Just Stupid ….

– PhilliesOutside –

What a weekend already, it’s almost the end of the month, July will be here
in the next few days and Independence Day celebrations will be upon next
weekend. All that to come and we still have this weekend to finish, the staring
role being out in Los Angeles and the headline hungry A-Rod, I am sure the media
make more of it than is there, I am sure we all add to the snowball effect of
hyping up a situation when it really is no big deal. It is difficult to look the
other way when it involves A-Rod, because lets face it, it’s probably not so
innocent, in fact it’s probably far from innocent. 

Sports Illustrated,
got suckered like so many, way back in 2004 hailing A-Rod as the greatest player
in baseball, stating things about how Jeter should move to 2nd and let the superior
player take up at Short Stop, had someone then said, well it’s A-Roid not A-Rod,
they would have said you had sour grapes, you were a Rangers fan or even a
die-hard Jeterholic, the chances of agreeing with you were as slim as A-Rod
telling the truth to Katie Couric when she asked him point blank if he used any
PED’s, of course he said no, they all do.

He can give it but he can’t take it, ask Ashton Kutcher who punk’d him, ask
Dallas Braden who he dished it out too and finally ask his ex-wife who showed
her thought via a t-shirt at a ballgame. Now it’s Joe Torre’s turn, who A-Rod once
said he preferred playing under Joe than the Rangers organization chose to
ignore Joe at Dodgers stadium this weekend, when it was obvious others wanted to
say hi to Joe, A-Rod was uncomfortable when he got within 10 feet….

…..I didn’t set out to bash A-Rod, it just snow-balled out of
control, it’s just that A-Rod does so much and then denies everything, I am sure even when
he is in his 70’s he will still be saying “I’m young and stupid”
as someone I am sure has already pointed out, getting 1 out of 2 right is okay,
and trust me your not young anymore, and besides you lost that claim when you
chose to father children, I am sure you probably tried to tell everyone, you
didn’t know what you were doing then, the only thing left right now is to see who’ll claim the first use of
A-Fraud and A-Roid.

For those that have been following the FIFA World Cup, you must
have heard by now that the USA is a Ghana from the tourny, beaten by the little
country in Western Africa, a country which is younger than the USA, but one
where the kids play football barefoot from about 3 years old. I have to say I
have found out since being here that the knowledge of international geography in
the United States is somewhat appalling, so here is a map of the world with the
USA and Ghana indicated….

….this is the beauty of the FIFA World Cup, it doesn’t matter
how big you are or how much money you have, it’s a game of skill and talent that
comes about from practice. I am sure some pundits will tell you how the USA was
robbed and should be going through to play Uruguay, but I am here to say, the
USA was lucky to even go to extra time, Donovan almost missed the penalty kick,
which after the USA coach had made a big thing in the press of players that fall
down, there was a lot of it going on from the USA team during the 2nd half of
this game, especially near and in the penalty area. All in all Ghana out played
the USA and deserved the win, congrats to them.

England met with Germany, which is probably the biggest rivalry
between 2 countries in this sport, the young German players showed poise and
maturity, which had been promoted as being the advantage England should have
enjoyed. Germany advances to the next round and will meet the winner of the
Argentina v Mexico game later today. The biggest disappointment of this World
Cup was the over hyped Wayne Rooney who was a total non-issue regardless of who
England played. There wil be those who would say that if the goal England scored
had been allowed then they would not have left the defense so wide open as they
threw caution to the wind to try and win, that unfortunate is the name of the
game and crying won’t change the result, demanding rules change to accommodate
your teams needs is not how sports should be played. The England team will have
to endure the return home and suffer the full weight of the media,
Germany get to advance, well done to them.

The Phillies were on the road in Philadelphia, weird, road grays
at home, even the broadcasters changed locations, yet what of the dug out and
bull pen, why didn’t they change places, one of the mysteries we have to live
with like the rest of the G20 summit. Still not sure why all those countries
spend all that money to tell each other how sucky the world’s finances are

In Philadelphia, we had a weekend that saw….

…. Halladay take game 1 and Moyer take game 3, which put Moyer
over 4,000 innings pitched and the pitcher with the most homers hit off him, I
guess we’re going to see something every time he pitches now, so good and bad
records will be set, since he has pitched in 4 decades and is into his 25th year
in the majors.

It’s the end of inter league play as the Phillies head for a 1
week road trip closing June out in Cinci and opening July in Pittsburgh. I now
get a week of calling MLBTV to tell them I’m not in the blackout area for these
2 clubs, oh joy.


Is McGwire on PED’s again ?

