Phillies Unanswered Question…..

The Phillies and Pirates
go 10 innings and end it as a 3-3 tie. Nobody likes a tie in baseball,
but it’s spring training and lets face it, these guys are just using
each other to try new things out, tone up pitchers arms and to see how
fielders and hitters have adjusted during the off season, plus thrown
in there is the chance for minor league players to show there stuff to the
big league coaches in the hope they may be allowed out of the minors
earlier than scheduled

One of the things currently unanswered from the Phillies camp is:

“What the hell is with Jayson Werth and his beard and hair?”.
Suggestions that have been thrown around are that he’s a keen fisherman and he’s emulating Captain Birds Eye, another is he misses Eric Bruntlett (he must be the only one)
and finally he had a gig as Santa and like it too much, but I have to
be honest these are all hype and misinformation thrown out to disguise
the real reason behind the new look. After some deep down discoveries
about some of his off season activities, my findings are that he is in
negotiations to star in some upcoming commercials for Geico as they try to give teams some extra insurance. “isn’t that what the bench players and bullpen do?” Okay
so its not Geico, even if he does look and act like a caveman, but
seriously, if you see this Jayson… “HAVE A FRICKIN SHAVE AND A HAIR
CUT, you look like a serial killer”

Around Baseball

The New York Yankees backup catcher, Francisco Cervelli, got dinged in the helmet by Jays pitcher, Zech Zinicola. Cervelli picked up his second concussion since November. The Yankees
waited till the 9th inning to retaliate, now come on guys it’s spring
training and pitchers are going to be wild, especially those in later
innings. I guess this definitely sets up some interesting meeting for
the regular season between these two clubs.

The Dodgers fans thought they were in the twilight zone Saturday when Guns ‘n’ Roses started blaring out, everybody stood up ‘standing
ovation or just checking to see if they were dreaming or had been
caught up in one of those ‘back to the future’ type movies
‘, we’ll never really know, but it was real, Eric Gagne was once again on the mound in a Dodgers uniform. I’m sure Broxton won’t lose any sleep worrying about the closers spot.

MLB obviously have there own way of doing things, and like most major corporations believe they know best, although they test for amphetamines, steroids and other PED’s they do NOT test for HGH although it is banned. In the UK recently a rugby player was banned for 2 years for testing positive for HGH, however MLB
not convinced the test is good will research themselves with their own
experts before attempting to implement a test for a substance they have

Umpires get some updates, following last years post season, and regular
season too, which for all the great plays and achievements of players
and teams will probably be the year known for ‘BAD UMPIRING’. MLB is seen to be making some changes at least, former supervisors Marty Springstead, Jim McKean and Rich Garcia have not been retained and umpires such as Randy Marsh and Charlie Reliford have been made supervisors. I am not sure this will change much other than allow MLB to to claim they are trying, and I am sure some managers will say, “Yes they are VERY TRYING at times”.
I hear people calling for more video playback, but still that’s still
based on someone’s opinion of what they see, even in the NFL
they still get it wrong after video playback. Umpires don’t have to be
perfect, just get the obviously calls right the rest is all part of the
great game of baseball.

any sarcasm is not meant to offend, unless it does, then consider the possibilities of more during the season.


23 Comments on “Phillies Unanswered Question…..”

  1. thepitchersduel says:

    I have a feeling that Jayson won’t be looking like that on Opening Day. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of his look. He’s always been my idol when it comes to hair/facial hair, and now is no exception. As a matter of fact, I just named my fantasy team Jayson Werth’s Hair. I think you should enjoy this while it lasts my friend.

  2. Jane Heller says:

    When I see Werth’s hair/beard, all I can think of is: Doesn’t he get tons of food caught in that stuff???? lol. As for the Yankees and Jays, there’s a long and tangled history of beanballs and retaliation, but I really thought yesterday’s incident was just a young pitcher being a little wild. Maybe I’m naive.

  3. devilabrit says:

    tpd – Myself I think it’s okay when you’re roughing it, but it’s Florida he should at least tidy it up a little…


  4. MLB Critic says:

    MLB’s dancing around the fact that some umpires suck really p’s me off, instead of changing supervisors they should have suspended umpires that made the gross errors during 2009 season.
    The drug testing for HGH is just another example of allowing players to be self regulating, then in 5 years they’ll accuse players of breaking the rules.

