The Phillies get a well earned rest…

The New York Yankees are the new World Series Champions, after defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in 6 games. It’s not easy to win the World Series, and is a great accomplishment each time. For that I give a congratulatory nod to the Yankees.

The Phillies will get a well deserved rest and return in 2010 with all the other teams, with their eye on the ultimate goal once more. During this time we will be able to speculate on who will be back, who will move on, and who will just simply be released.

It would be too easy to write about the money the Yankees spent to achieve the prize, or to speculate on the tax burden residents will be facing to pay for the new stadium. I could also stoop to the levels of the NY Post and make a half-hearted, but tackey attempt at poking fun at players, especially since a DH won the MVP award, but at this point I will refrain from drawing anymore attention to a group of individuals who believe the world revolves around them and that they are the largest sports franchise in the world, of which the majority probably didn’t even know where Philadelphia was until this past week or that any other sport even exists.

I am at peace with all this, knowing that next year things will be different. So during the off season I will as often as possible write about things that have no relevance to anything whatsoever, but will, I am sure from time to time irritate the sh!t out of people.