas spirit (non alcoholic that is) inside of them. It wasn’t about the giving or the receiving, it was about just being nice to everyone. Yes in the perfect world it would be like that all year round and not just at Christmas time, but in a perfect world the Phillies would be World Champions again.

So nowadays instead of Christmastime it’s become the silly season, the true essence of Christmas has gone and it’s all thanks to commercialization that has become the normality for every season and those moments between each season too. It’s now a time where every company that has something to sell, fights to get you to spend your hard earned money with them, even pounds you with emails of great gift ideas and special offers of super discounts.

What has this become, a time when more often than not people spend more than they can afford on useless gifts to earn the love and affection of others, and what’s worse is people expect to receive something from others and will categorize those givers based on what has been given. If you must venture out into those over crowded shopping malls and department stores to seek out the perfect gift for those people you are seeking to impress with your lavish present then here’s some guidelines….

Woman buying for a man – 

1 – Power tools, Computers, Electronic gadgets,  are not all made equal, guys will prefer certain brands and models

2 – Those infomercial gadgets, really suck

3 – Socks, ties, underwear, are best left to the wife or mother

4 – Cologne, gift cards or alcohol, are fairly safe

Man buying for woman – 

1 – Sexy lingerie, face it guys that’s for you not her

2 – A day at the spa, exercise clothes or equipment – says you think she’s fat or ugly or both

3 – Cell phones, PDA’s, electronic tracking devices – not cool says your a freaky, jealous maniac

4 – Gift cards – say you were too lazy to think of something

5 – Perfume – know the exact brand that she likes and you are safe


To those companies fighting for everyone’s money consider these song suggestions from  Eric O’Shea….