PHEW !!!

Phillies Outside

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never thought the title of a movie would mean so much, ‘Staying Alive’, moves to
Philadelphia. Unlike the John Travolta, movie this one has a full cast of men in
Philadelphia Phillies uniforms, fighting for their place in history once more
this year.

It seems the Phillies just needed the 3rd inning last night,
where they got 3 of their 4 runs, the 4th run came off a homer by Werth in the
9th. The 3rd inning was definitely an inning to remember, a sac bunt that
wasn’t a bunt?
, an error wasn’t an error? and 3 runs that were
definitely 3 runs
, despite Joe Bucks need to prove they weren’t.

Halladay gave the Phillies another strong outing, not his best,
but then he was pitching with a groin strain from the 2nd inning on, lets hope
he’s back to par if and when we need him again.

Still complaining about Fox Sports and Joe Buck with his,
sometimes blind and senile side kick, who seem to create new ways to attack
certain teams. The target of their hate has been Philadelphia during this NLCS.
I for one hope he gets arrested in Philadelphia before Game 6, maybe they’ll
find a new host then.

It’s back to Citizens Bank Park, Phillies still in a ‘Do or
situation and turn to Oswalt, Mr. Durability. Since arriving in
Philadelphia, little Roy has played left field, taken the last at bat in a game,
taken a role as a relief pitcher and is one of the H2O starting rotation

I never thought I would say this, but I find myself rooting for
the Yankees tonight, it’s something about them being in a ‘do or die’ situation
like the Phillies, plus Phil Hughes is on the mound for the Yankees.

Go Phillies….