– PhilliesOutside –

The Phillies returned home yesterday and
took some rest, more like some, gather my thoughts time, and while some
players were probably reflecting on how best to ignite the offense, so they
don’t end up with a sell out ‘boo-bird’ stadium this weekend, others I am
sure were checking out the Rollins’ Basebowl Tournament, an event J-Roll
hosts every year, I just hope he played it safe with his calf injury and took no

The San Diego Padres are in town for the
weekend, it seems like the Phillies are
getting no breaks, they just got off a road trip, which put them in all the over
sized ball parks with hot teams and now they get home to host another hot
in the Padres, if they can break
out of this, whatever it is, over the weekend then they will deserve
every run and hit they get against this Padres
team that is currently dominating the West.

Other news in baseball, it seems that Mark McGwire has been at it
again, yep you guessed it, this time he can’t deny it, cause there is no way in
hell a guy like him knocks up a chick like his wife and then she has triplets,
all girls on June 1st, yep gotta believe he was poppin’ the blue ones. On a side
note, that I didn’t pick up on at the time and haven’t seen mentioned anywhere,
yes I know Stephanie McGwire is his 2nd wife, but she was a pharmaceutical rep
when they met, is that weird or is it me.

The most important news from yesterday around MLB, was actually here
in the Blogosphere, not it’s not the fact that the Blogosphere’s
front page depicted the almost perfect game, but at the time chose not to depict
Roy Halladay’s actual perfect game, it isn’t the fact that the Blogosphere’s
front page went through a quick change to cover the retirement of "KG
, it wasn’t even the fact that after yesterday’s post I managed to
get through the day without having my blog cancelled by ‘The Man’ Mark Newman,
who’s really a nice guy, (sucking up), or the  geeky guru powers at
his disposal within the Blogosphere… No people this event almost
got my WTF award for June, it is definitely still in the running, depending on
the rest of the month, this earth shattering event happened at none other than RSBS
I hear you ask, what other than Jeff falling off a female sCrUBS fan in a
drunken stuper, could possibly be earth shattering at RSBS
– Well I have the proof in pictures, for all of you who are familiar
with the escapades of Jeff and Al, you’ll know that both try to alternate posts
on the blog, but it seems Jeff is the only one who knows how to comment, well I
have the proof…..

….that’s definitely AL’s handtyping, I have it on good
authority and if you want to see the evidence for your self just click the link
at the end and scroll down to the 5th comment…. click


Time to get ready for the Phillies vs Padres and hopefully the
next big news story will be the Phillies breaking out of this…

……what ever it is

Phillies Unanswered Question…..

The Phillies and Pirates
go 10 innings and end it as a 3-3 tie. Nobody likes a tie in baseball,
but it’s spring training and lets face it, these guys are just using
each other to try new things out, tone up pitchers arms and to see how
fielders and hitters have adjusted during the off season, plus thrown
in there is the chance for minor league players to show there stuff to the
big league coaches in the hope they may be allowed out of the minors
earlier than scheduled

One of the things currently unanswered from the Phillies camp is:

“What the hell is with Jayson Werth and his beard and hair?”.
Suggestions that have been thrown around are that he’s a keen fisherman and he’s emulating Captain Birds Eye, another is he misses Eric Bruntlett (he must be the only one)
and finally he had a gig as Santa and like it too much, but I have to
be honest these are all hype and misinformation thrown out to disguise
the real reason behind the new look. After some deep down discoveries
about some of his off season activities, my findings are that he is in
negotiations to star in some upcoming commercials for Geico as they try to give teams some extra insurance. “isn’t that what the bench players and bullpen do?” Okay
so its not Geico, even if he does look and act like a caveman, but
seriously, if you see this Jayson… “HAVE A FRICKIN SHAVE AND A HAIR
CUT, you look like a serial killer”

Around Baseball

The New York Yankees backup catcher, Francisco Cervelli, got dinged in the helmet by Jays pitcher, Zech Zinicola. Cervelli picked up his second concussion since November. The Yankees
waited till the 9th inning to retaliate, now come on guys it’s spring
training and pitchers are going to be wild, especially those in later
innings. I guess this definitely sets up some interesting meeting for
the regular season between these two clubs.

The Dodgers fans thought they were in the twilight zone Saturday when Guns ‘n’ Roses started blaring out, everybody stood up ‘standing
ovation or just checking to see if they were dreaming or had been
caught up in one of those ‘back to the future’ type movies
‘, we’ll never really know, but it was real, Eric Gagne was once again on the mound in a Dodgers uniform. I’m sure Broxton won’t lose any sleep worrying about the closers spot.

MLB obviously have there own way of doing things, and like most major corporations believe they know best, although they test for amphetamines, steroids and other PED’s they do NOT test for HGH although it is banned. In the UK recently a rugby player was banned for 2 years for testing positive for HGH, however MLB
not convinced the test is good will research themselves with their own
experts before attempting to implement a test for a substance they have

Umpires get some updates, following last years post season, and regular
season too, which for all the great plays and achievements of players
and teams will probably be the year known for ‘BAD UMPIRING’. MLB is seen to be making some changes at least, former supervisors Marty Springstead, Jim McKean and Rich Garcia have not been retained and umpires such as Randy Marsh and Charlie Reliford have been made supervisors. I am not sure this will change much other than allow MLB to to claim they are trying, and I am sure some managers will say, “Yes they are VERY TRYING at times”.
I hear people calling for more video playback, but still that’s still
based on someone’s opinion of what they see, even in the NFL
they still get it wrong after video playback. Umpires don’t have to be
perfect, just get the obviously calls right the rest is all part of the
great game of baseball.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the season.

