Technology Advancements at the Bank ….

Phillies Outside

The Phillies move ahead in technology giving the Philadelphia fans more
opportunities to catch all the action in a game, a new partnership that includes
the Phillies, MLB Advanced Media and Aramark have a new food app for the iPhone and
iPad Touch….

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….it’s so easy, even a Mets Fan could do it. Obviously it’s
available firstly for the (idiot)Phone, yep I admit it, I have one,
eventually I am sure they’ll have the app for those who use the ‘dumbassroid’
phone before long, so fans from ****** (insert team you think
fits here)
can order up food too. You can read the full
press release here
if you really want the serious stuff.

The Phillies are currently the only NL team with more than 90
wins this season, and if Charlie gets his wish the Phillies will clinch the
division after the next 2 games…. good luck with that Charlie

The Tampa Bay Rays put another bump in the road to division
clinch for the New York Yankees last night by winning the final game of the
regular season between these two teams. This leaves them back where they were
before the 4 game set got under way, with the Yankees having just a half game
lead and a game in hand on the Rays, love these tight divisions this year…