    – MLB Critic

  5. devilabrit says:

    Jane – I’m not sure your naive, but then I am sure your husband would be a better judge than me….:-)

    MLB Critic – suspension may be a little harsh, but maybe they should have to meet some stronger requirements to re qualify for this year.


  6. TribeTed says:

    Holy crap, if you ask me he sort of looks like a caveman. But that’s just a thought.

    Have you checked out RSBS?

    Maybe he uh saw someone doing it and had good results, so he went with the superstition. Love the post.

    Well Jayson, it looks as though he hasn’t showered in a few 100 years.

    Hand me a rock so that we can throw it at him. Do you think we’ll understand his response?


  7. devilabrit says:

    Ted – I trust Jeff and Al are sending you a commission check for the promotion….:-)

    tpd – reality is, if he performs as good as or better than last year, he can probably look however he wants… he was just easy pickings for his caveman fashion statement….:-)


  8. thepitchersduel says:

    Well, maybe Jayson should be looking a little more business-like, however, it still could be a little chilly down there in Florida! But, if it’s cold in Clearwater, then I’d guess it’d be cold in Philly, so nevermind that point.

  9. devilabrit says:

    Just to keep things in order…

    tpd – reality is, if he performs as good as or better than last year, he can probably look however he wants… he was just easy pickings for his caveman fashion statement….:-)


  10. redstatebluestate says:

    Haha! Peter, funny stuff here man. Love the Werth beard excuses and you got me to LOL on the Gagne sighting. Though, I have a feeling it’s gonna be more sad for Gagne than fun in the days upcoming.

  11. mattpeas says:

    is that Werth’s Joaquin Pheonix disquise?

  12. devilabrit says:

    Jeff – think your right about Gagne, but still glad I made ya smile…

    Matt – like it… never thought of Joaquin Phoenix….I could have easily dug some pics up and matched them up as twins…


  13. indians says:

    Yeah, Werth needs to shave. Here is a link to prove that I am not crazy or even dreaming about Russell/first base (second question and answer) :

  14. devilabrit says:

    Indians – As I explained on your blog, I dont think it matters who says what, the expectation of the Indians that Branyan will have a break out year and be sort by contenders mid year is laughable… sorry…


  15. raysrenegade says:

    I think Jayson Werth is going to sneak off to Tropicana Field during the season and try and sneak in as a ZZ Top roadie when they play here in concert.
    Seriously, who can explain men and their beards.
    I have never had one, so I am not the answer man to that question, but I would love to know the answer.
    Maybe he will grow it out until the first game then find a local charity and ask for pledges and then he will cut it all off….Well make it more “fashionable”.

    Rays Renegade

  16. indians says:

    Okay, I posted an answer on what I was trying to point out on my blog. But I see your point now. All I was doing is relaying what they were saying because of Ted’s whole platooning idea.

  17. 23gonzalez says:

    Woah, Werth has a ton of facial hair. He needs to shave.

  18. heartruss says:

    All that hair is okay for offseason but it looks terrible now!!

  19. devilabrit says:

    RR- I like the local charity idea, that would be good…

    Indians – your entitled write wnat ever you want on your blog, thats why it’s your blog.

    ag23 – yes he does, lots and lots of it…

    Cat – Yes it does… but hes a ball player anything is ok to them I guess…


  20. rrrt says:

    My question is, how did Mrs. Werth put up with that critter sprouting on Jayson’s face all winter long? Lord only knows what could be growing/festering/breeding in there!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  21. Elizabeth D says:

    The umpires need to fire CB Bucknor… he gave me pop like five blood vessels within three hours. Funny stuff about Jayson Werth with the whole Geico thing… I agree with your sentiments. His hair just isn’t werth it… OK that was bad.
    I kind of wish spring training games went extra innings… but I guess they are just designed for players to get their work in.

  22. devilabrit says:

    Sue – I gave up trying to figure out what any woman may or may not be thinking, so as for Mrs Werth I could speculate but probably not rated for this blog….:-)

    Elizabeth – Some umps are just nasty and i am sure they have some resentment towards certain clubs…. extras… in ST not sure on that, was disappointed when that Phil’s – Pirates game ended but it’s probably safer for the players…


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