Raul Ibanez in the news

Well it wasn’t what I expected, and for the first time I actually commented on the news story. I also felt i needed to say more and didn’t want to keep commenting on the news story, so here I am at my own Blog….. I have read the original blog at midwest sports fans website and the follow-up article he has written. He claims not to be mainstream media and offers grass roots sports reporting, okay, but isn’t there an element of reporting that requires some legitimate substance to the content of the report. He offers a half-hearted apology and goes on to quote, or link to other websites that reported this first, I use the word reported very loosely… since one site will not load, another is on personal blog chat on yahoo and the last website is dressed to look like a porn site with so many ad’s you actually have trouble finding any sort of information that’s posted on the site… so not very good sources even for a grass roots reporter. Now in his current Blog or grass roots news report, not sure if they constitute the same or not, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe, he explains why he wrote what he wrote, the thing I find hard to underestand is the repetative nature in which he continues to write on how there is no evidence to prove Raul is not taking anything…. correct me if I am wrong but, I always thought it was the other way round, that it has to be proven you are taking something to verify the claims, since when do we have to verify were not doing something. If there is evidence to prove something then okay, but don’t accuse and they say, well if your not prove it… that is just BS…… so according to the Inquirer Raul called him a 42 year old living in mothers basement, he claims to be 27.. hmmmm no evidence of that just his word… so back to my earlier thought do I give him the benefit of the doubt, I think not since he obviously isn’t giving Raul the benefit of the doubt. Just in case MidWest Sport Fan writer or JROD as he calls himself, reads my Blog. Nice picture of Raul on your blog/report, I trust it’s yours and you didn’t take it from someone elses website, cause that could be deemed as maybe illegal.. hmmmm did you or didn’t you I guess we’ll never know cause there’s no test for that is there…. I guess I may have made a point, but who the hell knows. GO PHILLIES……


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