Miley Cyrus ?

Okay, so it’s not about Miley Cyrus, but as she progressed from Hannah Montana to the big leagues of music, so Wednesday night Dominic Brown entered the world of big league baseball and like Miley he did it with some pop, his was in his bat though not his song choice.

Brown has been the Phillies untouchable prospect in all the trades over the last few years, he is a skilled outfielder, with lots to learn and a bat reminiscent of that from Ryan Howard when he made his debut as a rookie. He helped the Phillies last night and proved that he can swing the bat, he just has to learn to run hard from the hit and not assume it’ll go out of the Bank, his running speed could have got him a triple last night but he ended with a double, regardless he still came into score in the inning.

Well the Phillies landed Oswalt. It seems the local Houston Fox station laid it’s claims and scooped the deal claiming it was all up to Oswalt to accept or decline, that was yesterday, today Oswalt accepted the deal and told Amaro Jr that he would be available to pitch against the Nationals on Friday in Washington.

For some unknown reason there are still people out there that don’t pay attention to things unless the media highlights it, so the repetitive question of “Why trade Lee and now get Oswalt “? has become as repetitive as Two and half Men re-runs, the question has been asked and answered a number of times, so I would suggest all those still in the dark about Lee being traded, do your homework before trying to re-hash this same old question.

Further claims that the Phillies front office and Amaro Jr’s in-experience is driving the Phillies into oblivion or at best a status currently reserved for the Mets, is nothing more than the bull sh-it Mets fans seem to be knee deep in at CitiField, just because the over-hyped Mets team is starting it’s now all familiar season ending collapse, doesn’t mean other teams will do the same.

The Phillies move within 2.5 games of the Braves as we approach August, last nights win gave the Phillies an 8 game win streak and an 11 game home win streak, plus it’s 3rd home sweep in succession. Today the Phillies take the show on the road to Washington, where Roy Oswalt will take the mound for the Phillies, hopefully Philly fans will make the quick trip to DC and give Oswalt a home feeling in an effort to help him keep the winning streak alive.

Just a distraction and a face saver for Bautista a Nats pitcher, Miss Iowa will throw out the ceremonial pitch before tonight’s game, she is definitely much better on the eyes than either Bautista or the guy he replaced, Strasburg, and if you know the story she apparently has a great sense of humor too.

 Useless stats 101 – Last year in August the Phillies acquired Lee which gave them a rotation with Lee, Hamels, Happ and Moyer, 4 lefties in the rotation, this August the Phillies now have more Roy’s in the rotation than lefties.


What If…things were different…

Yes, it’s that big ‘WHAT IF’, there’s a lot of things you could do with a mulligan or a ‘WHAT IF’, but think about this…..

WHAT IF… in your job you could be traded to a competitor, or sent down to a lower level of employment or released and replaced with someone
helpwanted.jpgfrom a competitors company and that was the only way you could work, no resumes to write, you couldn’t apply for a job, you just had to work hard and hope you were noticed or good enough to be picked up by a company so you could earn a living… how many people would still have the jobs they’ve got now..

WHAT IF … ballplayers had to fill out resumes and apply to other ball teams to get a new job, what if teams had no say in who left and when they left, who would be playing where now, and how many would actually be playing..

WHAT IF … there was no trade deadline ..would you see a large volume of trades come the end of September or not…

WHAT IF … they allowed tied games and instead of wins and losses the divisions were decided on a points system, say 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss…

WHAT IF … they had replay for all disputed calls, how long would a game take…

WHAT IF … there was a time limit per inning and you could have has many batters as you wanted go to the plate…

WHAT IF … people really did treat others the way they would want to be treated themselves

WHAT IF … common sense wasn’t so un-common

WHAT IF … yesterdays game was a night game and the Phillies won….

I for one wouldn’t be writing this just for something to write….

I also know somethings in life will just never happen


So San Diego comes to town for a make-up game tonight.. here’s hoping Cole Hamels give us the outing we all know he is capable of and the Phillies start a new win streak….