What’s up with that – Universal

There are some things that I
see, hear or sometimes just notice in general that can ‘irk me’,
really ‘p*ss me off’, even ‘amuse me’, and then there are those
things that I just sit back and say to myself ‘What’s up with that?

This week I saw this article
about the movie ‘Couples
, the movie itself looks as though it maybe fairly
humorous, (although the critics rated it below par), but that wasn’t what the article was about. It seems in
someone’s infinite wisdom they removed two of the characters from the
poster promoting the movie in the U.K. (United Kingdom).


The two actors
removed were Faizon Love and Kali Hawk, both happen to be black actors.
In response to outrage over the move, a Universal spokesman said
the altered poster aimed "to simplify the poster to actors who are
most [recognizable] in international markets." –

If you continue to read the
article they quote a NY
Times article from 2007
, like a child caught
with their hand in the cookie jar, they attempt to pass the
blame for this onto the international viewing audiences, and since this
was about the poster for the U.K. (United Kingdom) I can only assume
that for the most part it is directed at the viewing public in the U.K.
(United Kingdom). The New York Times article that is quoted references a
James Ulmer statement "The international marketplace is still
fairly racist."

It seems they came to this
conclusion because certain movies with black actors didn’t generate
enough revenue from the international market, however having read the
article, the movies that are actually used as examples that didn’t meet
expectations, some of them I hadn’t heard of and others just simply
sucked in my opinion. But the NY Times article is not what this is
about, it’s about Universal’s need to pass the buck for there misgivings.

The article
in question is nothing more than a media outlet to pass blame from
Universal and attach a racist label on the international viewing
audience, in this case the U.K. (United Kingdom). I’m guessing the
arrogance of another large American organization, Universal, would not
even consider the fact that some of their movies just suck and aren’t
appealing to the majority of international viewers, regardless of the
color of the actors skin.

Should we not classify the
American public as racists towards the British, since the infinite
wisdom of TV and Film producers in America are constantly remaking
British sitcoms etc. with American actors, since they feel the British
dialogue is not fully understood in America or should we just sit back
and classify the TV and Film industry as total idiots that have no idea
about the viewing public anywhere in the world. They would rather blame
the viewers for the mistakes they make instead of accepting
responsibility for their own actions.

Baseball’s – ‘What’s
up with that’

Well done baseball’s
ingenious methodology in giving out awards, lets reward a dope smoker
with a Cy Young, obviously Cardinals fans are going to be really p*ssed
off, and you can’t blame them. Next you’ll be giving the MVP award to
Manny Ramirez.

images are courtesy of
Universal (I think)

Raul Ibanez in the news

Well it wasn’t what I expected, and for the first time I actually commented on the news story. I also felt i needed to say more and didn’t want to keep commenting on the news story, so here I am at my own Blog….. I have read the original blog at midwest sports fans website and the follow-up article he has written. He claims not to be mainstream media and offers grass roots sports reporting, okay, but isn’t there an element of reporting that requires some legitimate substance to the content of the report. He offers a half-hearted apology and goes on to quote, or link to other websites that reported this first, I use the word reported very loosely… since one site will not load, another is on personal blog chat on yahoo and the last website is dressed to look like a porn site with so many ad’s you actually have trouble finding any sort of information that’s posted on the site… so not very good sources even for a grass roots reporter. Now in his current Blog or grass roots news report, not sure if they constitute the same or not, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe, he explains why he wrote what he wrote, the thing I find hard to underestand is the repetative nature in which he continues to write on how there is no evidence to prove Raul is not taking anything…. correct me if I am wrong but, I always thought it was the other way round, that it has to be proven you are taking something to verify the claims, since when do we have to verify were not doing something. If there is evidence to prove something then okay, but don’t accuse and they say, well if your not prove it… that is just BS…… so according to the Inquirer Raul called him a 42 year old living in mothers basement, he claims to be 27.. hmmmm no evidence of that just his word… so back to my earlier thought do I give him the benefit of the doubt, I think not since he obviously isn’t giving Raul the benefit of the doubt. Just in case MidWest Sport Fan writer or JROD as he calls himself, reads my Blog. Nice picture of Raul on your blog/report, I trust it’s yours and you didn’t take it from someone elses website, cause that could be deemed as maybe illegal.. hmmmm did you or didn’t you I guess we’ll never know cause there’s no test for that is there…. I guess I may have made a point, but who the hell knows. GO PHILLIES……